Friday, 26 August 2011

Kitchen Remodeling: Living Through The Misery

Living through any type of remodeling job is most likely going to turn your life topsy-turvy but none more so than a kitchen remodeling job. Whether you hire the job out to the professionals or you attempt it on your own the job will require much patience from the point of your family. You will need to adjust several areas of your lifestyle to get ready for the inconvenience that you are about to experience. Here is a general guide to living through your own kitchen remodeling job.

The first tip I can give you is to prepare yourself. Pretend you are going on an extended camping trip and get ready for the adventure.

• Prepare your home by setting up a small kitchen area. Use this space for a microwave, coffee pot, toaster, single burner and possibly a little electric grill. Mini fridge’s area a perfect substitute for a large fridge to house items such as milk, lunch meat and yogurt. Little items that can be used to create a meal or a snack.

• Pack up the kitchen items you will need in clear storage containers. The rest can be packed and stored.

• Purchase all things disposable. Cups, paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils that can be thrown away are a very handy thing to keep on hand. You will not have use of a sink to wash things so the more things that can be pitched or recycled the better.

• Shop often. Do not purchase large quantities of food. You will not have a space to store it. if you have a deep freezer you can prepare ahead of time for the kitchen remodel by freezing portion size meals and warming them as needed.

• Keep dry goods on hand such as peanut butter, nuts, crackers and munch able type foods for those late night snack cravings.

• Grilling is always a handy option during a project of this magnitude. You can always eat out or invite yourself to dine with friends at their home. Offer to bring the main dish. This option is a good one as long as you keep in mind that they don’t want to have you over every night no matter your situation.

• Make sure your contractor leaves the sink in place for as long as possible. It is possible to function like a normal family for the most part with a sink, mini fridge, grill and single burner.

• Make sure you take into account all the dust and noise that the construction job will create. Animals are not going to react well to this environment. It is also important to cover other belongings with sheets to prevent issues as you do put your home back together after the kitchen is complete.

• Remind yourself often that this is only a temporary situation and that your marriage is a long term commitment. Remodels are often stressful on families and can bring out the worst in us.

• Prepare for the long term. Many families and contractors do not supply a reasonable estimate in regards to the time commitment that people are actually looking at for a kitchen remodeling job.

The end result will be worth the effort. The family will be able to enjoy a newly updated space to enjoy together and your home’s value will increase. Budget for some new utensils and pots and pans that will make mom happy and trust me the whole family will be thankful to.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

How To Remodel Your Kitchen: 5 Tips

Kitchen remodeling is putting your creativity in mind to work. Do not make it look like everyone else's kitchen. Make it unique, make it stand out, unleash your true self.

Although kitchen improvement is an arduous task, it's worth the hard work. To lessen the burden, here are the things that need to be done for kitchen remodeling:

Things to do:

Select a theme.

Of course your old kitchen theme will work just fine but since you are planning for kitchen improvement, you will have the chance to make it look better.

Pick a kitchen layout


Shaped like a letter L, containing a very flexible layout design. We can place anything in any area using this layout and the space between storage, cooking, and preparation area is close enough for an efficient work space.


Layout is shaped to form a letter "U". It has adequate counter space, and an efficient working environment.

Island Option

Designed to meet modern homes because there are plenty of counter space and prevents traffic within the working area.

Galley Kitchen

Most preferred layout for smaller kitchen space. Appliances are close to one another so its perfect if only one member of the household cooks.


1. Keep It Simple

The kitchen is designed to be a working area so avoid any clutter. Do not decorate furnish it with useless items as this will only hinder the efficiency of the kitchen.

2. Spacious and Clutter-free

Kitchen layouts are for different kitchen spaces. Choose a layout fit for your kitchen space. The Island layout looks functional and is an effective working space. But it will just be a clutter if installed on small kitchen spaces.

4. Use whatever you have

Our goal is to remodel, not to construct a new kitchen. Make use of old materials like wood, metal, plastics. etc and turn it into a new one. One good example is to repaint and fix old kitchen cabinets to use with your kitchen remodeling.

5. Hire contractors

Although it may be a good idea to do it alone, contractors still does it better. They are experienced in doing these jobs and can put your ideas into reality.