Friday, 30 May 2008

Stainless Steel Appliances Make For A Gorgeous Kitchen

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are becoming quite popular in home kitchens, but they have been used for years in commercial kitchens for their usability and longevity. Most people like the silver finish because it looks nice, but there is much more to it than simple good looks.

Metal has a timeless quality to it and stainless steel fits just about any d├ęcor. There´s no need to replace your appliances in a few years when the color goes out of style (think avocado and almond colored appliances!) and the stainless feature allows your appliances to stay spotless for years to come.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Appliances

There are plenty of reasons to choose this look, including the aesthetic aspect. Here are just a few.

• Easy to clean. With the finish, your appliances will always be easy to clean and that will make your entire kitchen look better. Also, you won´t have to worry about chips on the surface.

• Long lasting. Stainless steel will last longer than your average appliance in most cases, which keeps your kitchen nice and neat looking.

• No scratches. Scratches and dings don´t show up in like they do with regular enamel, which chips and cracks, looking very ugly after a while. With metal, your kitchen will stay nice and beautiful for years to come.

• You´ll be in style. Did you know that stainless steel finishes make up 40% of appliance sales these days? People love the sleek, stylish look of the metal and its modern qualities.

• It´s safer. Metal is far easier to disinfect than any other surface, so you can do a quick wipe with bleach and not have to worry about germs and bacteria adhering to the surfaces of your appliances.

• No rust. Regular appliances tend to rust, particularly in humid environments, when they get scratched or chipped. Stainless steel appliances prevent this from happening, keeping everything clean looking.

• Time savings. You don´t need to take much time to clean. In fact, they practically take care of themselves!

Stainless steel appliances are becoming the standard in new homes. They add a lot to the ambiance of a kitchen and the crisp, clean look of metal really goes with any finish. You can combine it effectively with a sterile type kitchen, with metal countertops and white finish cupboards. Or use the appliances together with wood finishes for a warmer kitchen. Either way, you´re bound to like the finished effect.

While the cost may be slightly higher, this is offset by how long your stainless steel appliances will look good. Regular, enameled appliances tend to chip and look old long before their mechanical function wears down. You end up having to choose... do you keep the funky, ancient looking appliance until it actually stops working, or do you scrap it and get a new one, even though this one still works?

Choosing stainless steel appliances removes this problem. Your appliances will look great longer and this is actually a great way to save money in the long run, since you could very well end up using your appliances for years after an enameled one would have been tossed because it looked nasty.

Stainless steel appliances make your home look better. They boost the beauty factor and are so much easier to take care of that it just makes sense to go with a stainless steel finish. You can expect them to not only improve the look of your kitchen, but last longer, too.

Stainless steel appliances make every kitchen look fresh and modern, and they are also more durable and long-lasting than regular enamel appliances.

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