Friday, 23 December 2011

Find Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Sometimes, before you even hire home improvement contractors, you need to know the type of renovation in which you are interested. You need to figure out whether your project requires home repair contractors or other services, or whether it is a do-it-yourself endeavor. You may also find information on all different types of home services from architect reviews to home repair contractor reviews, so if you have a job that requires professional assistance, you may locate the best people for the task.

For example, if you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, you may be able to do some aspects of the project yourself and require the assistance of kitchen remodeling contractors for other aspects. If you have a small kitchen, there may be certain remodeling and design techniques that enable you to better utilize what space you have.

The major components to kitchen remodeling are storage, lighting, and appliances. Budget and space limits do not need to hamper your kitchen redesign. You may transform your small kitchen into a room that is warm and efficient.

Since you have a very specific amount of available space to work with, you should look into purchasing compact appliances. For example, a refrigerator that is 24 inches deep, rather than 30 inches deep, saves you some space. You may also be creative regarding where you store these appliances, such underneath or above cabinets.

You may ask the home improvement contractors to create an island in the center of your kitchen so that you may use it for storage. Its convenient location will ensure that you may access the appropriate cooking and baking tools from anywhere in the kitchen, even when you are in the midst of preparing a meal or baking a dessert.

To maximize counter and cabinet space, you may store your pots and pans by hanging them up. Doing this leaves additional storage space and gives your kitchen a homey look and feel. Another remodeling option is to invest in a galley kitchen design, which incorporates cabinets and appliances that line up on different sides of a corridor. This design may give your kitchen an added depth.

You may also create the illusion of more space with clever, creative lighting. Light under the cabinets or counters to give your kitchen more dimension and to make it appear bigger. You may also install deep counters and cabinets to increase available work space and accommodate more appliances.

Do your research to determine the type and level of help you may need for your kitchen remodeling project. You may want the assistance of an architect or designer, or you may feel comfortable simply relying on the advice of home improvement contractors. When you decide your best course of action, you will be able to effectively transform your small kitchen into an efficient work space.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Kitchen Remodeling: Living Through The Misery

Living through any type of remodeling job is most likely going to turn your life topsy-turvy but none more so than a kitchen remodeling job. Whether you hire the job out to the professionals or you attempt it on your own the job will require much patience from the point of your family. You will need to adjust several areas of your lifestyle to get ready for the inconvenience that you are about to experience. Here is a general guide to living through your own kitchen remodeling job.

The first tip I can give you is to prepare yourself. Pretend you are going on an extended camping trip and get ready for the adventure.

• Prepare your home by setting up a small kitchen area. Use this space for a microwave, coffee pot, toaster, single burner and possibly a little electric grill. Mini fridge’s area a perfect substitute for a large fridge to house items such as milk, lunch meat and yogurt. Little items that can be used to create a meal or a snack.

• Pack up the kitchen items you will need in clear storage containers. The rest can be packed and stored.

• Purchase all things disposable. Cups, paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils that can be thrown away are a very handy thing to keep on hand. You will not have use of a sink to wash things so the more things that can be pitched or recycled the better.

• Shop often. Do not purchase large quantities of food. You will not have a space to store it. if you have a deep freezer you can prepare ahead of time for the kitchen remodel by freezing portion size meals and warming them as needed.

• Keep dry goods on hand such as peanut butter, nuts, crackers and munch able type foods for those late night snack cravings.

• Grilling is always a handy option during a project of this magnitude. You can always eat out or invite yourself to dine with friends at their home. Offer to bring the main dish. This option is a good one as long as you keep in mind that they don’t want to have you over every night no matter your situation.

• Make sure your contractor leaves the sink in place for as long as possible. It is possible to function like a normal family for the most part with a sink, mini fridge, grill and single burner.

• Make sure you take into account all the dust and noise that the construction job will create. Animals are not going to react well to this environment. It is also important to cover other belongings with sheets to prevent issues as you do put your home back together after the kitchen is complete.

• Remind yourself often that this is only a temporary situation and that your marriage is a long term commitment. Remodels are often stressful on families and can bring out the worst in us.

• Prepare for the long term. Many families and contractors do not supply a reasonable estimate in regards to the time commitment that people are actually looking at for a kitchen remodeling job.

The end result will be worth the effort. The family will be able to enjoy a newly updated space to enjoy together and your home’s value will increase. Budget for some new utensils and pots and pans that will make mom happy and trust me the whole family will be thankful to.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

How To Remodel Your Kitchen: 5 Tips

Kitchen remodeling is putting your creativity in mind to work. Do not make it look like everyone else's kitchen. Make it unique, make it stand out, unleash your true self.

Although kitchen improvement is an arduous task, it's worth the hard work. To lessen the burden, here are the things that need to be done for kitchen remodeling:

Things to do:

Select a theme.

Of course your old kitchen theme will work just fine but since you are planning for kitchen improvement, you will have the chance to make it look better.

Pick a kitchen layout


Shaped like a letter L, containing a very flexible layout design. We can place anything in any area using this layout and the space between storage, cooking, and preparation area is close enough for an efficient work space.


Layout is shaped to form a letter "U". It has adequate counter space, and an efficient working environment.

Island Option

Designed to meet modern homes because there are plenty of counter space and prevents traffic within the working area.

Galley Kitchen

Most preferred layout for smaller kitchen space. Appliances are close to one another so its perfect if only one member of the household cooks.


1. Keep It Simple

The kitchen is designed to be a working area so avoid any clutter. Do not decorate furnish it with useless items as this will only hinder the efficiency of the kitchen.

2. Spacious and Clutter-free

Kitchen layouts are for different kitchen spaces. Choose a layout fit for your kitchen space. The Island layout looks functional and is an effective working space. But it will just be a clutter if installed on small kitchen spaces.

4. Use whatever you have

Our goal is to remodel, not to construct a new kitchen. Make use of old materials like wood, metal, plastics. etc and turn it into a new one. One good example is to repaint and fix old kitchen cabinets to use with your kitchen remodeling.

5. Hire contractors

Although it may be a good idea to do it alone, contractors still does it better. They are experienced in doing these jobs and can put your ideas into reality.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Add Value to Your Kitchen and Home at a Low Price

Finding ideas and ways of improving the value and comfort of your home is relatively easy nowadays with dozens of home related magazines, television programmes demonstrating interior decorating and the thousands of home improvement websites.

In our towns and cities, we see an increasing array of home decoration shops, unique furniture shops and just looking in the DIY store this morning, I was amazed at the amount of home products and paints that can be purchased readily.

However, there is a slight drawback to all of this - Money. Buying comfortable or luxury home items will make us happy and feel good and of course, if you move home, you will take these items with you, including those lovely light fittings you spent out on and the beautiful garden furniture made from oak.

But what about the expensive home fittings that you need to replace but either can't afford to or just worried that this expense will be lost when you sell your house.

Of course, I am talking about replacing that poor, tired old kitchen of yours and those shabby looking windows and doors. Two of the most expensive home improvement jobs you can undertake when refurbishing your home.

Well, let me tell you a little known secret I use when refurbishing property to sell with my limited budget and limited time:-

I have my kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, end boards and kick boards Spray Painted to any colour of my choosing! Yes you did read that right, I have my kitchen cabinets spray painted.

This is such a major cost saving over replacing a perfectly normal but ugly kitchen and it is so much quicker too. Did I also say less messy!

First I choose a colour of my liking and to blend in with the house design. I then contact my local spray painting company and book the work in, advising them of my colour choice (which can be any RAL or Pantone colour). They then visit my home, remove the kitchen doors and drawers and take back to the factory for spraying. Within a few short days, they return and fit the doors and drawers and mask up the remainder of the kitchen for spraying the end boards etc.

For extra impact to my kitchen design , I also have my appliances spray painting in a matching colour to colour coordinate everything the kitchen has to offer. Bang, you now have a stunning, unique kitchen that nobody else has and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

I do tend to colour code the walls, kitchen cabinets and appliances in different shades of the same colour just to break up the mass of colour. Next time, I aim to use different colours around the kitchen to see how this works.

So at this point, I guess the question you are asking yourself is "How long does the paint last?"

Well that is a great question. As long as you choose a professional spray painting company your paintwork will last for 10 years without fading, bubbling or minor scratches. Obviously, if you are heavy handed with the paint, it will scratch. Unlike hand painted kitchens which fade and scratch quickly, a spray painted finish is far more professional looking and much better quality.

Now for my next money saving trick...

If the property I am renovating has either aluminium or UPVC windows, doors and conservatory, I use the same spray painting company to mask up and re-spray the windows and doors, again in a colour of my choosing. This is normally a bright, clean white. But sometimes, I am a little braver and use a lovely contemporary colour to make the property really stand out.

Just be careful about requesting colours other than white. Not every home buyer likes non white windows and not many people know they can have them resprayed at a very little price.

Finally, also think about other areas of your home which could also be spray painted:-

Garage doors



Down Pipes




Swimming Pool Covers

Weather Boards

And so on...

Good luck with your home project and I hope the above has been useful.

Monday, 27 June 2011

How to Decorate a Kitchen - 10 Top Tips

A slate back splash:

Appeared in recent years in hardware stores, the paint allows a convenient slate decor. Imagine a slate back splash at the top, where you can write shopping lists, weekly menus, sweet little words and other quotes. Paint it in front of the sink to prevent splashing.

A mirrored back splash:

We all dream of a spacious kitchen with large work plan and center island. But reality reminds us that our kitchen is often far too "itty bitty" for our liking. There is nothing like a dresser mirror that will expand the space and make the room brighter. Mirrors are readily available to fix the form of a plate 30 x 30 cm in DIY or decorating.

Letters on the wall:

They say that walls have ears. So let them express themselves with humor through large colorful letters. A word is enough to decorate the kitchen. And if you're feeling creative, feel free to make it by yourself like a hobby store that offer products in raw wood or cardboard to customize with tape, paint, etc

Colored boxes:

In a white kitchen, opt for colorful decorative elements but in small steps that do not distort the sober and clear a room with white furniture. For example, there are a series of boxes with vibrant colors over its wall elements: they catch the eye and break the sometimes too "clinical" an immaculate kitchen.

Painted furniture:

Tired of the color of your kitchen cabinets? No need to change everything so far and spending a fortune! Opt for a good stroke that will give new life to your closet. For your convenience, use a first undercoat suitable for the support that will allow the paint to better catch.

Paste stickers:

Colored or natural, figurative or abstract, the sticker is a great low cost option decoration for the kitchen. It brightens up a wall or door or closet door. However, it is advised no to overdose the stickers on walls, doors viewed and reviewed in recent years. So we use these stickers sparingly. No more than one on a wall.

Collections exhibited:

Give an air of curiosity cabinet in your kitchen by exposing the items found in flea markets and other garage sale. Use old posters and food jugs collection. This brings originality and friendliness to the living room. But beware of the household; dust will take longer than usual.

Polished concrete:

We love the fashion of polished concrete in decor. Unfortunately, achieving a work fully with this material is very expensive. Again, it is fake. For this, use the tile adhesive tinted gray and khaki work on the float. After the coating dried it varnish for a polished concrete effect.

Stencil decor:

To revamp campaign style furniture, you can opt for stencil colors. Shaped covered giants, they will find quite a place in the kitchen. The most creative of you will not hesitate to engage in drawing and cutting stencils homemade.

Hide with fabrics:

In a kitchen, the lower shelves are not always closed by a door. To hide the plumbing sub-basin or protect the dishes from dust, one can lay a beautiful fabric, thick with a rod.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

All Wood Cabinets for Quality Kitchen Remodeling for Less

Kitchen remodeling is a great investment no matter what state or region you are in. Other than considerably boosting home value and enjoying a recoup of your remodeling money, such home improvement also proves to enhance the quality of living you afford your family. However, such a venture can also be expensive. And your cabinet collection is where a good amount of the budget goes to. This article discusses how smart spending with all wood cabinets can take you a long way in achieving quality kitchen remodeling without breaking the bank.

Your cabinet collection is said to be the building blocks of kitchens. Aside from greatly contributing to the overall ambiance of kitchens, these features also work together to achieve organization in the area that results to more functionality and productivity. Especially with the multi-faceted functions of kitchens, it is crucial to plan storage carefully. And because of the busy and messy nature with always changing temperature and moisture levels, all wood cabinets would be an excellent choice for a durable and quality kitchen remodeling result.

The beauty of undertaking home improvements today is that the advancement in product engineering and manufacturing methods has paved way to achieving project success for less... but without cutting corners. When it comes to efficiently standing up to the challenge of busy kitchens, hardwood is a time-tested choice. But gone are the days when all wood cabinets are only found in high end homes. Durability is a prime reason for choosing all-wood construction. And with ready to assemble options, you can take advantage of the luxurious look and feel, and inherent strength that hardwood species provide.

When it comes to aesthetics, the luxurious touch that all wood cabinets lend kitchens is truly unbeatable. Depending on the effect that you want to achieve, you can choose from among the most popular hardwoods for fine furniture and cabinetry making. The light colored, smooth and even grains of maple create a sophisticated feel to the room. For a more dramatic impact, the course grains and beautiful patterns would be perfect. And for a luscious darkness, cherry is an ideal choice. These characters are further enriched by the amazing range of finishes that you can choose from so no matter what color combinations you will be working with, you will surely find the best matching set for your kitchen remodeling project.

Other than the given benefits of durability and beauty, RTA all wood cabinets are also available in a wide variety of sizes and types. This allows homeowners to efficiently work the cabinetry layout around the available space they have. To maximize floor space, they can opt to make more use of wall mounted types or choose space-efficient designs such as one door cabinets, pantries, corner base cabinet units, etc. There are also optional add-ons that you can order along with your all wood cabinets for better organization or a more customized look. With enough preparation and proper planning, you can get a long way in achieving quality kitchen remodeling for less.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Cost of Installing Granite Counter Tops

Knowing the best items for your kitchens is one step into getting the kitchen of your dreams. You have to have a clear idea of what you want. This is important if you care much about how your kitchen appears and functions. Doing this also improves the overall appearance and function rating of your house and by doing so; you would be reaping the various benefits that go with it. So what are the benefits of doing this? Let me enumerate it for you so you would have a better understanding. It is very important that you understand and fully grasp the thought or the action first before you go and do it.

1. Lifestyle - improving any part of your house will improve the way you live or your lifestyle. A good way of living is very healthy both physically and mentally. A comfortable lifestyle is very much healthy and fulfilling and it would make you do things in a much more positive way.

2. Real Estate - this is another important but secondary benefit of improving the state of your house. Once you replace the old fixtures and other areas of your house with new and updated ones, you can then sell it to a higher price in the market. This means that this is a good strategy for people who are involved in the real estate business. Before you sell it, improve it, upgrade and renovate it.

So back to kitchens . If you are planning to replace your old countertop with a new granite countertop, it is important that you learn these things first. You should know how much it costs so that you could set aside a sufficient amount of money for it. Knowing the cost of installation should save you from further financial damage.

Granite countertops are extremely pricey and most of that is contributed by the installation. granite slabs are heavy that is why professionals (plural) are needed to install it. It needs a group of pros to have it installed safely and perfectly in your kitchen. Also, the shaping of the granite is also done by the manufacturer back there in the quarry, so that's another additional fee. And don't forget the granite itself. Coarse granite could cost you around 700 dollars the most. However, for that fine and clean look, the finer granite slabs could cost you up to 1000 dollars. So choose it well.

Granite countertops are not always the perfect option if you don't have the budget for it. But for people who could afford it, it's an asset. It's a great addition to your kitchen and it would surely change the way you work in your kitchen. It also would allow you to save, as a matter of fact because granite is durable and would last for a long time with proper maintenance. So know your options and know how much it would require to have installed in your kitchen.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Kitchen Remodelling Tips and Suggestions - Get the Luxury Look

A kitchen is the hub to any home and they say that a beautiful kitchen can add huge amounts of value to your home. It is therefore not only a decision that will effect you now, but also in the long term when you come to sell your home so it is important to get it right.

These days more and more people are going for the glossy, slick kitchens in white, brown,. Black, burgundy over the more traditional wood and farm house kitchen look. This is largely due to a move towards the minimalist look, however it is not right to just go with the trend. Your kitchen needs to fit in with you and the style of your home. Kitchen designer will often give you many great ideas that you would never have thought of and there are a surprising number of kitchen styles out there. Interior design magazines are great source of ideas with the latest trends and fashions.

There are many types of flooring, the most popular in kitchens are wood and tiles. granite tiles are the preferred choice as kitchen floors can get wet which will eventually take its toll on wood flooring. Tiles will look stunning in the right kitchen and again solid natural stone tiles such as granite really do make any home look truly luxurious.

There are many types of kitchen worktops out there from laminate worktops, wood worktops, quartz worktops and granite worktops. kitchen granite worktops have always been the worktop of choice for developers and home owners due to its luxurious look and resilience to the demands of a work surface in the kitchen. Many wouldn't even consider this material due to its very expensive reputation, a reputation that is now unfounded due to direct granite suppliers now available who can save you large sums of money on granite and marble products.

Overall there are many factors to consider but it is vital that your kitchen works for you, both visually and practically. You should always b sure to make the right choices and get the right contractors in to undertake the work because not only do you have to live with it but it will also significantly affect the value of your home if and when you do decide to sell in the future. It is the overall finish and providing people with the dream kitchen that will add the value.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Kitchen Designers: Limitless Options for a Limited Space

Outstanding kitchen designers understand very well that space, especially in the kitchen, is the best decisive factor when deciding which equipment and appliances are fit to purchase and install.

Your kitchen's floor area measurement should not deter you from using your imagination and creativity. Remodeling a kitchen is undoubtedly one challenging job, but before going about the project, you must make some research in order for you to see how limitless your options are even if you have a limited space. What is important is that you have a strategic plan and design for you to be able to come up with a kitchen that exudes a homey and a harmonious feel.

Browsing the net, I have seen some fantastically designed kitchens. Indeed, you can make the most of your own kitchen's functionality and utilize every available space of your given area. I've also read that picking to buy a freestanding cooker is a brilliant option. Many new and modern kitchens that don't have enough Space can still choose to utilize freestanding cookers and this requires you to have the right dimensions and partitions of your kitchen space to enable it to accommodate this type of equipment. Outstanding kitchen designers will always find and provide a solution if you and your family are looking to have a freestanding cooker.

It's fun to do some shopping for your small new kitchen but you might find it difficult to get the types of compact appliances that you are looking to have. Today, some ingenious manufacturers can come to your rescue, since you can have some of your space-saving appliances integrated into custom-made and space-saving cabinets too in order for you to maximize your work space. By doing this, it will also allow you to put in more appliances.

We all know that kitchen clutter is one major issue that makes a tiny space even more cramped to look at when we do not know how to properly divide and utilize every space. To avoid having this, you would have to maximize your storage space like choosing to install a pantry that's big enough like the one that reaches all the way to the ceiling. This will also allow you to store and neatly keep rarely used items in the top most areas of your pantry.

Most homeowners would want to make sure that they would have a kitchen that's worth all their hard-earned money; that is why hiring a fantastic kitchen planner and builder would be the best decision even if you are just looking to renovate your kitchen. More often than not, families who have growing children find it necessary to update and upgrade the most important part of the house. Having grown up kids means more chances of bumping into each other especially when it happens that the whole family is helping out in the kitchen.

Most people make the common mistake by thinking that kitchen building and remodeling is a job that's so simple and similar to renovating any other part of the house. When it comes to building or remodeling a kitchen, know that it is required for you to consider a lot of aspects as well as understand the entire process, too. So, before you even start with your plans, why not seek valuable advices from reliable kitchen designers.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Affordable And Easy Remodeling Tips For Your Dream Kitchen

Tired of your old kitchen? You can acquire the ideal kitchen through affordable kitchen idea. Have your figures ready, do a few researches, and assemble the cooking space that you have always dreamed about. It may take a lot of time and effort to accomplish all these but it's worth the investment.

According to the National Association of Realtors 2005 Cost vs. Value Report, the average minor kitchen remodeling cost $14,913 and has a payback of 98.5 percent.

Transforming Your Old Kitchen

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. The same cupboards, appliances, and furniture can appear quite different in someone else's house. You can transform it into a unique astonishing space through kitchen remodeling. Manufacturers and designers have seen and developed it all, so whatever size your kitchen has, there is an appropriate makeover match.

Stock cabinets will look like new by a variety of specialty finishes that you can choose. If you can afford custom cabinets then selections are even greater. Countertop materials, flooring, walls, and furniture can also be customized according to the color preference or choice of materials. Don't worry about the transition from old to new; the kitchen will speak for itself.

Use a Lazy Susan to make wasted corners fully functional. Pull-out drawers are more convenient than reach in conventional cabinets. In retro-fitting existing cabinets, have pull-out trays installed. Consider barrier-free design and items to make it easier for all members of the family, young or old alike.

Different Kitchen Shapes

The main element influencing what type of kitchen you can come up with is shape of the room. It is even more challenging than the size itself. In kitchen geometry, the work triangle is the shape that joins the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator together. It is the functional center of each kitchen. The kitchen's fundamental shape and size will affect the type of work triangle that fits best in your kitchen remodeling.

The U-Shape

This shape situates each of the stove, fridge, and sink each on a different wall and offers a very compact triangle that allows the cook to fix a meal while going around the shortest distance. This shape is best for a square kitchen with an island set in the open end of the U.

The L-Shape

This shape positions the two walls of the kitchen for the three points of the work triangle making it long and relatively narrow, allowing for a more open layout and no cross traffic. This structure is best for a big room where the kitchen shares space with a family room.

The G-Shape

This style features one appliance on each of the two walls and the third appliance on a peninsula that divides the work area from an adjacent breakfast area or family room. Whatever the shape of your kitchen is, the sink should take the central position as much as possible.

It would be more convenient this way because it is used more frequently that the stove or the refrigerator. See to it that the single-door fridge model faces the work triangle when open and not out of it.

For many families, cooking is one of the most favorite bonding activities. That is why the kitchen is the heart of the house, where good company and good food stay together. Affordable kitchen ideas would make kitchen moments more special.

If you are eager to know apart from these different kitchen shapes, keep your visiting to The site helps you to get an expert kitchen remodeling contractor at an affordable rate.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Kitchen Designs: How to Give Your Kitchen a Revitalized Look

Are you planning to have your old and outdated kitchen remodeled? Today, it is so easy for you to find the most comprehensive collection of kitchen designs on the Internet. You will also learn that there are low cost kitchen plans and designs that simply look fantastic and superb. If you think that updating your old kitchen is a challenge and that you need to have a stack of cash, then you are wrong.

Today, it is possible to transform your old kitchen. You can now make a big and stunning difference to add value to your property. You can have more and yet pay less by creating a well thought of plan before spending your cash. You need to review your options whether you opt to build a modernistic, traditional, or contemporary type of kitchen. Being trendy and funky is also different. You have to ensure that every aspect of the kitchen design will suit your lifestyle and will cater your family's unique requirements.

If you surf the net, you will be amazed to find a massive selection of kitchen designs and styles to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for sensible solutions for your storage space problem or building an island to provide a wider and bigger work space, know that it doesn't have to cost a fortune in order for you to attain your dream of having a fashionable yet functional kitchen.

Use your imagination if you want to create a kitchen with a cutting-edge design. Visualize the degree of stylishness that you want to achieve while thinking of your kitchens functionality and purpose. If you find the task too overwhelming, you can choose to hire a professional kitchen designer to help you build the kitchen of your dreams. You can achieve this without having to spend since there are many ways on how you can change the look of your kitchen like refacing the cupboards, changing the handles and knobs of drawers and cabinets.

A lot of homeowners are looking to create a new look for their kitchen without having to rip it out. It is the best way to give kitchens a fresh new look, especially if you are currently in the process of selling your property. It is also good to select a finish that has endless appeal and will suit and blend well with your current home theme. The secret to attaining success when it comes to kitchen building, remodeling, and decorating is knowing what you want and need and create a plan according to them.

If you have been inspired by the numerous kitchen designs that you have seen, bear in mind that there are also things you need to learn and follow in order to keep your kitchens' appeal. See to it that whenever your kitchen appliances, furnishings and other accessories need some sort of a repair, you have to do it at once. Do not wait for your kitchen to look worst than it already is. A seemingly small and simple handle or knob replacement can give your kitchen a revitalized look.

Award winning designer kitchens Brisbane will assist you in designing and building the kitchen designs of your dreams that will still look amazing in 10 years time. Visit the official site of Kitchens Brisbane to read more information about their products and services.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Advantages Of Using Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are very useful in the kitchen but some people tend to neglect them. But have you ever thought about living life without them? It would be so hard to cook and prepare your every day meal without them.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils For Everyone

Silver kitchen utensils were once used only by the royalty and the well offs. They can be found in the rich people's homes. This is because silver was a rare and expensive metal and only the well offs are able to afford it. What regular people would use were wooden kitchen utensils. They are inexpensive and can be found in the homes of commoners.

Today, both silver and wooden utensils can be found in most homes. In a regular kitchen, you will need a lot of utensils. Most homes have utensils made from wood. There are many advantages in using utensils made from wood. Here are some of them:

• They have been around for quite some time already. Generation to generation, you have seen the efficiency of wooden kitchen utensils. This is the reason why until now, utensils made from wood are still very popular and in demand.

• They have more intrinsic designs. It is easy to design wood material so you will find more creative and artistic wooden utensils. They are perfect for those who want to keep their kitchen artistic.

• These utensils are very durable. They can give you longer service. They are hard to break compared to plastic utensils. As long as you take proper care of your wooden kitchen utensils, you can expect them to last a long time. For instance, you should not use a dishwasher to wash the wooden utensils because the wood will become brittle due to the constant heat.

• It is easier to wash these utensils. You just need a mild dishwashing soap and a soft sponge. There is no need for hard scrubbing.

• Maintenance of this kind of utensils is very easy. If they have developed some protruded grains on the wood because of the moisture, you can simply just sand them away. They will be good as new. If there is any stain, burn, or mark on them; you can simply sand them using a regular sand paper.

These are the advantages of using utensils for your kitchen made from wood. It comes as no surprise then why a lot of people prefer them over other options.

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Friday, 11 March 2011

Blanco Kitchen Sinks - You Will Be Impressed by the Beautiful Design and Quality

One of the more popular choices among other manufacturers when remodeling your sink area is the Blanco kitchen sinks. Considered by many as the big brother in the industry, the company has delighted many of its customers globally with its high quality sinks. There are many different styles and designs, suitable for almost any types of kitchen; for home kitchen as well as commercial usage.

When you choose to pick one of the Blanco kitchen sinks, you do not have to worry about not being able to get one faucet or other kitchen sink accessories to match the finish of your sink. The company manufactured a wide array of faucets and other accessories, so you have quite a number of choices to pick from.

You cannot simply purchase any design you like at first sight. The right thing to do is to take into account your kitchen décor as well as the rest of the fixtures and furniture before you can decide on the designs, styles and finishes. You have brushed or polished nickel, brushed bronze, stainless steel, polished chrome and other finishes to choose from and hence, it is not possible not to find a suitable one.

Apart from matching it with your kitchen décor, you should consider if you are going to fix a single bowl, double bowl or even a triple bowl in you kitchen. Of course these models come with the under mount types as well as the drop-in types in your counter-top. There are several stores like Homeclick which carries these great products and you can see a great variety of choices like BlancoMagnum, BlancoPrecision and others.

Unless you have fixed your mind stubbornly on picking a metal kitchen sink, the Diamond Anthracite, sinks which are manufactured from granite, is a great option to consider. Unlike the traditional ceramic sinks which could easily get stained and damaged, these granite sinks are durable and stain resistance. It is not difficult to install and you will definitely be attracted by the beauty of the product.

With a flat deck design, the granite sink can be installed either as under-mount or drop in. With about 80% natural granite mixed in the materials, the sinks are able to withstand heat to a maximum of 535ºF. Another great granite sink models is the Performa Anthracite which is also favored by many households due to its durability and easy maintenance.

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Top Tips For A Greener Kitchen

For many people a dream home will almost certainly consist of their dream kitchen. Whilst the majority of people who are setting out to develop their own dream kitchen will have a vision, not many will have considered the environment in their choices. Most households will have their own policy on how far they will go to protect mother nature. Some will strive to use cleaners which are safe to the environment, others will try hard to recycle their plastics and cardboards correctly and those with a garden might compost their leftover foods. However, not many households will have taken into account being "green" when having a new kitchen installed in their home. Below are some tips for creating an environmentally friendly kitchen.

Use what you have.
Do you need to replace every cabinet in the kitchen or could you still have your dream kitchen by just replacing the doors. The fact is nobody is really interested in what's behind the cabinet doors and if you can keep them you could save substantial cost on replacements. Sometimes though, cabinets do become worn and outdated so if you are replacing them make a point of donating the old ones to somebody who can use them rather than just scrapping them, you could even find use for them in your garage for extra storage.

Choosing new doors.
These are the most important part of the kitchen and will set the tone for the entire room, you can choose bright colours for a modern twist or stick with a more traditional look. Regardless of what your style is you should ensure that the doors you choose come from a certified sustainable source.

Lighting things up.
The lighting in your kitchen is important to set the mood. Whilst natural daylight is the best option and it's important to consider in your plan, it's not always possible and there will always be the need to have lighting of some sort. So, instead of using conventional bulbs opt for the low energy halogen type or even LED bulbs which only use 5 watt and last for up to 30,000 hours.

Energy saving appliances.
When choosing the appliances for your new kitchen, it's important to consider their energy rating. Remember though that your current appliances may still work perfectly and may not even need replaced. Don't get caught up in a kitchen appliance salesman's patter and buy the latest, greatest model. If you do choose to purchase new appliances you should always ensure that your old appliance has been recycled properly as not doing so can cause great harm to the environment.

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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Range of Kitchen Styles Available

The key to achieving success in kitchen decorating and remodelling is choosing, and going with a specific style. It's pretty much the same thing with fashion, furnishings, and landscaping for instance. Rather than bouncing here and there, making selections at random, go with a particular style or motif, and then operate within those set guidelines.

One of the very latest trends in kitchen styles happens to draw off of concepts that were developed well over a century ago. It's the Shaker kitchen and the total look revolves around clean lines, solid construction, and an overall sensible usability. The Shakers were a breakaway religious sect that designed and made sturdy well made furniture that's still highly valued to this day.

Now the catch is that back when the Shakers were in their heyday, so many of the things that go into a modern kitchen simply didn't exist. Things like refrigerators and gas stoves simply hadn't been invented yet. So what today's kitchen designers have done, is take the basic elements and overall features that comprise the Shaker look and feel, and work them into what is now the Shaker kitchen.

Now the traditional look in kitchens has been around for decades. It's a popular style that includes features like raised panelling and even wainscoting along the lower ends of walls. Traditional styled kitchens can also have crown moulding up where the tops of the walls meet the ceiling as well and most often the sinks will be enameled, and appliances finished in polished, warm earth tones.

The modern contemporary kitchen design is what can best be described as what is the "very latest" in design styles, and technology. Islands have been part of the modern contemporary look for a couple of decades now, as has polished granite counter tops. However, in more recent times some changes have been introduced to the modern contemporary styles kitchen.

One of them is the look of stainless steel. In fact in more extreme cases some folks are even going as far as having commercial grade stainless steel appliances installed to capture this look on an extreme end. Even so, all the major refrigerator makers now have a complete selection of stainless steel surfaced units designed for domestic use.

Now high tech composite materials have also found their way into today's modern contemporary kitchen. Amazing space age materials are now used in the manufacturing of counter top products and flooring. In fact some will say that the faux or cultured polished granite counter tops are in fact superior to the genuine article because they not only look just like real granite, but scratches can be easily polished out.

The antique look in kitchen design if done right looks and feels fantastic. Now getting new materials to look old is a bit of an art form but there are some off the shelf products now that make it a lot easier than it used to be. For instance, "crinkle paint" that cracks as it dries and cures can make anything that's covered with it look 100 years old. Also sheet-glass makers now have old fashioned "wavy glass with bubbles in it" for windows, and cabinets.

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Monday, 7 February 2011

Retro Kitchen Appliances Are Hot

Retro kitchen design is the hottest trend in home remodeling with homeowners going for a 1930s, 1940s or 1950s look. Retro kitchen appliances and cabinets can take you to a more peaceful time in the past when worries were few. People are ripping out their laminated particleboard cupboards in favor of vintage kitchen cabinets. Some companies are manufacturing old time looking cabinets, and there are several resources for finding authentic old cabinets. Check out estate sales and auctions as well as online and offline classifieds. Online auction services such as eBay often have vintage items, or you can place a free ad on Craigslist under the "Wanted" section.

You can add a timeless style and elegance by using retro kitchen cabinets which will create a homey and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Remember those old TV shows from the 1950s? The "I Love Lucy" kitchen is well known and often copied for retro kitchen design. Even Lucy's everyday china in a cream color with a simulated green ivy pattern on the pieces can be found for sale on the Internet - at least replicas of the items. Quality prevailed and things you bought lasted much longer than some of the shoddy merchandise we see in today's marketplace. These vintage pieces can instill warm and pleasant memories of Grandma's house and the wonderful smells that came from her kitchen.

Stainless steel metal kitchen cabinets were popular in the 1930s to 1960s. They were usually white but were often spray painted to any color desired. These metal retro kitchen cabinets were often advertised as "vermin proof" as early as the 1920s. In the first half of the 1900s, there was still no vaccine for polio and the 1918 flu pandemic killed almost half a million people in the US. Disease spreading vermin could not eat through metal, so they could not contaminate your food. At this time homemakers were very concerned about cleanliness, and the idea of having a sanitary kitchen was extremely important.

Along with your vintage kitchen cabinets, you want to be sure you have the authentic looking kitchen cabinet hardware. Vintage hardware pieces include two-tone knobs, cabinet turn latches made from glass and brass and white milk glass knobs. Also do not forget the retro kitchen light fixtures which include track lighting, Victorian style lamps, ball lamps and hanging light fixtures or pendant lighting.

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kitchen Ideas On A Budget That Are Easy To Do

Redecorating or redesigning your kitchen is a great way to inject new energy into this space. Once you do decide to redecorate, you'll need some ideas of exactly what to do and what you can afford to do. Kitchen ideas on a budget are often what people are looking for and there are numerous ways in which to give your kitchen a make-over that won't break the bank.

This article will give you some ideas for redesigning your current kitchen on a budget as opposed to designing a brand new kitchen prior to building.

Things to think about before you look for kitchen ideas on a budget are exactly how much money you have to spend and what are the definite areas in your kitchen that need to be changed or updated?

Realise that you are working within a specific area and there are some things that you may not be able to move, for example doors and windows. Electrical sockets and radiators are other items that most likely will have to stay put and which you will need to work around. Once you know what can be moved, you can get on with redecorating ideas.

One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest things to do for kitchen ideas on a budget is to give your kitchen a lick of paint. That alone can instantly freshen up and brighten any kitchen. Look for specific paint that is grease proof and washable making for easy cleaning. There are tonnes of suitable colours to choose from however if your kitchen is small, choosing a light colour will add to the feeling of space.

Simply moving a table and chairs can add a different feel to the kitchen if you have space.

Lighting - changing light fixtures can have a dramatic effect on a kitchen. There are many different styles of lighting to choose from, from pendant lighting to track lighting and chandeliers. Give careful consideration to what you want to accomplish with the lighting and what you have room for. For kitchen ideas on a budget, new lights can be purchased very cheaply. Using up-lights and under cabinet lights can also brighten up ceilings and work-tops.

Spending money on storage is a definite must especially if you are looking for small kitchen ideas on a budget. There is a variety of storage units, shelving and containers on the market that finding something to suit your particular kitchen should not be a problem. Look for wall mounted units where you can to save extra space and perhaps consider a hanging pot rack for pots and pans. Under basket shelves are another great space-saving idea that can help keep your kitchen organised and clutter free.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

The Importance of Examining Function in Your New Kitchen Remodeling Design

When entertaining options for your kitchen remodeling project, it is easy to become focused on the aesthetics of your new kitchen vision and forget about the functionality of your design. Any kitchen remodel must be pleasing as well as functional to really result in long-lasting satisfaction.

Before consulting with your kitchen remodeling team, sit down and write out a list of what you would like your kitchen to "do" for you. Some things to consider- Where will your primary food preparation area be? How much counterspace do you need around your stovetop? How many cabinets do you need to store each of your kitchen items- food, dishes, linen, pots and pans, cleaning items, small appliances, etc.? Where will your primary eating area be? In what direction would you like your cabinet doors to open? How many cabinet doors versus drawers do you need? How far apart do your cabinet shelves need to be spaced to fit your bulky storage items? What type of specialized cabinetry would be beneficial- a lazy-suzan, pull-out drawers for canned goods, racks for spices, hanging hooks for pots, wine racks, potato bins, enclosed trash receptacles, built-in organizers for silverware drawers, etc... The list is endless and can get quite expensive when ordering custom add-ons to cabinetry, so make sure you itemize by importance when it comes time to make choices on what you can set aside, and what you can't live without.

Once you have completed your list, try to sketch out a rough design of where you think the cabinets and shelving should go to meet these functional needs you have identified. Don't worry about making it "to scale" as a designer or contractor would- your expert design consultant will do all of that work for you when they come to do your consultation. However, just having a rough design suggestion to offer them will assist them in understanding your kitchen needs more precisely, and will help them to develop a plan that will ensure your new kitchen not only looks great, but does everything you need it to do for you!

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lighten Up Your Kitchen With Curtain Panels and Valences

In most cases, if you only have a window above your kitchen window you cannot really do a whole lot to bring in natural lighting. You can still add a valance to the curtain over the sink and add to small sheer panels that can be tied to the side to provide a bit more appeal.

On the other hand, if you have other windows in the kitchen, you are in luck. You have all kinds of options. Panel curtains are ones that are one long piece of material that normally flow to the floor. You can use one or more panel according to the look you wish. If you use several panels, you can actually have a nice flowing appeal that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Now add a valance and you are creating an elegant look and appeal.

Panel curtains can be used for sliding doors, patio doors, or just a door to the outside and add more beauty to the kitchen. Yes, you can even add a valance. If you have an old wooden or metal door that goes to the patio, you can easily use panel curtains and give your kitchen an entire new look.

Of course, if you only have a window above the sink and a backdoor, you will not be able to enjoy all the natural lighting, but you can spruce up your kitchen. If you do have more windows, you may also want to consider remote control curtains, which will open at a touch of a button and give you all kinds of natural lighting.

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Sunday, 2 January 2011

What To Do With Your Kitchen Floor

Your kitchen floor is subject to daily abuse, from shoes, pets, dishware, liquids, and all other manner of dirt and debris, that put it under constant attack. But a nice looking kitchen floor is one of the more influential factors in making a good impression when someone enters your kitchen, or when you may be considering selling. There are many types of kitchen floor available but you have to be careful on which kitchen floor type fits your requirements best, and still suits your budget. The type of flooring you have will determine how much maintenance you will need to put into it. Aside from practicality, the flooring in your kitchen, also plays a vital role when it comes to the interior design in the adjoining rooms.

Plenty of Options

A kitchen floor must be easy to clean, resistant to moisture, long lasting, easy on the feet, and be able to withstand the force of fallen utensils and high traffic. If your floor is level with the floors in the adjacent rooms, you can make old linoleum, sheet vinyl and chipped tiles disappear by installing laminate flooring right over them. Modern vinyl flooring is durable and water resistant and can even mimic more expensive flooring options like hardwood and natural stone. Cushion vinyl might sound plush, but its paper backing and embossed-pattern construction place it at the bottom of the quality totem pole, and it is especially susceptible to tears and gouges from moving fridges and freezers, and the occasionally dropped kitchen knife. Tiling a kitchen floor is labour intensive, but you can save a considerable sum of money by doing the work yourself, and modern tiles are available in rubber, cork, ceramic and stone in a huge variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles.

Wood is Good

Wood floors are very popular, be it engineered, laminate or solid, and can handle the high traffic that a kitchen has. Quality hardwood floors will also add a feeling of elegance and warmth to any kitchen, but natural wood flooring is proving to be one of the most popular finishes at the moment. To achieve that beautiful hard wood look, but without the expense, laminate floors can be a wonderful alternative. It is a compromise and will not look quite as beautiful as a real hardwood floor, but for many people, it is an excellent all around choice.

Eco friendly flooring is more than just a trend and you do not have to break the budget when remodeling a kitchen. Bamboo is gathering a lot of interest at the moment, especially as bamboo flooring is a renewable resource, after they are harvested bamboo plants continue to grow, and this type of flooring can be stained to match your kitchen decor, and offers a higher resistance to heat than wood or laminate. Recycled wood is obviously some of the best type of flooring that you can use when you wish to help the environment. A durable floor derived from a sustainable or renewable material not only makes your kitchen more green, it may put more green in your pocket when it comes time to sell your house.

Hardwearing Tiles

Slate tiles have a number of advantages over stone floors, its smooth surface holds a glossy finish well and is comfortable underfoot. Quarry tiles are not too cheap either but are considered better in bigger kitchens. Granite tiles are definitely a good choice, no matter what kind of lifestyle you live, as they are so easy to care for, and very long lasting. Ceramic tiles today come in rich tones, and include a range of patterns that is hard to incorporate on any other material. If choosing ceramic tiles, you must ensure that all the joints are properly sealed, as this will reduce seepage and prevent food and debris from getting lodged in the gaps between tiles. Porcelain tiles are a very popular floor material for many good reasons, they are sturdy, hard, and durable, and available in an almost endless selection of colors and patterns. The finishing is not smooth like a ceramic tile so you should not have any problems with slipping.

Even with cluttered countertops or dishes in the sink, the floor is one of the first places someone looks when they come into your kitchen, so if you take your time over making the final decision, you will know you got it right. When you finally go to the shops to have a look at your best choices, here is one final tip. Make sure you try it out by walking on it, with your shoes on and with your shoes off. Noise and comfort could be your deciding factor.

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