Saturday, 14 June 2008

Bespoke Kitchen Design Made Easy

If you're a switched on, ultra modern person then you'll know that bespoke kitchen design is the only way to do things.

Only recently has the transition from the times of fitted kitchens, when suppliers like Magnet, MFI and B&Q cleaned up, come about. People no longer want to be ordered around and told what will and won't work in their kitchen. They want to be able to have a say on everything, down to the smallest detail and ensure that everything that goes into their kitchen is tailor made to suit them. This is what bespoke kitchen design is all about.

Taking control of the way you want your new kitchen to look takes a lot of courage, not to mention time. You have to assess everything and consider how you can make improvements that will help you and your kitchen function better.

In terms of the layout of your bespoke design, think about the areas of your kitchen that you use the most. You should consider grouping these workstations together so you can have all the things you frequently use in easy reach of other. Although you might not think it, this can have a dramatic influence on how quickly you accomplish even the simplest tasks in your kitchen.

The furniture and appliances you pick for your bespoke kitchen design are your best to chance to inject your own personality into the project. Consider how your old kitchens have functioned in the past and the problems you've had. Has there never been enough storage? Was your fridge too far away from your cooker so you had to keep going from one end of the kitchen to the other? A bespoke kitchen is your chance to correct these problems and make sure that when your design is complete, everything runs like clockwork.

Always ask about the different options available with your furniture. Can you get different style handles for your cupboard doors? How many shelves can you fit in the overhead storage? By asking these types of questions you start to see how much control you actually have over the finished product. When you're picking your furniture, don't just think about how it looks. Start to mentally fill up all the draws and cupboards and consider whether there will be sufficient space to store everything you have.

Crafting a bespoke kitchen design is all about being pro-active and staying involved with the process. It takes a level of effort but in the reward at the end more than makes up for it.

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