Friday, 6 June 2008

Where To Go To Get The Best Choice In Bathrooms And Kitchens

The society that we live in today on average spends more of their disposable income on fashioning and remodeling their homes than ever before. You only have to drive to any of the out of town shopping parks that undoubtedly are in your home area to see the number of home improvement stores and do it yourself superstores that are springing up left right and center. But the home improvement market has changed over the past few years as the stores has realised that rather than visit a generic "all for one" store people who are wishing to re-model their kitchen for instance would much rather visit a kitchen specialist and likewise with bathrooms.

These stores offer a much more in depth level of service and knowledge and are designed to be a one stop shop for everything that you need for either the kitchen or bathroom, depending on the store. The reason for these stores is that these two rooms over and above every other room in the house are much more detailed and need a greater level of planning and preparation than other rooms. The fixtures and fittings that go into these rooms is area specific and are items that would only be found in these areas.

As you may have noticed, the space taken up by the kitchen or bathroom area in your local do it yourself superstore engulfs nearly all other areas, maybe excluding the garden area. Another reason for creating stand alone stores for both kitchens and bathrooms means that a great swathe of space is freed up to enable a wider range of standard stock to be displayed. In the space that was previously taken up by kitchens and bathrooms these stores can now display showcase products such as green power supplies namely wind turbines. These products are both advertising friendly as well as eco-friendly. Corporate Joe loves to be seen to be doing his bit to save the planet and if he can make a profit out of it then even better still, how cynical!

Both kitchens and bathrooms are a very labor intensive sale for a do it yourself superstore and generally are a very low margin line. By taking the standard bathroom or kitchen showroom out of the store and giving it its own store it can focus on more high brow products aimed at the higher spend end of the market, hence making more profit. Personally I would look to an independent kitchen or bathroom retailer, one who is in touch with the local tradesmen in an area as these guys are the ones who are invariably going to be fitting your bathroom or kitchen and they can pass on to you any useful hints and tips. Generally you will find that an independent builders or plumber's merchant is not only independent in name but also independent in his views and philosophies.

Within these stores they will also have specialist departments focusing on specific lines such as ceramic wall tiles taps/faucets and worktops. These departments will carry a much larger stock range than the more generic stores

So if you are looking to improve either your bathroom or kitchen in the near future, remember to spend a little time looking around at not only the options available to you in style and design but also in where you buy from. A few dollars saved here may be a few more dollars lost down the road.

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