Friday, 21 January 2011

The Importance of Examining Function in Your New Kitchen Remodeling Design

When entertaining options for your kitchen remodeling project, it is easy to become focused on the aesthetics of your new kitchen vision and forget about the functionality of your design. Any kitchen remodel must be pleasing as well as functional to really result in long-lasting satisfaction.

Before consulting with your kitchen remodeling team, sit down and write out a list of what you would like your kitchen to "do" for you. Some things to consider- Where will your primary food preparation area be? How much counterspace do you need around your stovetop? How many cabinets do you need to store each of your kitchen items- food, dishes, linen, pots and pans, cleaning items, small appliances, etc.? Where will your primary eating area be? In what direction would you like your cabinet doors to open? How many cabinet doors versus drawers do you need? How far apart do your cabinet shelves need to be spaced to fit your bulky storage items? What type of specialized cabinetry would be beneficial- a lazy-suzan, pull-out drawers for canned goods, racks for spices, hanging hooks for pots, wine racks, potato bins, enclosed trash receptacles, built-in organizers for silverware drawers, etc... The list is endless and can get quite expensive when ordering custom add-ons to cabinetry, so make sure you itemize by importance when it comes time to make choices on what you can set aside, and what you can't live without.

Once you have completed your list, try to sketch out a rough design of where you think the cabinets and shelving should go to meet these functional needs you have identified. Don't worry about making it "to scale" as a designer or contractor would- your expert design consultant will do all of that work for you when they come to do your consultation. However, just having a rough design suggestion to offer them will assist them in understanding your kitchen needs more precisely, and will help them to develop a plan that will ensure your new kitchen not only looks great, but does everything you need it to do for you!

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