Thursday, 12 June 2008

Country Kitchen Design

Country kitchens are very popular whether you live in the country or not. Country kitchen designs can also be contemporary even though they are a more traditional approach to kitchen design. With new modern materials and building techniques the standard of finish that is achievable really is something to be seen.

Country kitchens needn't be made entirely of wood, although this is possible. Using real wood throughout can be an expensive approach, there are many inexpensive real wood derivatives available nowadays. Reclaimed and recycled raw materials with tough heat resistant coatings that are impossible to tell from the real thing. This can leave you with enough money to splash out on other authentic country kitchen materials such as slate work tops and splash backs or even granite or marble.

Many people prefer the more conservative look opting for a real wood look to their kitchen cupboards and worktops. The term Quaker kitchen is something perhaps thought of in europe as an Americanism but this really just refers to the style of joinery and overall finish of the kitchen. A quaker kitchen can be made in oak, cherry beech or indeed any wood that you might desire, the quaker style is achieved with the different details that you add, the cupboard doors or the finals on the top of the cupboards.

There are, as ever many different country kitchen designs on the market, go into any diy center and there are many to choose from. Bespoke kitchen designs are of course more desirable, its always nice to have something individual and different, rather than something mass produced and the same as your neighbours. many carpenters can fit a kitchen kit from a supplier and then add a few choice details to set your kitchen apart from the rest.

You could even attempt to build one yourself, if you have all the right tools and experience in carpentry or construction it could perhaps be a doddle for you. But if like most of us you don't know your spirit level from your router then it is probably better to call in the professionals. It could certainly be less of a headache!