Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tuscan Kitchen Decor - Decorating With Old World Bar Stools

Having a bit of old world Italy in your kitchen can give it an elegant but comfortable feeling and there's no better way to accent your Tuscan kitchen décor than with old world bar stools. Now, I'm not talking about buying some uncomfortable old stools from the 17th century - I'm talking about new bar stools in an old world style.

Bar stools add a bit of informality to the kitchen and everyone loves eating a light meal or snack while perched on a stool. They are perfect for afternoon guests and for the kids to do their homework on. Not only that, but if you choose them carefully, they can act as a decorative element that enhances your overall décor.

When choosing old world bar stools, you want ones that match with the colors and theme of your Tuscan kitchen décor. Is your kitchen more on the rustic side? Then choose wooden stools with a rush seat. Is it more elegant? Then you might want wrought or bent iron stools. If you have a fabric seat, make sure you get a color and pattern that matches the room - most bar stool stores offer a selection of fabrics and you can easily get something that matches your décor.

The other consideration when choosing bar stools is the height and number of stools you need. This is dictate by the size of the table or bar that you will be using the stools for seating at.

The general rule of thumb is that you need 10 to 13 inches between the seat of the stool and the bottom of the counter. This is what a person will need to feel comfortable sitting at the counter. Of course, it's not practical to bring the stools home and measure them so what you do is measure from the bottom of the counter to the floor and then when you are in the store, you can measure from the top of the stool to the floor and subtract the two numbers to find out if the stools are a perfect fit!

Another thing you want to think about when buying bar stools. While you might be tempted to buy as many as you can so you can seat more people, there is actually an optimum number of stools that can fit at one table or bar. You want to be sure there is 25 to 30 inches of space from the middle of 1 stool to the middle of the next. This is what will be most comfortable for your guests, so it is best to purchase the number of stools that will allow for this seating.

Buying old world bar stools to match your Tuscan kitchen décor can be a great way to get good seating that adds to the decorating theme in your kitchen. Just follow the rules above and you're sure to find stools that fit perfectly into your Tuscan kitchen.

Ready to go shopping and find those perfect old world bar stools? For a great selection and price range, plus more tips on buying bar stools all you need to do is click here

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Monday, 29 December 2008

A Bisque Ceramic Tile Backsplash Or New Cabinet Knobs - Unique Homemade Updates For Your Kitchen

When people first start thinking about remodeling their homes, it generally starts with the kitchen. There always seems to be something about your kitchen that you would absolutely love to change. This generally goes beyond replacing that well used yet worn out clay art dinnerware. Once you have lived with your problem area long enough, a remodel starts to look like a really good idea.

There are so many ways that you can change your kitchen without having to rip out your existing hardware. If you are looking for a way to make a change to your kitchen that doesn't involve the demolition of the cabinets and or walls in your kitchen, there are subtle, yet dramatic steps that you can take to make the change with ease. One really quick and easy way to create a little bit of flair in your kitchen is through the use of a backsplash. Most homes generally come with a backsplash that only rides up the wall about five inches or so. If you want to really make a statement you should consider adding a backsplash that takes up the entire space between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets. If you were to use bisque ceramic tiles you could even design and paint your very own homemade backsplash yourself. This is sure to be a conversation started for your next dinner party.

Another way to add some simple flair is by changing the knobs on your cabinets. You might not notice your cabinet knobs since you see them on a daily basis, but visitors are sure to notice if they are now outdated. Adding new knobs to your cabinet though can also be quite an expensive update. New knobs can generally pricier than you would care to believe. If you wanted to go for a cheaper and more unique option you could also create your own knobs yourself. This might be a little bit more time and will probably more complicated, but if you have the skills to build and create this might be done with some applications of stroke 'n coat. If you really want to be daring with your creations you could also try to create some unique lighting. Lighting is another great way to spice up a room quickly. You will be amazed how such a simple change can completely alter the feeling of a room. These are just a few suggestions for your kitchen remodel. If you are feeling a bit creative you should try to make your own unique kitchen updates yourself and reap all the rewards!

AMACO is your best source for bisque ceramic tiles. If you are thinking about adding a unique backsplash, they are the place for you to start. AMACO also has a great selection of stroke 'n coat glazes that will be sure to get you exactly where you need to go. If you need more information regarding clay art dinnerware, AMACO also has plenty of information on that as well.

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Which Stove Cooktops Are More Energy Efficient?

When it comes to designing a green kitchen, evaluating stove cooktops for their energy efficiency can cause you to make a decision between convenience or your preferred method of cooking and being eco-friendly.

Unless you are going to cook in your fireplace over an open flame, you've got to consider the energy usage of the model of stove or cooktop that you buy. Most cooks prefer a gas cook top. With gas, the heat is easier to control and this can make cooking a lot easier.

However, gas stoves are powered by natural gas which is a fossil fuel and, as we know, fossil fuels are not that environmentaly friendly. On the other hand, the electricity that powers electric cook tops comes mainly from coal burning power plants which, once again, are not that environmentally friendly.

When it comes right down to it, choosing stoves and cooktops that are practical and good for the environment boils down to one thing - the efficiency of energy usage.

Which Stove Cooktops Are Most Energy Efficient?

When looking for energy efficiency, the electric cooktops are going to beat the gas once hands-down. But, there are many different types of electric cooktops that you'll need to evaluate for your green kitchen. In today's electric cooktops, there are many choices between the surface elements. These include induction elements, halogen elements and the traditional electric coil that seemed to be almost old-fashioned today.

Needless to say, the newer technology cooktops are going to be more costly but theye will also be more energy-efficient. The induction stove is the most energy-efficient because it transfers energy electromagnetically right to your pan. Of course, these of the highest priced. The ceramic glass cooktops that use halogen elements are the next best, however if you don't have very flat pans, you will be wasting energy because they do not work efficiently if there isn't good pan to cooktop contact. The least expensive - the electric coils are also the least energy-efficient.

When considering stove cooktops for your kitchen, you're going to have to weigh your budget with your desire to lower your carbon footprint. Going with a higher-priced and more efficient model might cost you more upfront but can save on your energy expense as well as your impact to the environment over time.

To find out more about which stove cooktops are more energy efficient as well as get more tips for an eco-friendly green kitchen, visit http://www.greenkitchendesignguide.com

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Guidelines For Making the Most Out of Your Kitchen Area

Arranging and planning the layout of a kitchen, according to interior design experts, is very much dependent on the demands of the homeowner, as well as on the impulse or urges of the architect. Based on a study made by architects from the University of Illinois, the concept of a kitchen "work triangle" revolved on the three basic roles or functions of the kitchen, which are storage, preparation, and cooking. The team who devised the kitchen work triangle concept asserted that the standard outline would be a triangle with the refrigerator, the stove and the sink at a vertex each, whereas a single-file kitchen layout would have these three on one wall.

While the University of Illinois architectural team coined the term "work triangle" for the kitchen, the phrase actually began as an industrial process, with the late Henry Ford organizing his manufacturing team in a way that they worked on a specific set of tasks within as small an area as possible, in order to efficiently complete the vehicle manufacturing process. The University team then got hold of the idea, and adopted the model as a method for maximizing kitchen design. Basically, the idea of a kitchen working triangle revolves around a guideline which imposes ideal distances between the kitchen sink, the refrigerator and the cooker. Aside from this standard, there are other factors to consider as well. The concept implies that the refrigerator is the most visited appliance in the kitchen, and is an important piece in the kitchen work triangle, since a lot of necessary items are stored in it, and everyone goes there for the water, the cold beer, juice, hotdog and just about anything else that requires a cold storage. Because of this, the positioning of this important appliance equipment is so vital and needs a lot of consideration.

Generally, most standard kitchen layouts are done in a manner, in such that there must be a gas oven or a microwave oven or other cooking gadgets, as well as a sink that provides water for cooking and washing the dishes or utensils. There would also be a contiguous pantry room, kitchen cabinets and a freezer compartment. In some other arrangements, a family will have the laundry machine right in the kitchen, so they place it in a nook or closet in the kitchen. The concept of a kitchen design or layout is a relatively modern idea, with the publishing of a book called "A Treatise on Domestic Economy", done in 1843. Catherine Beecheer, the book's author, wrote about the systematic blueprint for designing the "model kitchen". The early concept placed extra focus on the assertions of having enough space with shelves on the wall, as well as storage space for various food items. The author then separated the cooking area from the location where the food preparations are made. Because of this, she moved the stove into a compartment adjacent to the kitchen.

Modern kitchen safety and health regulations indicate that stoves, ovens or cookers should not be located under windows, or next to doors. Under the kitchen work triangle arrangement, the left hand wall should be the most conducive area for positioning the cooker. The kitchen sink on the other hand, could be transferred or constructed under a window, which will mean that those working there would have a clear view of the garden, or the backyard, depending on where the kitchen is placed. Devising a work triangle in your own kitchen could help in reducing excess movement by centering your work space, because you certainly don't want to waste your time running around a disorganized section of your home, when you could be doing something else important.

Jo is a writer for 'Benchmark Interiors' (http://www.benchmarkinteriors.co.uk), a UK kitchen furniture company that focuses in bespoke handmade kitchens, bedroom and home office furniture development and fabrication. If you are keen on creating a luxury kitchen> and would like it to be elegant yet functional or just would like to know about bespoke kitchens design then you ought to check out Benchmark Interiors.

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Kitchen Center Islands Make Your Kitchen Usable

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms in the house to design. It is no longer enough for the kitchen to be practical, it also needs to look amazing! Beautiful tiled floors, stone countertops, and kitchen center islands are just a few of the many details that remodelers love to add to their homes.

When you design a kitchen, you have two directions in which you can go. You can opt for a fitted kitchen or an unfitted, also known as a freestanding, kitchen. A fitted kitchen is the design in which all the kitchen features, such as the cabinets, stove, and countertops are installed into the room itself. This configuration means that these items stay in place and you cannot take them with you when you move. This design is the most common and most homeowners go this route because it helps increase the resale value of the house. If, however, you would like to take your kitchen furniture with you when you leave, you should design a freestanding kitchen. These rooms do not utilize the kitchen space as efficiently as a fitted kitchen does but you have more control over the resulting look and feel of the room.

No matter which layout you decide works best for your home, you need to look into kitchen center islands. Most kitchens use up all their wall space with refrigerators, large ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and sinks. With all these necessary appliances, you end up with little to no counter space! A kitchen without counter space is almost useless! You end up making less nutritious meals because you do not have any room to chop up vegetables and fruits.

This situation is why you need a kitchen island. These pieces of kitchen furniture are incredibly helpful for the families who suffer from not enough storage space and no counter space. An island table usually sits in the center of the room and makes your life easier because you can reach the refrigerator, stove, and sink without difficulty from this location.

Kitchen center islands look great in both fitted and freestanding kitchens and you will love how useful these items are! Start shopping for yours today!

If you would like more information on the different options for a kitchen center islands or kitchen island design, please visit the Kitchen Island Shop website.

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Prosumer Kitchen

Television these days is full of cooking shows. On channels like the Food Network, it is all cooking, all the time. This trend has bred a new kind of celebrity - the celebrity chef - and the popularity of cooking shows is at a fever pitch because of it. These celebrity chefs have helped create a renewed interest and focus on cooking and the kitchen, and people everywhere are scrambling to buy their branded cookware and remodel their kitchens to more closely resemble the professional kitchens of those celebrity chefs on TV.

And why not? Those kitchens on TV are GREAT! But in actual practice, it is not always practical to have a huge professional range or a walk-in freezer in your 2 bedroom ranch house or 3rd floor walk-up. The good news is that you can find a happy medium that lets you get in on the action without creating a full scale restaurant grade kitchen in your own home. Enter the "prosumer" kitchen.

The name "prosumer" is a combination of "professional" and "consumer," making a prosumer kitchen a professional grade kitchen that is actually practical to have in the home. In a prosumer kitchen, you may find high heat ranges, large capacity freezers, large capacity refrigerators, bigger ovens, and more. The difference is that, unlike actual professional kitchen equipment, the prosumer equipment does not usually require that you make all of the extra fire safety and prevention modifications to your actual kitchen that true commercial equipment would require.

For example, you could not take the local Italian eatery's pizza oven and put it in your own kitchen without getting it away from any wood cabinetry and having a fire suppression hood installed. With a prosumer kitchen oven, however, you can get nearly the same results without those costly modifications.

The prosumer trend extends to the visual aesthetics of your kitchen, as well. You can find stainless steel and other metal finishes at nearly all appliance price points nowadays, reflecting the public's favor towards the styles they see in the professional and commercial kitchens of the world. If you are planning a bit of a prosumer kitchen makeover of your own, those metal finished appliances are a great place to start, even if you do not have room for a large capacity fridge in your kitchen. Smaller refrigerators nowadays still offer the metal finishes, as well as other handy trappings that up the functionality, like sliding drawer freezers, and special space saving racks built into the doors.

During your prosumer makeover, you should not only focus on the appliances, though. Little finishing touches, like great window treatments and sleek dishware really help you get the feel of a professional kitchen right there in your own home. When you swap out your cabinet handles for ones that have metal finishes similar to your new appliances, then things look even more pulled together - try oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls and other oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware for a warm, yet modern look, and don't forget the locksets and door knobs while you're at it!

If you are a fan of the celebrity chef, and the cooking shows are constantly on your TV screen, there is no doubt that you will be one of the many people out there that enjoy a prosumer kitchen. It's the perfect way to get a high functioning, professional level kitchen that looks great without having to go the whole commercial route.

Tori Spade works for Your Home Supply (YHS), the definitive website for Home and Garden products and information on a variety of home improvement products.


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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Stone Kitchen Countertop Materials - Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Stone Countertops

One of the hottest trends in home design today is stone kitchen countertops. These durable, heat-resistant, luxurious counters are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. But with all of the different types of natural and engineered stones out there, selecting the right one for your home can seem daunting. It may take a little time to research, but each of these counter materials do have benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to evaluate which one is right for your needs.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a common type of igneous (volcanic) rock that forms beautiful crystalline textures. A hard type of rock, granite is well suited for use as a counter in kitchens and bathrooms because it is both heat and scratch resistant. Granite is formed by heat and pressure over hundreds of years, so no two pieces of this natural stone are ever exactly alike. This one-of-a-kind characteristic is particularly appealing to homeowners who want a truly unique space. Granite countertops are available in a wide range of naturally occurring colors and patterns, from neutrals to striking blues and greens. Natural stone countertops like granite do typically increase the value of your home more than engineered stones like quartz as buyers tend to gravitate toward natural materials.

However, despite its prestigious reputation, granite countertops do have several disadvantages. First of all, granite is a relatively porous stone, meaning it has to be chemically sealed to resist stains. The sealing process is simple, but it must occasionally be repeated; some people consider this need for routine maintenance a negative. Secondly, granite tends to be an expensive material. While granite tiles can be used in place of granite slabs to reduce the price of the countertop, not everyone can afford a granite countertop.

Marble Countertops

Many homeowners are drawn to the luxurious appearance of marble countertops. The distinctive appearance of marble can dramatically increase the value of your house, since it is typically considered a prestigious, sophisticated material. Furthermore marble countertops are the preferred surface for serious bakers as the cool stone is ideal for pie crusts, pastries, and other baked goods. Marble countertops are also available in a huge range of colors from delicate blushes to vibrant blacks, each uniquely formed by nature.

Marble does have some distinct drawbacks as a countertop material. For starters, marble is a much softer stone than granite, so it has a greater tendency to scratch and mar than granite countertops. Additionally, polished marble is vulnerable to etching when acidic liquids are invariably spilled on it. These spots and marks can destroy the finish of your countertop; you can avoid this issue by choosing a honed finish in place of a polished finish, but most homeowners prefer the appearance of polished marble. Finally, marble is a porous, absorbent stone, meaning it tends to stain. While some homeowners like the patina their marble countertops develop over the years, many do consider it a drawback.

Soapstone Countertops

You're likely familiar with soapstone from your high school chemistry lab; those black tables were made from soapstone. Today soapstone is becoming popular in kitchen countertops because of its extreme stain resistance. It is also heat resistant and will not etch.

One drawback to soapstone counters is that they are only available in a limited number of dark colors. Soapstone is generally a grayish color in nature, although it is usually oiled to a black finish for commercial and residential use. Soapstone counters are also vulnerable to scratching. However, soapstone counters can actually be sanded to remove nicks and mars, so this susceptibility to scratching isn't always seen as a huge shortcoming.

Limestone Countertops

Limestone is a sedimentary rock with qualities similar to marble. Available in a wide range of neutrals and whites, limestone countertops have a smooth appearance, unlike granite. Formed from sand and the shells of aquatic life, limestone frequently includes small fossils and shells; some homeowners particularly value this unique aspect of limestone countertops.

However, like marble, limestone is a soft rock: it tends to stain and scratch easily and is susceptible to etching. Your limestone counter can be sealed to help prevent staining and etching, but limestone is not recommended for high use areas such as kitchens.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are constructed from an engineered stone made from 93% quartz, pigment, and resin. This stone counter material has many of the same qualities of granite, but without the upkeep issues. Quartz countertops are heat and scratch resistant and will not stain. And, unlike granite, quartz never needs to be sealed. As a man-made material, quartz counters have a uniform color and pattern. Some homeowners do prefer this consistent look to the unique aspects of natural stone. It also means that if a segment of your quartz countertop is damaged, an identical replacement section can be obtained from the manufacturer without concerns about matching.

Although it may seem that quartz countertops are inherently superior, they do have a number of drawbacks. The primary issue is that despite a similar cost, engineered quartz counters don't increase the value of your home as much as granite countertops do. Home buyers prefer the natural material over the man-made counter, so you'll want to keep this in mind if you're remodeling your kitchen as an investment. Additionally, although quartz counters are designed to mimic the natural look of granite, some people believe that quartz lacks the depth and beauty of granite. To be certain which look you prefer, make sure you see samples of both natural and engineered stone. Finally, with quartz your color and pattern options are more limited than with natural stone. There are a large number of colors available, but especially if you're trying to exactly match your existing color scheme you may prefer the limitless rainbow of natural stone.

Corian Countertops

Corian is another type of engineered stone similar to quartz. This type of solid surface stone countertop offers most of the advantages of granite and quartz as well as several unique benefits. Like granite and quartz countertops, Corian countertops are heat, stain, and scratch resistant. It is also nonporous, so it will never need to be sealed. Moreover, Corian has the added benefit of being certified kosher. Unlike granite, Corian countertops can also be totally integrated with Corian backsplashes and sinks to create a visually seamless surface.

Nonetheless, Corian also does have disadvantages. It is heat resistant, but only to 212ºF. Higher temperatures will damage your counter, so you'll almost always need to protect your Corian countertop from hot objects. Also, as with quartz, some individuals prefer the natural look of granite to the uniform and consistent appearance of Corian. Corian countertops are also only available in limited colors and patterns, which some people dislike.

With these advantages and drawbacks in mind, you're now armed with the information you need to pick the perfect kitchen countertop material for your home. Visit your local stone countertop showroom or installer to see samples and learn more about making your dream of beautiful stone countertops a reality.

Matt Gallo is a home improvement hobbyist and the Internet Marketing Manager for Prospect Genius, a leading provider of online local advertising.

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Friday, 12 December 2008

The Rules of Kitchen Interior Design

Many new homeowners are overwhelmed with excitement and joy at the thought of moving into their first house. Now that is the house is officially theirs, they are free to make as many changes that they want to make. So instead of that cast iron sink and boring counter, you can put in one made of soapstone to go along with a new soapstone counter.
The rules of interior design aren't always as free as whimsical as your new kitchen ideas. The entire idea behind kitchen interior design is to make your new home's kitchen your very own through specific and distinct changes. It stands to reason since you are living in a home built by a stranger that their style may not be yours. A new kitchen design filled with a soapstone fireplace or a soapstone stove is the way to go.

Many new homeowners I've talked to think of home improvement to be a daunting task. True, it can be for those who attempt to completely renovate their entire home at once. They are often faced with a number of different problems all at once dealing with having to move furniture and other items out of the way so the renovation can take place. For smart homeowner, a kitchen redesign is easier since they choose to only do a little bit at a time. Completing each project, such as adding soapstone stoves or a soapstone counter, one project at a time avoids many of the everyday hassles and interruptions of daily life.

To start with, you will want to plan the remodeling out in advance. This ensures you have all that you need on paper, work on a schedule, and that your estimate for the remodeling is within budget. Try to also leave some room for un-expected issues such as running out of soapstone for the soapstone stove. This is just one or two potential issues so it is wise to always be prepared. Kitchen remodeling design is not too tough, as long as you plan in advance.

Most counters vary from soapstone, granite and marble type to laminate, which is usually your least expensive. A soapstone counter works well in conjunction with soapstone stoves or a soapstone fireplace. Many homeowners are adding bars to their soapstone counter in place of the wall. This look adds eating and visiting space and gives the illusion of a larger kitchen space.

Choosing the perfect kitchen counter is almost as important as the installation process. The installation of the counter or any other kitchen improvements depends on the amount of your remodeling budget. It's always a smart idea to shop for sales and always negotiate prices whenever possible.

Anne has worked on many home improvement projects with a soapstone fireplace. Her specialties are redesigning ordinary kitchens into the extraordinary using a soapstone stove and a soapstone counter.

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Best Kitchen Countertop

Granite is the first choice when you think of home improvement and remodeling projects. The main advantage of granite countertop is the overall durability of the product. This product is resistant to scratches. The most popular colors are brown and beige. Granite is available in hundreds of colors from white, brown, red, green, blue and black. Since this has a polished finish it makes an excellent surface for rolling out pastry dough. The polished surf of granite will not wear off. Another unique feature of this countertop is that each slab is different so every kitchen is unique with its own beauty. Food spills should be wiped up immediately. Engineered stone countertops are fast becoming very popular in today's kitchen and provide many advantages. The main reason being they are very strong and durable. They are also easy to install and flexible. These are resistant to scratches, heat and burn and can be easily maintained. This can be easily cleaned with warm, pH neutral soapy water. The stone cannot stain from oil, fruit juices, wine, soda, felt-tip markers and household cleaners. Manufacturers normally offer a 10 year warranty. It retains its high-polished luster and never requires sealing.

Marble is hypoallergenic. Generally during warmer climates and hot summer months, marble floor is cooler than many other types of flooring choices. marble countertop has unique material choice; no two pieces of marble are alike. Being highly durable they can outlast nearly any other type building material. This has a more sanitary surface. Marble flooring is easy to disinfect. Solid surface are smooth, durable, easy to clean, available in many colors, and water resistant. Key benefits of solid surfaces are it is on porous, seamless appearance, easy to clean, integral sink option, no sealer or polish required, and integral backsplash option. Other benefits include low maintenance, invisible seams, repairable, endless design possibilities and sanitary.

Ceramic tile countertops may hide any imperfections and bad looking aspects of the countertop, due to their beauty and special functionality. Stainless steel countertops offer some definitive advantages over surfaces like laminates, ceramic tiles and wood. They are highly resistant to damage from water, heat, and many corrosive materials. If you want to prevent bacteria and germs from invading your kitchen, you may be glad to know that stainless steel countertops are the most hygienic material available. Laminate countertop is stain-resistant and so can be cleaned easily. This countertop offers the widest colors and pattern options. This is known to be most affordable among all types of countertops.

Brayan Peter is an expert author for Granite Countertops in Houston. He written many articles like Houston Granite Countertops, Granite Houston, Granite Texas, Granite New Orleans and Marble Countertops. For more information visit our site. Contact me at brayan.peter@gmail.com

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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Dream Kitchen On A Budget

Everyday you cook in your kitchen and every single day you have been longing to renovate or remodel it. You have been looking at several designs and have thought of several themes that would suit your tastes and yet your budget doesn’t seem to agree with it. Unless of course if the sky is the limit for you in terms of what you want for your kitchen, remodeling it can be very difficult if you do not have enough of your money to go around. But renovating a kitchen doesn’t have to be that expensive. You do not even need to borrow or get from your child’s college tuition fund for that matter. It is just important that you stay within your available budget and determine what the essentials are that really need to be changed.

The first important aspect that you would really need to think about before deciding on renovating your kitchen would be your budget. It is vital so that you would be aware of how much you are allowed to spend to maximize most of your money. It is good to know that we have more than enough to defray the necessary expenses so that reinventing our kitchen would not be put to delay because of lack of funds. Create a realistic budget and avoid making impulsive purchases that later on would really not be useful. Always prioritize your purchases to those that are really important or necessary for your kitchen.

It is important to take note of the purpose of remodeling your kitchen. Will it be to totally change everything? Will you just be putting up additional space? Do you need to buy kitchen equipments and appliances? These considerations should work hand in hand with your available budget.

It is essential that you also have to consider your space availability so that you will be aware of what your limitations will be with regards to things you may be adding like pantry, space for a breakfast nook and other stuff. Unless of course you still have room to expand like maybe an adjacent room that could be utilized, space constraints are important so that everything will be in its proper order.

For your kitchen’s overall theme or style, gather information and ideas from books, magazines and other available sources. Let your imagination run wild. You could go for traditional, contemporary or even Oriental. Let it be whatever you would want it to be.

The kitchen as they say is one of the busiest places in the house. Everybody meets up in the kitchen to eat, for coffee and even for chitchat. Hope you’ll be able to get that dream kitchen of yours despite your limited budget.

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