Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ravishing Italian Kitchen Decoration Theme For Your Kitchen

For some of us, an Italian kitchen decoration theme is likely to add a traditional world charm into the kitchen. This will also make the kitchen a place to make the family members wait to sit. The Tuscan style, one of the Italian designs, effectively incorporates warm and pleasant Earth tones in addition to architectural accents and natural materials to provide a worn look to the kitchen. You, however, do not need to make an expensive purchase of antiques to have the Tuscan style appearance for your kitchen. There are a number of things that can be done to design and decorate your kitchen in a complete Italian style.


You can make the use of rich golds, Earth and sea tones to mimic the colors of the Tuscan landscape for your kitchen. You can also positively influence the colors of your floors or walls by purchasing some new or old Majolica pottery. It is essential that you make the use of natural materials like slate, granite, stone or terracotta for your countertops and floorings, as that will maximize the Italian look you are looking for.


As far as the lighting for your Italian theme-based kitchen is concerned, always go for the traditional world lightings and not for modern styles. You may also go for antique wrought iron lights and you can definitely include recessed lighting for the purpose of task lighting. It is essential to bring the right look for your Italian kitchen so that you can stay away from lights that are shiny in their nature, you may instead go with muted metal finished sticks.


You must take some of your precious time to purchase real antiques from your local antique stores while making purchases for Italian theme-based accessories. You can also look for antique and painted old pottery bowls, Majolica wares and pitchers along with wooden bowls. You can also purchase the entire pottery set for your everyday usage. It is important that you must include several decorative jars that have garlic ropes, peppers or grape vines on them. You may also opt for lots of greenery, particularly herbs, to soften the look up.

We have offered you some of our ideas to meet your needs of an Italian kitchen decorative scheme. You can easily achieve the look by making purchases of new accessories by paying a visit to your local antique shop. You will very soon be the proud owner of a charming kitchen.

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