Sunday, 18 May 2008

Kitchen Counter Renovations Make Your Room More Inviting

The easiest way to make your kitchen look as good as new is to paint it, however if that's not good enough then there is another alternative. Another simple way of breathing extra life into your kitchen is to renovate your kitchen counter tops. You could replace the surface on your existing counter top, or replace it with a brand new one. This will completely transform the look of your kitchen and make it look much newer. You'll be amazed just how much a kitchen counter top can lighten up the whole room. These work surfaces are also very important food preparation areas, so as well as looking nice they will also be functional.

Lots of older kitchen counters are constructed fairly cheaply out of plywood with an attractive layer stuck to the top. If you remove this top layer, you can replace it. Sounds easy? Well unfortunately getting the top layer off is extremely difficult! If you do manage to strip the old later off then you can replace it with something new at a very low cost. The easiest (but more expensive) option is to rip out your old work surfaces and replace them with brand new ones. You can buy kitchen surfaces in many different designs, so you can be sure they will compliment your kitchen perfectly.

You can normally replace the counter tops in your kitchen without any specialist knowledge. Even if you're not that good at DIY you shouldn't have any huge problems. You should draw a picture of how the new top will look when it is installed. Also draw a picture of the existing counter top and mark out any measurements, you don't want to get a counter that's too big!

It can Take two

When you've decided on your new counter top you need to strip the old one out. First you should remove everything from the cabinets and drawers otherwise everything will get very messy. Look for the screws and bolts which hold the counter top in place. Remove these screws and get your friend to help you lift the counter top away.

When you've removed the old one you need to start preparing the surface of the cabinets. You must clean down all of the tops of the cabinets to make sure that they are perfectly level. Lay the counter top where it is going to go, and fix it with the screws that came with your counter top. It's not really a very complicated task, the most difficult bit is actually preparing the surfaces.

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