Sunday, 31 May 2009

Outdoor Kitchen - The Ideal Summer Solution

You may like the new design ideas for the outdoor kitchen as they successfully combine the old prototype of the cabin kitchens and the fresh, fashionable ideas of utility and beauty. Besides, this is the ideal solution for the summer period when all family members gather around the table of the outdoor kitchen near the built-in barbecue center or grill for conversation and a lovely meal.

The outside kitchen is ideal for placing in the backyard, nearer to nature, with a picnic table. Needless to say that the outdoor kitchen is the most fashionable home trend as it easily attract the members of the family, the friends and the neighbors near a fireplace in the evening. There are a lot of companies specialized in outdoor kitchen furniture, grills and accessories with talented designers who are able to build the outdoor kitchen of your wildest and boldest dreams.

More and more people desire an patio kitchen very similar to their indoor kitchen with more appliances as is the case of the built-in grills of high-quality that may be used almost all year round. Therefore, the outsi kitchen usually has a gas oven, a refrigerator, a sink, a bar or entertainment area with compartments for drinks, ice and spice and, of course, a serving cart. Everything has to be close at hand for having a great time without running into the house for every utensil or needed ingredient. The outdoor kitchen is a valuable and desirable place for the family members.

There are two important aspects while considering the fact of building ar kitchen: the location and the arrangement of the grill, furniture, etc. The ideal place for an outdoor kitchen is near the house, in the backyard, not too close to the house to save you from the smoke of the grill inside the rooms and not too far from it to save your efforts of going inside and outside the house for the needed products. The needed components of this kitchen must have their order and special arrangement. You may have your own ideas or you may need a designer to be sure that everything is at its place.

When discussing the patio kitchen, you have to take into account the fact that the grill is the center of the cookout, so you have to place the other components to avoid the smoke and to enjoy in the most relaxing manner the fireplace and its benefits. The outdoor kitchen must combine the most efficient and fresh ideas.

This article was written by Tyler, who is the author of Indoor Furniture, which is dedicated to bring you information about all indoor furniture, everything from oak bedroom furniture to bean bag chairs.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

How to design your kitchen: The decor of the kitchen is very important because with this you can distribute the furniture and accessories in an organized manner. When it comes to designing your kitchen you must follow several steps such as taking the necessary measures.

You must measure the length and width of the kitchen, like the height from floor to ceiling, to the latter it is important to note that the width and height of the walls are taken from different locations because the walls and floor are almost always present irregularities. You must also measure the door and window, each with its framework, like drains, radiators, making gas, water valves, sink, appliances, etc..

After these measures are scored, you must draw a floor plan to start a scale that reflects the area and perimeter of the kitchen with windows and doors. We recommend using a scale of 1:20 a A4 format. In the drawing, you must display the proper position of electrical outlets, gas and water, and of course, the ventilation ducts, if any. The next step is the distribution of the elements of the kitchen, it is important to know that their work will facilitate the distribution to make the chores, which is why there is to know the importance of the triangle of work, these are the three areas that are essential in a kitchen, which include the washing area, you will sink, the dishwasher, the cans, disinfectants, the wringer, and so on., the area of cooking, here is the oven, microwave The grease remover, utensils, condiments, oils, etc.. and the food storage area, this will serve to store food, both natural and prolonged expiration, if you distribute these three areas, your work faster and more efficient.

How to do it: There are several ways to distribute these areas quickly and easily, these are:

Online: you place the area of washing, storage and cooking as a line, this form of distribution shall be forfeited, if your kitchen is narrow and elongated.

At the same time: here are placed in two areas in front and a line, we recommend a minimum of 120cm between the two rows of furniture, this distribution is done in a long, wide kitchen, and kitchen with two doors opposite.

L: This is recommended in medium and large kitchens, here are placed the furniture in two adjoining walls, with this distribution will have auxiliary spaces, where we can have a table to eat.

Among others.

If you already have thought that the distribution given to the areas, then move to the next step, which is the location of furniture, you must first locate the basic elements of the triangle of work outlined above (stove, microwave, refrigerator, sink, etc.), then put the furniture that are low in a corner, place a piece of furniture to the sink and place the dishwasher next to it, it is advisable to place the stove in one corner of the kitchen, then place the furniture top, get a showcase to sharpen the visual weight of the furniture top, etc.. It is important to note that there must be a distance of 60cm between the sink and the kitchen and should not be put keys in front of windows that open inwards.

Monday, 25 May 2009

3 Simple Steps to Re-Finishing a Butcher Block Top - Wood Working Plans

Most often we move into a new house and find a built in butcher block top. At first, it looks great but on closer inspection, it doesn't look so good. Butcher blocks aren't something new on the market or even old fashion like from the 70's. They go back hundreds of years. At that time, the favored wood was maple or various other types of hardwood. In today's building of the butcher blocks, they are quite often made from imported hardwoods, which gives a bit more of a variety. It must be remember that years ago there wasn't the equipment for slicing meat that we have today. Back in the good old days, it was a lot of arm work and a good cleaver that was used to cut the meats. So needless to say why a butcher block was in order.

In our modern kitchens today, we are far gentler with our butcher-block tops and in most cases, we opt to use a cutting board and leave the butcher block top for aesthetic purposes.

You can restore your butcher block if is showing the worst for wear and tear. The first thing you need to do is sand it down. This will remove the other varnish and urethane that probably has begun to chip anyway. It depends on just how bad the condition of the butcher block is to determine the sanding techniques. If it's very bad then start with an 80 grit sandpaper. Then each time you sand it reduce the grits. This mean each application of sanding is being used with finer sandpapers. The purpose of this is the heavy grit removes the gouges out of the wood but the finer sandpaper removes the scratches made from the previous sandpapers. It actually turns out to be a process of elimination.

One thing you need to remember though when you are sanding out all these gouges the top is going to become uneven with a lot of dips in it. The best thing is to leave some of the deeper gouges. Besides, it adds character to it.

Once you have your butcher block back in condition you need to treat it. Don't use the urethanes and varnishes that are used on regular furniture. Instead use a good finish of food grade mineral oil. Don't us your regular cooking oils because they spoil and leave a bad taste on the food. All you do is with the mineral oil is wipe it onto the surface of the butcher block and you will see it rapidly soak in. Keep doing this until the wood has become saturated then remove the excess. Ideally, this should be done one a month. Then ideally, to finish it off perfectly a good coat of beeswax is in order. The food grade mineral oil soaked into the wood but the beeswax will sit on top and give it added protection. It retards moisture and bacteria from getting into the wood surface.

The one thing you want to avoid is having your butcher block becoming too wet. They are made from wood so naturally the moisture is going to eventually break it down. If it becomes too moist the wood swells then the butcher block begins to swell then as it dries out it begins to crack. The same effects can occur from the wood drying out too much as well.

I hope you've enjoyed this article and learnt something from it.

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Advantages of Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Planner

If you are tired of the same old tiles and walls in your bathroom, you should start thinking about modernizing the look of your bathroom. You only need creativity and skill, and your bathroom will be revamped in no time. However, if you are the type of person whose decision-planning skill is poor when it comes to designing, then you need a bathroom remodeling planner.

You may think that hiring a bathroom planner is a waste of money; however, if you look at it with a sharper eye, you will realize that doing so is not a luxury expense. These planners can help you with a lot of things -- with planning, organizing, and even following your constrained budget. But the best part of having a bathroom renovation planner is that you have someone who will make sure that the work is done, and that it is done well.

You should not fear that your planing professional that will not make your own vision happen for you. If you have an idea, it is the job of your planner to see to it that it is carried out. However, it is also the task of your bathroom remodeling planner to tell you if such idea will not work well, so he can give you suggestions to make it better. Remember that you still have the last word on. Your planner is just there to help you with the remodeling, and not to act as if he owns the place.

Your bathroom remodeling planner will work for you and with you. Making your vision happen is his goal. Thus, before anything should be started, you should have clearly discussed with your bathroom remodeling planner what you want to happen with the bathroom; you can do this by giving him clear directions and showing him some sketches with a detailed description of your entire idea.

Your budget is another thing that you should clarify. Usually, remodeling planners would provide you with catalogs containing the things that are offered by their company; however, you can ask your planner to go with you when you visit a local home improvement shop and look at the things that you will need for the project. When choosing someone, you should see to it that you have selected the planner who can best make your vision come to life. Take your time in choosing, and research well on the topic, and you will surely find the one that is best for you.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Finding Online Industrial Kitchen Supplies For Excellent Food Service - What You Should Know About

It is necessary for a food service company to look for kitchen supplies that would help in food preparation as well as time management for excellent customer service. So if you are to open your catering service or your own restaurant, you need to choose the appropriate kitchen supplies that would cater to the food that you'll be serving.

You may find various foods to serve depending on the type of restaurant you will be opening either if you will be putting up a Diner, Mexican restaurant or a Sushi Bar, it is necessary for you to purchase the supplies needed for each type according to the food preference that you are going to serve.

Generally what you should look into are industrial kitchen supplies that are typical for any food or catering service. It is important that when you are to choose these kitchen supplies for your restaurant, they have to be durable and reliable at all times, meaning they should all be of high quality.

You might consider searching for affordable supplies that would fit your budget, but you have to make sure that what you are getting would last long for your business. You don't want to fill up your kitchen with junky equipment that would do you nothing good in the end. If you would really like to save some of your operational expenses, and be able to stick with your budget, you may try looking into industrial kitchen supplies available online.

The Internet is your friend at all times when you need to look into things without sacrificing too much effort for searching everything under the sun. Online, you may find websites that offer discounts for bar supplies, catering equipment, kitchen supplies, commercial cookware, restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies. You may choose from various design and models that would fit your restaurants and would meet your expectations.

You'll find buying your kitchen supplies online very favorable on your part. You may even chat with a customer support online for further inquiries. It is very convenient on your part, as matter of fact, all you have to do is just to fill up an order form online and have your supplies and equipment delivered to you in due time. It is surely something that is worth to try.

I've created a Wholesale Kitchen Supplies Price List for anyone who would like to get excellent Prices and Information of Supplies right now. This list is designed to help you start getting the products and information quicker than you ever thought possible. You'll have a good solid information in the shortest amount of time possible. You can find this list at

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Three Design Elements to Help You Create a Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen

The relaxed, country style appeal of the Tuscan interior design style exudes a warm and cheerful atmosphere in any part of the home. For these reasons, this style has enjoyed tremendous popularity over the years, especially in the kitchen. Its hallmark characteristic is its rustic charm derived from objects that are easily found in the rolling hills of the wine-producing Italian countryside. From painting your walls a light beige to hanging simple metal wall artworks, you too can have a Tuscan kitchen!

When one thinks of the Tuscan countryside, two things immediately come to mind: food and wine. These are the two basic features of the Italian country lifestyle. In decorating your kitchen, you don't need to be too literal in transferring this design aesthetic in your home. What you can do is borrow some of the more obvious elements and give them a unique interpretation while still adhering to the basic design features. For example, given the integral role of wine, you can add touches of leaf-inspired designs like those found in metal artworks such as wall grilles and wine racks. For those who want to evoke the same rustic appeal in their kitchens, we have created a simple list of must-have design elements to create a Tuscan-inspired kitchen.

Colors: Given that the rustic farmhouses of the Tuscan region are traditionally made out of ubiquitous materials, the color palette therefore uses more warm, natural, and earthy tones such as beige, light yellow, brown, and white among others. In your kitchen, you can easily incorporate this by painting walls in these colors, using matching cookware in the same color palette, or showcasing a prominent display of crockery in open shelves and other clearly visible areas. Take note that the colors should not be limited to just this color scheme; unless you want your kitchen to look monochromatic and boring, consider adding splashes of red, mustard, or lavender here and there.

Fabrics: Wherever possible, use fabrics that are reminiscent of those used in the countryside. As a rule, cotton and lace are the typical fabrics used in Tuscan-style interior design. For the more traditional ones, revel in using dainty lace curtains and tablecloths as well as beige damasks and chintz. However, if you are not particularly fond of these difficult to maintain fabrics, limit the inspiration to just the windows. This will give the same effect. In choosing curtains and draperies, you may use those with colors such as those mentioned above. For the bolder ones, feel free to use rust, deep cherry, and bright yellow.

Accent Pieces: In the old times, accessories found in an Italian country home should be practical and built to last. Simplicity was the norm. Thus, it was not uncommon for kitchens to dominantly feature simple metal or wooden wine racks. However, if you do not have the space nor the inclination to collect wines, you can simply choose to hang copper pots, handmade baskets or ornate wall grilles. The deep, earthy colors and leaf-inspired designs of these metal artworks can easily fit into a Tuscan-inspired kitchen.

This article was written by Jessica Ackerman and provided by, a site featuring unique unique art and metal wall plaques.

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Oil Rubbed Bronze Cabinet Hardware - Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

When you buy a house, chances are there are going to be some much needed improvements whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. There are always ways to improve different rooms in the house whether it is to increase the value of the house or to simply add comfort to the house. There are many different home improvement ideas out there that are sure to satisfy any homeowner's need for remodeling. One area that many homeowners find the need to remodel is the kitchen.

Creating the perfect kitchen in a house is a big task that many homeowners undertake when they purchase a house. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house therefore it is important to take a lot of consideration and time into the planning process before you start kitchen renovations. There are numerous trends and fads when it comes to kitchen remodeling, so it is important to do your research before you start to work on anything.

One trend that is becoming more and more popular is creating a "green" environment in a particular room. This trend is not only popular when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, but it is also popular in other rooms throughout the house. By creating a green environment, homeowners are taking the environment into consideration by finding environmentally friendly alternatives when renovating. Often times finding environmentally friendly alternatives is not very difficult and can save the homeowner money in the long run by cutting down on electricity and gas bills, especially in the kitchen.

One way to go green in the kitchen is by installing energy efficient appliances. While these particular appliances may be more expensive then regular appliances, it will save homeowners money in the long run. Having a refrigerator or stove that does not take as much energy to run will cut down costs when it comes time for the electricity or gas bill. Therefore, buying energy efficient appliances not only helps the environment, but it also helps the homeowner when it comes to utility bills.

In addition to installing energy efficient appliances in the kitchen, there are other ways to incorporate the green trend in the kitchen. One way is by updating the kitchen cabinets. While this may not seem like a green project, it actually is if you do it correctly. When it comes to updating the kitchen cabinets, many homeowners simply discard their current cabinets and purchase new ones. However, this is not very environmentally friendly, and there is an alternative to buying brand new ones that will save money and the environment.

Instead of installing new kitchen cabinets, homeowners can update their existing cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. If the cabinets are sturdy and in good shape, there is no reason to discard them and let them go to waste. In addition to a fresh coat of paint you can also install new cabinet hardware such as draw pulls and cabinet knobs to give them a fresh new look.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

5 Steps to a New Kitchen

Is your kitchen dull and boring? Do you find yourself wishing you had a new modern kitchen like you see in magazines? Now you can! These 5 steps to a new kitchen can help you be on your way to having that exciting new kitchen you only dreamed about in the past.

Before you can even get started you need to decide what kind of kitchen would make you happy. What styles do you like the best? What type of atmosphere are you trying to create? Once you have the answer to these questions you are ready to get started.

5 steps to a new kitchen:

Start Eliminating - The first thing you need to do is get rid of any and everything that you can. In fact, it would be best of you could completely empty your kitchen and slowly go through all your items. This way you will only put back the items that you seriously want to keep. Everything else should be discarded.

Give Your Kitchen a Face Lift - Now that you have cleared out the kitchen it is the perfect time for a makeover. Repaint the walls, put down new flooring, whatever changes you have wanted to make to the overall kitchen design, this is the time to do it.

Lighting - Now you need to add lighting to your kitchen. Replace the curtains to allow the sun to shine in. Add lighting to all the main areas of your kitchen such as the table, sink and stove.

Rearrange Your Kitchen - Keep in mind that the purpose for removing everything in the first place was so you could have a new modern kitchen so don't put everything right back in their old spot. Get creative and try new things.

Avoid Clutter - To keep you kitchen looking new and modern avoid clutter. When things are left out and too many items are added it takes away from the overall look.

These 5 simple steps can greatly enhance your d├ęcor and help you create that new kitchen you have always wanted. Have fun redecorating!

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content. She has also authored her own books and works as a consultant to other writers, Internet marketers and Internet businesses.

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Kitchen Back-Splash Ideas - How to Make a Simple Kitchen Back-Splash - Ideas For Your Home

Simple Kitchen Back-splash ideas are a way to add interest to a kitchen without breaking the bank. While Back-splash can easily exceed several hundred dollars, there are many inexpensive ways to create an elegant finish of your kitchen.

Using simple kitchen Back-splash Tile Ideas

Most homeowners prefer simple kitchen Back-splash ideas that can be performed with tiles. In most cases, cheaper tile Back-splash available.

* Ceramic tiles: This is the simplest and least expensive for most owners. Ceramic tiles are available in different colors, styles, sizes and finishes. Home care can help to install Back-splash.
* Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic is a popular choice for many types of housing. Available in metal, ceramics and glass, among other materials, can be incredibly beautiful and very expensive. However, some tiles are available at affordable prices. Sometimes more expensive tiles are combined with other large tiles to reduce costs.
* Kitchen Mural: These tiles, usually less than twenty years, are combined and painted to create a single image. The food and animal motifs were common.
* Texas in stainless steel stainless: steel not only be considered for industrial applications. Stainless steel tiles are easy to install and can complement the wood and stone.
* Stone Kitchen Back-splash: this is often a large number of tiles that are installed or not with thin grout lines. If you have stone counter tops, is an excellent option to consider.

Other materials

If a tile kitchen Back-splash is common, there are other materials that can be used for simple kitchen Back-splash ideas. Some owners prefer Back-splash glass or steel, because they are easier to clean than other tile grout lines.

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Modern Kitchen Design-Redesigning Your Kitchen To Get The Modern Look You Want

There are few rooms in your home as important as your kitchen. Quite simply, this room can make or break the overall effectiveness of your homes’ interior design.

You spend so much time in your kitchen, it is imperative that it is designed for maximum convenience and aesthetic appeal. However, a common misconception is that a modern kitchen design cannot be achieved affordably.

In fact, many people never take action to achieve the modern kitchen design they want because they don’t believe it’s possible to do it on a budget. Actually, there are many ways to get your dream kitchen without spending a fortune.

First of all, you need to decide on a theme for your kitchen. This is the most important decision of all. Every choice you make hereafter will be based on what you want your kitchen to look like.

To kick things off, refurbish your cabinets. These go a long way to giving your modern kitchen the design you want. One option is to paint them with a lighter color.

Often times, white enamel can be a good choice due to its neutral effect. You want your cabinets to blend in with the rest of the design-not stand out. Bright colors are not a good option here.

You will likely find that laminate countertops and vinyl flooring are the most affordable options for these areas. Try to avoid synthetic, tile, or granite materials, as these tend to be very expensive. These options will also help to brighten the room and the overall feel of your modern kitchen.

Don’t replace items just for the sake of doing it-make sure there is a valid reason behind it. For instance, if many of your items are still in good working condition, don’t replace them just to change the look. Instead, consider refurbishing or repainting them to achieve the look you want. This can save you a small fortune in the bottom line expenses when all is said and done.

If you decide that you absolutely must replace some items, try checking out good condition second-hand or refurbished appliances. Don’t buy new if at all possible.

Start out searching for these items at your local appliance store; also, check the internet, garage sales, etc. Refurbished items in good condition are not very hard to find.

Start out with these tips, and go from there. You will find that, if you have a goal (and a budget) in mind, and closely monitor your decision making to reflect your budget, your modern kitchen design will match your tastes and personality. Most importantly, you will not have to break the bank to achieve the kitchen design you’ve always wanted.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Due to the great number of objects (necessary or not) that we keep in our houses and industries, the need for shelving has increased lately. Shelving has many advantages compared to traditional storage furniture, like wooden closets and cabinets. They are cheaper, lighter, easier to transport, and much more flexible. All these qualities make them a popular choice to keep our things classified and in order, easy to access when needed, yet out of the way the rest of the time.

In a house, the kitchen is one of the rooms that can easily get encumbered. With all the ingredients, fruits, vegetables, dishes, glasses, forks, etc., that we need on a daily basis, a family can easily turn a nice kitchen into a mess really fast. Don't forget that in addition to all the utensils, we have also several machines that occupy space, like a microwave oven, an electric can opener, a dish washer, a toaster, etc.

Kitchen shelving is a great solution for bringing order to an otherwise chaotic kitchen. It has all the advantages that regular shelving has, with a few twists that make it better suited for your kitchen.

Some people don't like kitchen shelving because they think that it will give their kitchens a "factory" image, or that it will look out of place and break the look of their kitchens. This would be true if they bought shelving that is meant to be used in factories. Shelving in factories is not meant to look pretty; it's meant to resist heavy duty usage and store big quantities of sometimes dangerous products.

On the other hand, kitchen shelving comes in a wide selection of models and colors. Manufacturers realize that kitchens are one of the most customized and personal parts of a house, therefore they try to give as many kitchen shelving options as possible in order to satisfy as most needs and tastes as possible.

The differences between different kinds of kitchen shelving are so varied that the task of selecting one can be overwhelming. Of course, if you like interior design or something similar, you'll have a field day going through catalogs and comparing sizes, materials, colors, and styles.

Finally, the wide range of options of kitchen shelving also means a wide range of prices. I guess I could say now that you can find good things for cheap prices. However, I'm not going to. I believe that when it comes to kitchen shelving, you shouldn't take price into consideration at all. I think that since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, then you should get something that you really, really like, regardless of price. This is because you'll be looking at your kitchen shelving every day for many years. Besides, the total cost isn't going to be high enough that you need a loan, sell your car or some measure like that.

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Why is a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink the Best Choice?

There are many things to consider when it comes time to choose a new kitchen sink. As perhaps the most used area of the kitchen it make sense to take an appropriate amount of time to consider your options before making your decision.

You have a range of styles and materials at your disposal when on the market for a new kitchen sink but there is one type of sink which wins hands down when it come to popularity and practicality in today's kitchen. The winner is of course Stainless steel which has a number of advantages over all the other materials used in sink construction and make it today's number one choice.

Stainless steel is resistant to rust which is obviously important for an article that's going to be covered in water for most of its life. On top of being non-corrosive stainless will not mark like some of materials we use to make kitchen sinks so it will look as good in 10 years time as it does today.

Add to that the fact that stainless steel kitchen sinks look good coupled with just about any kitchen design and there's no doubt why its such a popular choice. When it comes to the combination of price, looks and durability the stainless steel kitchen sink really appears to be the perfect choice for the majority of households.

The only negatives to a stainless steel sink is that its so common that you're never going to get something that stands out from the crowd. For people building a stylish, contemporary kitchen this could be a problem. Apart from that I can't see a reason when anyone would be unhappy making one of these sinks an integral part of their kitchen.

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Friday, 1 May 2009

All About Kitchen Shelving - Choosing the Right Kitchen Shelving For Your Home

The shape of kitchen shelving can be rounded. They can also be triangular. The shelving could also be pointed in the back or straight but narrower at the back. The sides are straight, as is the front of the shelves. Flat and rounded shelving is also available.

Shelving can also be made of a number of things. Cherry is popular. Walnut is another type of wood used to make shelves. There are plastic shelves. Wire shelving or wire mesh shelving is mostly used to hold cook ware, food items, and possibly small appliances.

When choosing cabinetry shelving is part of the cabinet. Wire, plastic, and wire mesh shelving are typically free standing units. Depending on the amount of space that exists in your kitchen a free standing unit may be just the right amount of added space that you need.

Free standing kitchen shelving can really provide extra space and a type of display for plants, books or cook ware. They are convenient because they can be moved almost anywhere while remaining functional. Many units can be disassembled in the event of a move or renovation project. They can be reassembled and placed where you need them to be placed.

The question now is where can kitchen shelving be purchased. Many large retail stores have plastic, steel, and even wooden free standing units. Large department stores also have shelving units available. Usually, this type of shelving requires some type of assembly.

Make sure the directions are clear and easy to read. Some large hardware chains will show you the directions, and help clarify the directions. Self installation is possible if you know basically what you are doing. It may also be possible to have them home delivered and set-up by a technician. This could prevent injury to yourself and save money in the long run.

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