Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Kitchen Improvement Hollywood Style

Leave it to Hollywood to make something as serious as home improvement into a laughing matter. Home improvement woes are a perfect plot for television, comedy and movies. In fact, in recent years, home improvement topics have done quite well in Hollywood and have made many people big stars.

Home improvement is such an interesting topic because it is usually something complex that rarely goes off without a hitch. It can make for some humorous situations. You can think of it as a situation comedy. Lucille Ball would have fun doing a skit with wallpaper. Imagine just what she could do with the paste flying, ripping paper and the many other humorous situations that could happen. Home improvement just has what its takes to create a funny and humorous situation.

Comedy teams were quite popular in the Depression and during World War II. Comedy teams like the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy often had audiences rolling with their humorous takes on home improvement. They would take a simple task and somehow turn it into a huge mess. Many people could relate and it was fun to laugh at their antics.

A popular television show called Home Improvement, made men everywhere start getting a little respect fort their work in the home. Tim Allen's clumsy and accident prone character could make the average guy look like the worlds best handyman. He covered a wide range of home improvement projects on the show and everyone ended with a laugh and usually, a little pain for Tim 'the tool man' Taylor.

Even on the big screen, actors such as Tom Hanks made their mark with a home improvement theme. In the Money Pit one poor man's struggle with home improvement is chronicled. As he and his wife dream big about planning the remodeling of their dream home, they come face to face with home improvement nightmares.

Maybe Hollywood pokes fun at home improvement to help lighten the mood. Maybe they just do it because it is easy. Whatever the reason, the attempts at humor are often hilarious and relatable. Perhaps it is good to laugh about something that can be so frustrating. The old adage - better you than me - seems to be working for Hollywood as they show viewers that it can be funny to laugh at another mans home improvement woes. So many are laughing, too. These shows and movies are often top sellers.

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