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Kitchen Pebble Tiles - Learn How to Renew your Kitchen Easily!

Among the numerous options available today, we can find kitchen pebble tiles as one of the best options to transform your kitchen modern and appealing. These natural stone panels are not only making their way in the flooring, but also are sailing smoothly on the walls and countertops of the kitchen. The fact that they are durable and last for many years makes them very popular these days.

An important advantage provided by these natural stones is that they are found in a wide range of colors, designs, shapes, height and thickness - all depends on your personal taste and requirements. There are various applications for using these kitchen pebble tiles in modern kitchens, here are some of the most popular examples: walls, counters, countertops, backsplashes, floors, floor borders, wall borders and much more.

The fact that they are so versatile and practical enables us to enjoy from the following main advantages:

1) They are easy to clean

2) Available in various colors and shapes

3) Resist water and other liquids, thus protecting walls and other surfaces

4) They allow for much creativity in any kitchen's design setting

5) They are durable, clean and last for many years.

Installing these tiles is quit simple as it doesn't require any special or technical ability. In average, the installation process can be very quick and can take only several hours. We can compare this process to installing conventional ceramics. In fact, all it requires for an installation are some basic items such as cement, a sponge, a trowel and grout.

Working with kitchen pebble tiles is becoming more than just a technical task as it easily stimulates one's creativeness while looking for new ideas to remodel a kitchen. Since these tiles are easy to use and are available in various designs and textures, definitely makes them a preferred decorative tiling choice.

Get creative! - Learn more about how you can easily decorate any surface at home or in the office with kitchen pebble tiles and natural kitchen wall backsplash tiles

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How To Create The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

It is not everyday that you get an opportunity to design a kitchen. And when you do, it must be amazing. A design software can guide you through the process and get you there. Basically your demands are simple.

A design computer program can put all your gadgets and appliances in perfect places, and the job is completed. But the big problem is when you really don't know what the end outcome is going to be like. And once you have the hardware in place, Design software sees to it that nothing goes wrong and there is barely anything you can do about it other than gulp down the design along with your meal.

This is where this software comes to your help. By using a design software you can make sure that those mistakes don't happen. Some of those programs provide a 3D angle of the kitchen and an easy interface to move around your cabinets, crockery and cutlery any way you like and see the results promptly. A 'Walk through' can in fact give you a feel of the entire kitchen even before the first tile is laid.

Design software can provide the exact dimensions and layout most suitable for you. Position of windows and doors can be modified to permit maximum sunlight and the maximum possible view. Remember the quotation "Your heart is where the hearth is".

The kitchen is the most important place in your entire house. A design software can help you make it the liveliest and most sought after places.

The software helps the look and feel of the entire room so that it should blend nicely. It will help in selection of colors for the walls, cabinets and the flooring. You can try different combinations and come up with a truly friendly and aesthetic kitchen with the help of kitchen design software.

The cost of getting the place done is always more expensive in our mind. A design computer program can do the arithmetic for you automatically as you add or remove different components from the kitchen. Pricing information can be fed into the software to keep track of the expenses.

There are a lot of design softwares available on the Internet, both free and paid. Some may have features which only professionals may make use of, where as some others may turn out to be quite basic. But one thing is for sure. Design software can be of tremendous help while planning a house. It will go a long way in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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Stainless Steel Appliances Make For A Gorgeous Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are becoming quite popular in home kitchens, but they have been used for years in commercial kitchens for their usability and longevity. Most people like the silver finish because it looks nice, but there is much more to it than simple good looks.

Metal has a timeless quality to it and stainless steel fits just about any décor. There´s no need to replace your appliances in a few years when the color goes out of style (think avocado and almond colored appliances!) and the stainless feature allows your appliances to stay spotless for years to come.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Appliances

There are plenty of reasons to choose this look, including the aesthetic aspect. Here are just a few.

• Easy to clean. With the finish, your appliances will always be easy to clean and that will make your entire kitchen look better. Also, you won´t have to worry about chips on the surface.

• Long lasting. Stainless steel will last longer than your average appliance in most cases, which keeps your kitchen nice and neat looking.

• No scratches. Scratches and dings don´t show up in like they do with regular enamel, which chips and cracks, looking very ugly after a while. With metal, your kitchen will stay nice and beautiful for years to come.

• You´ll be in style. Did you know that stainless steel finishes make up 40% of appliance sales these days? People love the sleek, stylish look of the metal and its modern qualities.

• It´s safer. Metal is far easier to disinfect than any other surface, so you can do a quick wipe with bleach and not have to worry about germs and bacteria adhering to the surfaces of your appliances.

• No rust. Regular appliances tend to rust, particularly in humid environments, when they get scratched or chipped. Stainless steel appliances prevent this from happening, keeping everything clean looking.

• Time savings. You don´t need to take much time to clean. In fact, they practically take care of themselves!

Stainless steel appliances are becoming the standard in new homes. They add a lot to the ambiance of a kitchen and the crisp, clean look of metal really goes with any finish. You can combine it effectively with a sterile type kitchen, with metal countertops and white finish cupboards. Or use the appliances together with wood finishes for a warmer kitchen. Either way, you´re bound to like the finished effect.

While the cost may be slightly higher, this is offset by how long your stainless steel appliances will look good. Regular, enameled appliances tend to chip and look old long before their mechanical function wears down. You end up having to choose... do you keep the funky, ancient looking appliance until it actually stops working, or do you scrap it and get a new one, even though this one still works?

Choosing stainless steel appliances removes this problem. Your appliances will look great longer and this is actually a great way to save money in the long run, since you could very well end up using your appliances for years after an enameled one would have been tossed because it looked nasty.

Stainless steel appliances make your home look better. They boost the beauty factor and are so much easier to take care of that it just makes sense to go with a stainless steel finish. You can expect them to not only improve the look of your kitchen, but last longer, too.

Stainless steel appliances make every kitchen look fresh and modern, and they are also more durable and long-lasting than regular enamel appliances.

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Discount Kitchen Faucets

If you are looking for new faucets for your kitchen, a good idea is to buy discount kitchen faucets. These days, many manufacturers offer attractive options at even more attractive prices. There are many interesting types available and you can buy them based on size, shapes, handles, functionality, finish and many other considerations.

Whether you want to just replace your old faucet or add a new one in the kitchen, you have to consider a few important points. You must be aware of the many types of discount kitchen faucets available in the stores and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The main types are single handle, pullout sprayers, wall mounted and two handle. Even if you want to try the discount kitchen faucets, you have to be aware of the quality of purchase, as you do not want to scamper to the stores within a few years. The single handle types have just one lever and allow quick water flow. The dual handle types have separate handles for hot and cold water. Depending upon how you want the flow of water and control of temperature, you may select either of the two. So, make sure you try each in the showroom and learn as much as possible about them.

One of the favorite features of discount kitchen faucets is the pull out sprayer. This allows water to be taken beyond the sink with the help of a pipe and special nozzle. Again, you may have to consider the shape and size for convenience. You may also want to coordinate the faucets with the interior décor of the kitchen. So buy the style that suits the overall look. There are many finishes available and each has its own merit. Whether you like shiny stainless steel or dull brass, you can get it all in beautiful designs.

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Clean Kitchen Sinks - The Best Ways to Do It

Whether your sink is copper, porcelain, or steel, you want to keep it as clean as possible. As much as we do with our kitchen sinks, keeping them spic and span can be pretty difficult. However, a dirty sink is an obvious problem, and clutter can spread throughout the kitchen from there. Keeping your kitchen sink clean should be a big priority. Fortunately, if you keep an eye on things and clean your kitchen sink regularly, it doesn't have to be a problem. You can gently clean your sink, using products you have around the house. Here's how to clean any sink.

If you prefer to clean kitchen sinks using a commercial cleaner, avoid those that will scratch your sink. For enamel or porcelain sinks, this is especially important, but stainless steel, copper, and other sink materials can be damaged as well. Never scrub soapstone with a harsh abrasive, as you'll actually be washing away the sink itself. Instead, look for a gentle cleaner that's not too rough. Also, avoid using harsh cleaners like bleach unless it's absolutely necessary. In some cases of stains, you may need to do so, but try other things first. Overuse of bleach can damage your sink.

It's best to use a soft sponge or scrubber to clean your kitchen sink on a daily basis. Vinegar and water solutions are popular, as are window cleaner and gentle porcelain cleaners. These can easily take off most spots and stains. Baking soda is another popular stain remover. While it's abrasive, this substance is so gentle that it's unlikely to damage even the most delicate sink surface. Just allow the baking soda to dissolve in a little water and rub the solution gently onto your sink with small circular motions. Rinse the sink thoroughly after using this cleaner. One big bonus of this method, and the vinegar solution, is that they're entirely non toxic. There's no need to wear gloves or worry about contamination while cleaning your kitchen sink.

How you'll clean your kitchen sink will vary a little depending on what your sink is made of. Soapstone and copper sinks may not be compatible with acids, for instance. They may cause a reaction with the material, creating a stain or patina. Metal sinks may easily pick up small abrasions that cause them to reflect light differently, or may be easily dinged during cleaning. Enamel or porcelain sinks should never be scratched - tiny scratches cause them to attract more dirt, which will be hard to remove. However, if you take care and are gentle, cleaning a kitchen sink doesn't have to be hard. Daily maintenance will help you keep your sink spotless and beautiful, even if it sees a lot of use.

To find the latest in kitchen sinks visit Kitchen Sink Ideas

How To Layout Your Small Kitchen

There are a few basic guidelines to follow if you want to improve efficiency and convenience in your small kitchen. The right kitchen layout will provide you with enough space as well as a sleek look free of clutter. By properly organizing everything in place, your kitchen will be very comfortable to work in even with the limited area that you have.

The work triangle is the concept wherein all kitchen layouts are based on. The three main points or structures wherein the imaginary lines are drawn to form the triangle are the sink, the range and the refrigerator. Ideally, the three legs of the triangle should be anywhere between 23 to 26 feet total. A small kitchen may measure less. The idea is to create enough space in between these areas to properly make use of all available centers in the kitchen. The right arrangement of the work triangle will fully determine how well you can work within the given premises.

There are four basic kitchen layouts. Although there are hundreds of others available, all these are usually based on these four and still focus on the work triangle. The layouts are the galley or one-wall, the corridor, the L-shaped and the U-shaped. All kitchen floor plans are classified according to their specific shape.

The most common would be the one-wall or galley layout wherein the kitchen is positioned along one wall. All furniture, countertops and appliances are placed on that single area only. The second most common would probably be the corridor layout wherein the kitchen is laid out along two walls facing each other. This is very efficient since you can easily work at the front and back moving along the work triangle easily. Just be sure that you have another route for persons not involved in the work triangle or they may have to keep passing through and disrupt kitchen tasks.

Next is the L-shaped kitchen layout which is laid out along two adjacent walls or sides of a room. This frees up more space for people not involved in the work triangle compared to the corridor which has a narrow aisle. The U-shaped kitchen layout makes use of three sides and has the same advantage of more space in the work triangle. Small kitchens may have to strategically layout everything if you intend to use the L or U shape. Islands, furniture and large appliances are used in order to help direct traffic and make the work triangle as efficient as possible.

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Help For Your Kitchen Bar

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular home remodeling projects. The kitchen is one place in the home that is the most lived in. It seems to always be a busy spot and often needs updated with newer appliances. Most home owners dream of a nice kitchen that is comfortable and functional. Remodeling is something that can turn an old kitchen into a dream kitchen.

The kitchen bar area makes for a very nice kitchen, but remodeling it can be a hassle. Having a bar area in your kitchen often ends up as just one more place for clutter. In order to make your kitchen bar remodeling a success you have to start by thinking about what you do and do not like about its current state.

The Function of the Kitchen Bar

The kitchen bar can have many functions. It can be an eating space, a serving space, a cooking space or a catch all. You should think about how your bar is utilized. Do you like the way it current is being used or do you want to make it used for something else? If your bar seems to be the place where mail, notes and other clutter congregates and you really do not enjoy that, then that should be at the top of your list of things to change. However, if you like the way it is being used, then you can leave that area alone and focus on other parts of the kitchen.


Often in a home remodeling project clutter is the top of the list of things to change. It can be so easy for messes to pile up when things do not have a proper place. When you have a place for everything to go it makes it much easier and convenient for people to put it in its proper place. Your remodeling project should keep this in mind. You want organized areas. You should install hangers for pots, pans and kitchen utensils. You may want to add a wall organizer for keys, papers, and writing utensils. Make sure that everything has a place.

Most people who have a kitchen bar are very happy with the idea of having a kitchen bar, but they are not using it in the right way. Letting clutter take over the kitchen bar can just make it an eyesore. Once you clean up the bar you may even realize that you do not even need to remodel. You may be able to get by with just updating appliances, painting and maybe some new flooring.

Being very interested in islands for the kitchen and kitchen center islands, Jack Blacksmith is publishing several publications on this particular subject. From his writings, the columnist improved his expertise on things associated with tuscan kitchen islands.

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Copper Kitchen Faucet

Regardless of the design and style of your kitchen, a copper kitchen faucet is a fine addition. They come in many different shapes and sizes and price ranges as well. There are some important considerations when shopping for a new fixture. One of the most important points to note is that the new fixture must fit the current connections. In addition, make sure you check to see how many mounting holes your kitchen sink has.

You must also make sure the new faucet will be easy to operate when it is installed. Take measurements to find out if the new sink will actually fit. A quality copper kitchen faucet must be durable; relatively maintenance free and it should be suitable with the current décor of your kitchen. Another key factor of a good quality faucet is that it should not corrode or discolor with regular usage.

A good quality copper kitchen faucet will cost a little more than the basic chrome-plated models. Any faucet you have in your home should last a long time. Therefore, select a durable fixture that is at a price you are comfortable with paying. Do a search on the internet to get an idea of all the different styles, types and materials available when it comes to choosing a new faucet for your kitchen.

The spout and handle or handles usually determine the style of a copper kitchen faucet. Most people find that single-handed faucets are much more convenient that two handled faucets. A double handled unit allows for more precise water flow and temperature. These units are also more stylish than the single handled ones as well.

You will also need to keep in mind the height and reach of the spout of the copper kitchen faucet. A standard faucet is usually three to five inches high. These smaller units are better for smaller or average size sinks. Some faucets are six to eight inches high. These are better suited for large kitchen sinks. You should also find out what accessories are available for your particular setup.

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Kitchen Appliances - Select Them Carefully

The kitchen area is the main hub of activity in any household. It is the centre of attraction and showplace of the home. As such the appliances also help to define the status or lifestyle of the house owner. Renovating the kitchen area is often a difficult task. The owner has to prioritise her or his requirements before plunging into any purchasing procedures. Moreover, it is also necessary to stay updated with the changing trends of the market. Various brands are available in the market which produce wide array of kitchen items in highly extravagant designs and affordable costs. As such people have become very choosy and never compromise on the quality and durability of products.

High end kitchen appliances are in demand these days. The innovation of the stainless items has offered stylish and extravagant look to these gadgets. The items which are usually often used in the kitchen area are refrigerators, dish washers, stoves and pressure cookers etc. Moreover the appliance garage is designed to be fitted on the counter top and is usually used to hide small items such as bread toasters, spoons and food processors etc., at ease. It depends on the owner how she or he prefers to design the kitchen area. Various kitchen accessories are also available to give a sophisticated and stylish look to your favorite kitchen.

Modern kitchen appliances are specially crafted to match the style and status of every category of people. These items are usually very eco friendly. They are very efficient and can be fitted anywhere at ease according to the requirements of the users. To operate these appliances is not a very difficult task. They even do not consume much energy and time. Such eco friendly products can easily manage your monthly electricity bills and are available with various user friendly features.

The reputed kitchen appliances stores displays items from various brands. The branded items are always accompanied with a warranty card. This feature drives away the concern of reliability and durability. The users can even exchange their items if it gets damaged within the warranty period. As such it is always wise to purchase the branded kitchen items. While purchasing the kitchen appliances the first thing that needs to be determined is the cost factor. The owner should prioritise her or his budget before undergoing the purchasing process. At times these items are offered at discount rates also to attract the consumers.

Creating a Coffee-Themed Kitchen

If you're like me, you feel right at home at your local coffee shop. There's just something about that place that makes you want to pull up a chair and stay awhile. Why not create your own comfortable coffee shop right in your very own home?

The first thing you'll need is a can or two of paint. Choose warm, rich tones like gold, burnt orange, and burgundy. You can also experiment with sage and chocolate brown. Don't be afraid to paint one or two walls a different color than the rest. Painting a wall a different color can distinguish that area from the rest of the room.

Next, go to your local home improvement store and find some modern lighting. Hang sconces or small dangling lights in bright colors. If you use standing lamps, pick metallic bases and bright colored shades. Put your main lighting on a dimmer so you can lower the lighting in some areas of the room.

Find some small cafe size tables and chairs in light wood tones. Pick modern streamlined styles. Use one or more sets to create a cafe feel. If you have the room, buy a small love seat or a few small side chairs in dark, comfy jewel tones. Set them in a cozy corner of your kitchen/dining area.

For the walls, choose bright, colorful abstract prints or coffee-themed pictures. You can even mix the two for an eclectic feel. Get dish towels that have a coffee-theme. Add any other accessories that seem useful including plants, small end tables, or even a magazine rack. Set up a music player in the kitchen area to pipe in soft music. Leave a few books or magazines on the tables.

To complete your coffee-themed kitchen, make sure you stock plenty of coffee. If you buy bags of coffee, display them in baskets on your countertop. This also works if your coffee maker takes pods or k-cups. Just pile them up in the basket. You can buy coffee and espresso cups that stack in a display stand. Stock an array of sugars, creamers, and syrups so everyone can customize their coffee drink.

Now that you've created your perfect coffee-themed kitchen, you'll be able to enjoy your coffee right in the comfort of your own home and without the high coffee shop prices!

Amy is a writer who runs several cooking and diet related web sites. Visit to get more ideas on creating a colorful kitchen.

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The Easiest Way To Save Money For Your Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Kitchen remodeling is certainly a very enticing project, but make sure you go about it with a mind to keeping the costs in check; it is only the potential financial outlay that scares many homeowners off. Kitchen remodeling costs are always likely to be an obstacle to getting the dream kitchen you have always wanted. Even if your ideas are for all the best appliances, quality cabinets and worktops seem too high for your budget, it may still be possible for you to enjoy a new kitchen.

Now, whilst we all have to work within our own budgetary constraints, that does not mean we can't have almost everything we want if we just take a few things into consideration. Careful planning is the key here and could provide the answer to having that Kitchen you have set your heart on.

A costly area but one where you may be able to save some of the expense is labor and hiring professionals to work on the project. Not only is it possible on your own but it suddenly makes the dream that much closer; however, it is imperative that you plan ahead to avoid any additional kitchen remodeling costs.

Only you will know just how proficient you are at jobs around the home, but if this is an area that you are not even slightly competent in, then the information here is not for you. Although the idea may be very attractive, if you are unable to carryout even basic tasks then it will cost more to hire a kitchen fitter to complete the project.

The easiest way to save money on your kitchen remodeling costs is to bypass the middle-man and deal with suppliers directly. If you can buy this equipment used or second hand, you can save even more money.

Look in your local newspapers or stores that advertise; even the internet because you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of kitchen equipment around. Increasingly, suppliers are offering secondhand equipment to keep down kitchen remodeling costs because the environmental as well as the economic advantages of using secondhand equipment is obvious.

People who can manage to pay for professionals come in and remodel their kitchen have most likely looked after it so outstanding bargains can be had this way. The only factor you need to consider that will make your kitchen remodeling dream a reality is which jobs you're able to complete yourself and those where you will need a professional tradesman.

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Kitchens in Staten Island - What You'll Need to Know

Kitchens need to be inspected very thoroughly. Because they are one of the most used rooms in any home, there is a tremendous amount of traffic that goes through every kitchen. As well, they are one of the most expensive rooms to refurbish in the house, especially in you live in Staten Island. A kitchen can cost literally thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations. It's a good idea that the home inspector look at this room very thoroughly.

Beyond the traffic flow through the kitchen, the location of this room is also very important. Very often the kitchen is the central hub of the house. One of the first things that the inspector and you will need to look at in this room, are the appliances. If the appliances are to be conveyed with the property, be sure to test them, with the owner's permission. The cost of a new refrigerator and stove would certainly be an added burden to the other costs associated with moving, and another kitchen appliance that you'll want to look at, is the dishwasher. If there isn't one present you want to find out if there is an area in the kitchen where you can put one later.

Beyond the appliances, there are several other things you will need to look at and water pressure is one of them. Weak water pressure at the kitchen can be indicative of more serious problems in other parts of the house, and you'll also want to check the sink and the piping below, as well as the supply and drainage. Again, these are the things that a professional Staten Island home inspector is trained to look for.

The presence of electrical outlets should also be noted. A shortage of electrical outlets has been noted in older and newer homes and if you ask your home inspector to take note of this, they should be able to give you a detailed report. As well, outlets in the kitchen should be properly grounded. Outlets can be checked by the inspector by removing the cover and checking the connections. There should also be an exhaust fan above the stove or range top. There are two basic types-one that exhausts the air to the outside and one that filters it and re-circulates it inside. Most of the newer homes have that type that circulate the air inside only, but exhaust fans that vent to the exterior are usually found on outside walls where a vent can be found in the corresponding location.

Remember that the kitchen is the room where you and your family will be spending much of your time. As well, it is one of the central hubs in the design of most homes. You can decorate it to your liking later but it's essential that you get a proper inspection done so that you will be able to find any problems before you buy. Again, a licensed professional Staten Island home inspector is what you need to protect your investment purchase.

Olympian Civil Home and Building Inspections (866) 476-2056

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How To Give Your Small Kitchen A Makeover

Even with limited space and a tight budget, you can still give your small kitchen a makeover that will look and function well in the next few years. You may choose to do the changes all at once or gradually depending your resources and available time. There are virtually hundreds of designs available in magazines, books and online so you don't have to pay for a professional.

Learning About Styles and Colors

Look up all available resources for the different styles that you're interested in. It may help to look at other people's kitchens, shop displays and galleries so that you have an idea if the style is good enough for your space. It may be too risky to invest in bulky classic designs inspired by the Victorian or Neoclassic era. Contemporary and country style kitchens are typically easier to accomplish with the limited area. The idea is to provide less items and décor to free up extra space to avoid clutter and a cramped appearance.

Styles also refer to appliances, decorations and kitchen tools. Avoid putting too many of these unless you use them frequently. As much as possible, keep items out of sight and store them in cabinets and drawers to tidy up the kitchen. Stainless steel materials are ideal for providing more light and creating a sleek appearance. Glass is also a good choice for kitchenware. You may use glass jars to store ingredients and condiments. Tall items are preferred since these seem to expand the room and make the ceiling look higher.

Color is very important for your small kitchen makeover. Try to liven up the area with brighter tones like orange, gold and yellow. Compliment with touches of white, beige or hardwood. You may use kitchen items as well to compliment your main color theme. Use a color wheel so that you can properly find the tones that match your style. Paint the cabinets, walls and ceiling yourself to save more. As for decorations, stick to your color theme at all times. Your kitchen floor could also use a makeover. Simply take out old linoleum or tiles then set a new design. If you have hardwood flooring, you may simply want to re-polish for a fresher look.

More Makeovers

You can continue doing makeovers even in small accents like replacing old knobs and drawer handles. Placing new window treatments are also a fine addition if you want to control light more. Check out how much light is needed to illuminate different corners of the room since you may want to add or reduce the wattage as needed to save more energy.

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Ikea Kitchens - What Makes Them So Special

Kitchen is the most functional area of your house and remodeling it could be quite a challenge. You need to get the remodeling done within the budget and without facing lot of hassles.

If you have explored kitchen remodeling solutions you might have come across the Ikea Brand. Ikea is a six-decade old Swedish company that sells flat pack furniture, accessories, bathroom and kitchen solutions through its retail stores. Ikea pioneered flat-pack design furniture at affordable prices and it is the world's largest furniture manufacturer.

Ikea kitchens come with a number of benefits that make them very popular:

Ikea kitchens are designed to make the most out of available kitchen space.

It is easy to plan your remodeling project and estimate the cost with the planner tool available at the Ikea website.

Suited for a variety of lifestyles with a wide range of designs and cabinets.

Saves you a lot of money; in fact the savings could be as high as 75%.

Ikea kitchen products are sturdy, stylish, long lasting and of very high quality.

Easy to assemble; you can save money on installations by installing them yourself.

You get freedom to design kitchen of your dreams.

You can mix and match Ikea cabinets, designs, doors to get infinite options with lots of inserts and extra shelves.Versatile, easy to maintain and easy to change at a later date.

It's easy to buy kitchen accessories from Ikea that match drawer and cupboard sizes perfectly.

And Many More!

So with Ikea kitchens, the focus is on you since you know your kitchen best and you are the best person to judge how your kitchen remodeling should be done.

Do you know the Top 5 Ikea Kitchen Mistakes? Find out exactly what they are and how easy it is to avoid them by clicking the link below:

Ikea Kitchens

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Ravishing Italian Kitchen Decoration Theme For Your Kitchen

For some of us, an Italian kitchen decoration theme is likely to add a traditional world charm into the kitchen. This will also make the kitchen a place to make the family members wait to sit. The Tuscan style, one of the Italian designs, effectively incorporates warm and pleasant Earth tones in addition to architectural accents and natural materials to provide a worn look to the kitchen. You, however, do not need to make an expensive purchase of antiques to have the Tuscan style appearance for your kitchen. There are a number of things that can be done to design and decorate your kitchen in a complete Italian style.


You can make the use of rich golds, Earth and sea tones to mimic the colors of the Tuscan landscape for your kitchen. You can also positively influence the colors of your floors or walls by purchasing some new or old Majolica pottery. It is essential that you make the use of natural materials like slate, granite, stone or terracotta for your countertops and floorings, as that will maximize the Italian look you are looking for.


As far as the lighting for your Italian theme-based kitchen is concerned, always go for the traditional world lightings and not for modern styles. You may also go for antique wrought iron lights and you can definitely include recessed lighting for the purpose of task lighting. It is essential to bring the right look for your Italian kitchen so that you can stay away from lights that are shiny in their nature, you may instead go with muted metal finished sticks.


You must take some of your precious time to purchase real antiques from your local antique stores while making purchases for Italian theme-based accessories. You can also look for antique and painted old pottery bowls, Majolica wares and pitchers along with wooden bowls. You can also purchase the entire pottery set for your everyday usage. It is important that you must include several decorative jars that have garlic ropes, peppers or grape vines on them. You may also opt for lots of greenery, particularly herbs, to soften the look up.

We have offered you some of our ideas to meet your needs of an Italian kitchen decorative scheme. You can easily achieve the look by making purchases of new accessories by paying a visit to your local antique shop. You will very soon be the proud owner of a charming kitchen.

Adam Peters is a consultant who writes on many consumer topics for A website with tips on italian homes and italian style.

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Tips

When you are doing a major kitchen remodeling project you will need to hire a contractor. Hiring a contractor will help to ensure that your kitchen remodeling is done correctly and professionally. A major project can require a lot of work and skill. It may be the best choice if you are not skilled in the process of remodeling. You will basically be in charge of overseeing the process, but the actual work will be handled by the contractor. You will have very little to do in the process. However, you do have to prepared for the mess and chaos that can come with having strangers in your home and in your kitchen.

Find your Contractor

Finding a contractor to use is the first step in your kitchen remodeling plans and it can be the hardest part of using a contractor. You can begin while asking around. Ask friends and family for ideas on who to use. This is a good approach because you can use someone who has already proven they can do a good job. If this does not work then you can look about in the yellow pages or on the internet. You may even be able to find a service that will recommend a good contractor in your area. When choosing a contractor you should make sure to choose one with experience. See if you can get referrals and references from him and then check them out. Make sure they are reliable and that they do quality work.

Setting the Stage

Once you have hired your contractor you will need to sit down with him and plan out the remodeling project. You will need to set ground rules on how you want the work done and how you would like the project to look when finished. You should also set up work hours and talk about the use of your kitchen during the remodel. Be sure to get an estimate of both costs and the time it will take to finish the project. You should also find out what you can do make the process easier. You can do your part by keeping children and pets out of the way. You should also set up a cooking area in another room so that you can still do some minor cooking.

Being prepared and making good choices in a contractor will really help you to best complete your kitchen remodeling project and be satisfied with the results. As long as you have a good plan and you communicate with your contractor you should be able to get along fine with having contractors in your home. Besides, hiring a contractor sure does beat trying to do all the work on your own.

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Countertop Controversies - Carrying the Weight of Your Heaviest Kitchen Decision on Your Overburdene

Are you thinking about enrolling in a 12 Step Granite Recovery program? Know every granite pattern by first and last name? Memorized every vein? Color? Distributor? Froze your way through "slab walks" in unheated warehouses searching for one that spoke to you? Toured kitchen showrooms, city-wide house tours and realtor open houses looking for the very best the earth's quarries have to offer?

You're not alone. We have become a nation addicted to granite for our kitchen countertops. Real estate ads will boast of "stainless appliances and granite counters"; shelter magazines will give descriptions of the granite's exact name (in a language we do not recognize); and designers will talk about it ad nauseam as if the very integrity of your kitchen depended on a heavily-granited presence.

Whatever happened to old-fashioned soapstone? Or limestone? Marble? And how does those humblest of countertop materials-tile and wood-work? Where does concrete fit into the countertop controversy? Or silestone? And where did the name Caesar Stone come from? (Could that be Caesar Augustus?) And what's with Zodiaq with a "q"?

If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling job, you will undoubtedly find yourself smack dab in the middle of the countertop controversy for at least a few weeks before you make your final decision. You'll be frantically calling every slab dealer in your state; have nightmares of spilt red wine on the Carrera marble you envision; toss and turn over the image of toddler's climbing to snitch forbidden cookies onto your newly-installed limestone; and whig out at the thought of trying-to-be-helpful dinner guests chopping vegetables-without that necessary bamboo cutting board resting comfortably underneath those organic carrots-which set on top of your easily-scratched soapstone.

Selecting countertops for your kitchen will be the heaviest decision you'll make for this room. And you'll carry it on your overburdened shoulders until installation day...and beyond. Here's the skinny on what you really need to consider:

Who will be working the room? You? Your spouse? Housekeeper? Teenage football player son? Grandmother? Personal chef? How much does this person know about the proper care and feeding of countertops?

Are you-or that special someone managing your kitchen-careful about chopping? Or do you generally forget to pull out the cutting board? Will those accidental scratches make you insanev Do you enjoy rolling out homemade dough? Like the idea of pressing butter-laden phyllo onto your countertop surface? Or will that oily stain drive you nuts?

Do you enjoy maintenance projects? Find the weekend ritual of cleaning and oiling your countertops to be particularly soothing? Or does the thought of adding mineral oil to preserve your soapstone inspire you to jog to the nearest laminate dealer?

Are you a color bug? Gotta have grey limestone to coordinate with that luscious Provence gold? Or cannot live without the thought of green?

Are you accident prone? Always breaking a glass full of red wine on the way to the sink? Like to catch falling knives for the thrill of it?

Your countertops will take a beating. They will support stuff and help you organize stuff. They will give you a surface on which to chop, wrap, measure and serve food. Think about your daily routines in your kitchen. And how you want to best nourish the stomachs and souls of those whom you serve there. And then release the weight of this decision onto the cabinets that will support them. Controversy over.

An author and artist--and financial advisor by day--Carolina Fernandez brings her creativity and design insights, along with experiences garnered through eight renovations, to her second book Country French Kitchens (Gibbs Smith, March 2008). Her writing has appeared in over one hundred published articles and stories, including her first book ROCKET MOM! Her weekly newsletter spins to readers across the globe. She has been quoted in dozens of magazines, columns, blogs and articles, and has appeared in radio and television programs across the country, including the FOX News program "Your World with Neil Cavuto." She lives in Connecticut with her husband and their four children. Please visit: where you can get kitchen and design news as well as sign up for her free weekly newsletter "gleaux." Learn how to incorporate the warmth, beauty, comfort, charm, and joie de vivre--the art of living--so many of us desire into our kitchens, our homes...and our lives!

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Modern Appliances For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is heart of home, for those who make cooking a hobby. This is a special place where the most of the families gather for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Often, it is a favorite place of housewives or mothers where they prepare the food to be served for the entire family, as well as spend their leisure time in chit chats.

Usually, one can observe a stove, a gas cylinder, a gas line, microwave oven, or equipment and appliances like refrigerator. These are important parts of the kitchen, and can be dangerous at times that`s why it`s necessary to observe preventive measures in up to down its potential for unintentional fires.

The kitchen tools include the chopping boards, frying pans, knives, cutlery and other useful items. These things are very commonly used during food preparation.

The kitchen table is used during meal preparation; the kitchen cabinets are used for storage purposes, and furniture to organize the different kitchen supplies. Many people use very expensive stove or oven and prefer a larger fridge.

These modern cooking equipments with advanced technology are available everywhere in the market. Mainly women think of giving a nice look to the kitchen so they want well-equipped convenient work-spaces for cooking and they don`t mind to invest money on good things. Online stores offer appliances in varied shapes, sizes and styles to give stylish look to the kitchen. For the serving meals you can buy cups, dishes made of China ware and porcelain to enhance the good looks of dining table. It is a good idea to buy equipments like mixers and blenders for the use of grinding, blending and crushing. Making milkshakes, juices, sauces, and pastes is very easy with the help of these modern appliances.

If you want to know more about Kitchen Appliances and Storage then feel free to visit Cookware.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets - Backbone Of Your Ikea Kitchen

Cabinets are the backbone of Ikea Kitchens. Before going for an Ikea kitchen installation, make sure you are aware of the different types of cabinet solutions available and how you can use them for maximizing your kitchen space.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

A typical Ikea kitchen consists of lower cabinets, upper cabinets and the worktop. You can go for a custom-made solution depending on your needs, your kitchen layout and the appliances you need to fit in. The sink and other appliances can be accommodated to get a tailor-made solution that works best for you.

The most common cabinets are 15'', 18'', 21'', 24'', 30'' or 36" wide; 24'' deep for lower cabinets and 12'' deep for upper cabinets. There are other sizes available as well and you can choose them as per your needs. Most cabinets are available in single-door or double-door styles. The key is to plan out what combination of cabinets works the best for you.

Other options worth mentioning are self-closing full-extension drawers that glide smoothly and silently, pull-out baskets, carousel solutions for corner units, short and tall pull-out pantries, vacuum holders, recycling solutions, hide-away chopping boards, utensil organizers and many more. Also open shelving, hanging rails and shallow depth mini-cabinets are getting increasingly popular these days.

You can mix and match Ikea cabinets, designs, doors to get infinite options with lots of inserts and extra shelves.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installation

A typical Ikea kitchen Cabinet installation goes like this

* The first step is to assemble the cabinets.
* Next the upper cabinets are installed.
* Then the base cabinets are installed.
* Finally doors, cover panels, lighting, shelves, knobs, handles and other fixtures are installed.

Ikea cabinets are installed on steel strips fitted on the walls. The cabinets are supported on plinths, legs, or a combination of both. One important thing to note is ikea cabinets go right up to the wall, so if you have any pipes running along the walls, you need to plan some modifications.

Plinths and legs are available with different heights to suit your needs. Moreover, each leg can be adjusted to level out any irregularities in the underlying surface.

So with Ikea kitchen cabinets you get the maximum out of your kitchen space at affordable price.

Do you know how to phase your Ikea kitchen remodeling project so you're not left high and dry without a working kitchen for months? Find out exactly how to do it by clicking the link below:

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Ideas for Any Home Project

Not everybody loves the idea of building a custom home. It is expensive and it takes a lot of time. Yet many families in that building a home to get just the right floor plan that they need for their busy family. The good news is that if you do not want to buy a brand-new home. Yet are afraid to buy older home, because it is too small. And you can often take part in home renovating projects that will help you get an older home. Perfect for your family to kitchen is probably a huge selling point. When it comes to home, if you purchase an older home with a small and undesirable kitchen, and it is time to break out the tools and get busy renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen Ideas: Learn to do it Yourself:

You can learn to renovate your entire kitchen and all you need is some informative tips and ideas on how to get it done. It may seem like a daunting task when you consider ripping apart a kitchen to renovate it. However, think about what you are looking at--you probably need more counter space, more cabinets and updated appliances, You can easily order the type of countertops you need to size and you have a lot to choose from. If you are trying to save money, then look at laminate countertops. Of course, you cannot beat the look of granite or marble countertops, however, these are harder to install and will certainly cost you more money in the long run. One trick that budget conscious homeowners often employ when it comes to kitchen ideas and saving money includes using a more expensive countertop on a kitchen island and using a less expensive laminate on the larger counter surfaces. You can guarantee that your guests will notice the beauty of the granite or marble that is used on your island and not notice the less expensive countertops in the other parts of your kitchen.

Refurbishing Existing Cabinets:

Other great kitchen ideas for any kitchen renovation include refurbishing existing cabinets in your kitchen. If you find that the cabinets that are already in your kitchen still have a lot of use in them, but that you do not like the way they look then there are many great kitchen ideas that will tell you exactly how to refurbish these existing cabinets. After you are done repainting or re-staining these cabinets, add new hardware, which is quite inexpensive and easy to do, for a wonderful look in your kitchen.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ideas For Any Kitchen or Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom renovations often top a homeowner's list when they need to have more space or more storage. These two rooms often need a little work, especially if you move into an older home. Cracked tiles, old-fashioned colors, and outdated cabinetry are all concerns when it comes to renovating the kitchen and bathroom. The good news is that bathroom renovation and kitchen updates are not as hard as you may think. While they will cost you money, you do have many options. There are so many products on the market today that will help you create the charming look for these two rooms.

Quick Décor Fixes:

There are several things you can do to both your bathroom and your kitchen to get a quick change in the look. These quick fixes can very well transform the entire look of a room. In the bathroom and kitchen both, you can really change the look of the room by painting. You can paint a wall in any color you choose and you can even get paint that is custom matched to anything you have. If you love a certain color on your towels, take it and have paint matched to it. You can even add special effects to the walls such as texturing for another dimension. Next think about your fixtures. Fixtures in both rooms get worn and outdated over time. There are many excellent brands of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, each as unique as you. It really doesn't take any special skills to change these out and you if you have never done it before, you can learn in a short amount of time. Do not forget about your shower head in your bathroom either. These are also quick fixes and can transform the look of your shower in an instant. Next take a look at your handles and hardware on your cabinet doors. These are all easy to install and can easily change the look of any room. Buy these at your local home improvement store or custom order them online. Either way, you will love the way they change the look of your room.

Of course with any changes made to a bathroom or shower, you can run into expensive changes. These often have to do with replacing plumbing, floors and countertops. If you moved into an old house, you may not love the avocado green toilets or the pink counters. These can be changed, but it will certainly take you a little more time and money to do so.

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Countertop Changes for Your Kitchen

Kitchen islands are going to help the average or the extreme cook. Using an island in a kitchen is a good way to get all the extra space that you need. If you are thinking of installing an island you will want to think about the different options that are out there. You can take a look at all the different ideas in the catalogs and the stores in your area.

You may want to think about how you will use your island on a daily basis. Are you going to have enough room to prepare your food? Are you looking for extra seating for your guests? This can be a good way to utilize extra space that you will be able to use in your kitchen area.

Are you going to need more storage in your kitchen? Do you have extra items that you need to hide and get out of the way? If so you will want to make sure that you have a cabinet or two in your kitchen island.

The Features of Your Island

Having a cook top in your island is something that you will appreciate. You can also use this for extra cooking space if needed in your kitchen. Some like to have an oven or sink in their island.

Having a fry cooker in your island can be a good idea too. You will defiantly want to think about what you want to have added in your kitchen island. Make sure that you have something that is going to fit your needs and your everyday cooking ideas.

Make sure that you have electric outlets in your island. This will make it easier to do everything that you want to do and you will not have to search for an electrical outlet to use. Put one at each end of the island and also one in the middle for any of your needs.

A kitchen island is going to be appreciated with all the kitchen island space that you need. You can also use this for preparing foods if you wish. There are different options for your countertop materials too. Corona or granite is something that you may also appreciate but you will want to make sure that you have the budget for it too.

Using your kitchen island for your gatherings

Islands are very useful for gatherings. You will have the extra space that you need and you will also be able to set everyone up to eat at the same time. Using a few stools for extra seating at your island is easy and fun to use in any type of decorating scheme.

Having a large area for your kitchen island is something that will make your kitchen look better and be more useful in your home. You are going to love the way your kitchen looks and how much more functional it is for you.

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Monday, 19 May 2008

Tips For A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project

Naturally, everyone wants the best when it comes to their home since our homes serve as a haven or escape from the demands of reality, but they also reflect on our unpareil personal tastes. Simply put, our home reflects who we are. This is why many seek to decorate their homes in the latest style and trendy interiors, and a great way to keep it updated and stylish is by remodeling one part of the house. The kitchen is a great starting place since it is not only adds value to the home overall but is also one of the most popular rooms in the house getting a lot of attention socially.

To succeed in renovating your kitchen, it would be a good idea to consider several things to help limit the overwhelming feel of such projects. It is easy to get overwhelmed in not only the planning process but the entire project from beginning to end. Take heed of the suggestions below to help ensure your kitchen remodel project is a success.

One thing to decide upon is whether or not you will hire professionals such as plumbers, interior decorators and other workers to help with your kitchen improvements. Once you have decided you will do the project yourself (commonly known as a DIY project) or that you will hire others to do the work, you should establish a budget based upon the choice above.

Consider how you imagine your kitchen to look once the project is finished. Write those ideas and thoughts down on paper. This helps you not lose focus on the end result mid-way through the process as well as when purchasing materials you will need to make the project happen. If you need some ideas, check out for some of trendy ideas in kitchen design, appliances and decorating, among other useful information.

If you are doing a DIY project, be sure to check out your local Home Depot or Lowe's stores where you can find a lot of great information on supplies and project materials you might need. Of course, you can also purchase the materials there. Their staff can help guide you through the project and possibly also offer suggestions as to some of the more popular or latest designs and appliances. Before traveling to the stores, you can look at their websites (; for more information on what the stores have and also a rough estimate as to the cost of materials and supplies.

Finally, if you will be hiring professionals and want them to do the entire project, check out where you can find local contractors, designers and interior decorators. This is a great source of information to help you locate the help you need for a successful kitchen remodeling project.

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Kitchen Counter Renovations Make Your Room More Inviting

The easiest way to make your kitchen look as good as new is to paint it, however if that's not good enough then there is another alternative. Another simple way of breathing extra life into your kitchen is to renovate your kitchen counter tops. You could replace the surface on your existing counter top, or replace it with a brand new one. This will completely transform the look of your kitchen and make it look much newer. You'll be amazed just how much a kitchen counter top can lighten up the whole room. These work surfaces are also very important food preparation areas, so as well as looking nice they will also be functional.

Lots of older kitchen counters are constructed fairly cheaply out of plywood with an attractive layer stuck to the top. If you remove this top layer, you can replace it. Sounds easy? Well unfortunately getting the top layer off is extremely difficult! If you do manage to strip the old later off then you can replace it with something new at a very low cost. The easiest (but more expensive) option is to rip out your old work surfaces and replace them with brand new ones. You can buy kitchen surfaces in many different designs, so you can be sure they will compliment your kitchen perfectly.

You can normally replace the counter tops in your kitchen without any specialist knowledge. Even if you're not that good at DIY you shouldn't have any huge problems. You should draw a picture of how the new top will look when it is installed. Also draw a picture of the existing counter top and mark out any measurements, you don't want to get a counter that's too big!

It can Take two

When you've decided on your new counter top you need to strip the old one out. First you should remove everything from the cabinets and drawers otherwise everything will get very messy. Look for the screws and bolts which hold the counter top in place. Remove these screws and get your friend to help you lift the counter top away.

When you've removed the old one you need to start preparing the surface of the cabinets. You must clean down all of the tops of the cabinets to make sure that they are perfectly level. Lay the counter top where it is going to go, and fix it with the screws that came with your counter top. It's not really a very complicated task, the most difficult bit is actually preparing the surfaces.

John Bakers repeatedly makes short articles on things related to how to install granite countertop. You can learn about his comments on how to install granite countertop and granite countertops over at

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Wood Sinks

With all the different kinds of sinks and with all the various types produced everyday, perhaps there now exists just about any sink imaginable. There are metals, ceramics, glass, stone, and yes, even wood. Wooden sinks have become famous these days, especially in Europe. The difficulty in wood type sinks is the journey towards finding the quality wood sink that will withstand the tests and rigors of daily use, while at the same time maintaining the full richness of its material.

The softness of timber makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Its inherent beauty and the essence of quietness it exudes makes it very desirable, especially to those who wants their bathrooms and kitchen to appear natural and relaxing. With wood sinks, you see no clatter, and you are sure that nothing will get broken, and that it will look better as the years pass. For the longest time, there has been strong prejudice against wood in general, especially as furniture in the kitchen because they are claimed to be fundamentally unhygienic. They are organic in nature so that they are likely to grow bacteria and germs. However, recent studies undertaken by scientists show that various specific wood type, such as teak actually has inherent anti-bacterial properties. Thus, while salmonella and listeria can breed on porcelain or stainless steel, they will not survive on teak. Teak also has waterproofing properties, so that it has been used by the marine industry for hundreds of years now.

Wooden sinks and fixtures usually give a serene look of warmth that helps one achieve the relaxed feeling. It is usually used in home spas and commercial spas due to this reason. They are usually made of dried and aged wood that are glued together, and uses hard wax oil to make them waterproof for a longer time.

One of the main features of wood sinks such as teak-based ones is that it tends to darken with time, meaning that its appearance today will be relatively darker than they were first handcrafted (but the functionality does not change). To avoid this, wood sink manufacturers have incorporated organic oil finishes in order to reduce the darkening of the sink so that they appear more beautiful and elegant.

Maintenance of wooden sinks thus would require regular cleaning as well as re-oiling every 3 months (up to 4 times yearly). It may not be desirable for those who do not have time to do maintenance as frequently. But, there are now wooden teak sinks that are equipped with a treatment system wherein polyurethane lacquers and polymers are designed to impregnate the wood by itself. As a result, the wood sink remains beautiful, naturally water-proof, and antiseptic, while at the same time the home owner is given the ease of maintenance and durability that are always desirable. These may be relatively expensive however.

The warmth and serene nature that wooden sinks give can be incomparable to any other material. Additional maintenance might be needed, but the unique sensation it exudes will surely be worth the effort.

Art Copper is an expert in kitchen remodeling. Please visit his website at Kitchen Sinks, Kitchen Faucets and Wood Sinks for more information regarding kitchen remodeling projects.

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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Make The Most Of Your Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen is something that many people have to deal with. You might feel confined, and you might feel that you simply cannot get the things done that you are supposed to get done in your kitchen when you have got a small one. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do in order to remodel your small kitchen without a lot of hassle. You'll be able to maximize the space that you do have, and create space that you never thought could exist.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

The first step to creating the perfect kitchen is to make the best possible use of the space that you already have. The best way of maximizing your kitchen space is to ensure that you have sufficient storage space.

Finding enough storage space for your kitchen utensils and groceries in a small kitchen is of utmost importance. Having everything stacked on top of each other, in the cupboards or on the counter tops, creates a crowded, cramped impression. You need to find or create enough space for all your kitchen necessities. This can be done with a well-organized kitchen remodel.

Create More Room

To create more space in a small kitchen you need to be creative. Why not install floor to ceiling kitchen cupboards? Of course, this will require a small stepladder or foot stool, but it can be very effective. Make sure that the top shelves are used for items that are not used often, while the bottom, easily accessible shelves are used for items that are used most frequently. To maximize your under counter storage space you can fit rotating cupboard shelves on the corners of any kitchen fitting. Make sure that no space is wasted or inaccessible.

Once you have maximized your storage space, you will also need to create more space for yourself in your kitchen. This can be done by fitting deeper counter tops which provide you with more work space. Another idea is to remove the center island in your kitchen (if you have one). This will open your kitchen up a lot and give you much more room to move around. Just remember, while implementing these methods, it is important not to cut down on your storage space.

Creating More Space

When remodeling a small kitchen, tiny details can make a huge difference. If you wish you have a kitchen rug, choose a small one. This will help to give the appearance of a larger kitchen area. Create more overhead space by hanging your light fittings closer to the roof.

Be sure to buy appropriate furniture for your remodeled kitchen. Instead of buying a kitchen table, rather install a kitchen counter with stools or high chairs that can be moved under the kitchen counter when they are not being used. This can be a huge space saver!

Remember that a small kitchen can seem like a big pain when you're starting out on your remodeling project. However, with a few simple tricks, and a few small details, you can make your kitchen feel and appear bigger and more open.

William Scott is the author of several articles on kitchen decor. His website, offers further information on performing small kitchen remodeling.

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