Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kitchen Re-Modeling, Getting The Maximum Effect For Minimum Spend

The kitchen is an integral part of the family home in today's and is slowly becoming the room in the house where the family can get together and discuss the day as they eat their meals. The kitchen has replaced other rooms in the house which have traditionally been the more family orientated rooms such as the living, front or sitting room.

For this reason as well as the explosion of cookery as a pastime, kitchens are becoming big business. Most builders merchants and DIY superstores now have vast areas of their stores dedicated to selling all types of kitchen, from bespoke handmade to run of the mill factory produced budget kitchens. There is big money to be made in kitchens at the moment.

Most of the kitchens that are available at the budget end of the market are pretty similar, the cabinets are generally made to the same sort of specification and generally come out of production units in the Far East. These units are usually made from a compressed chipboard type of material that will generally stand the rigours of day to day family life. The more bespoke kitchen can come in a number of materials, which as you would expect are much better quality than the mass produced versions. A solid construction kitchen cupboard is really what you should be looking at if you want to go down the bespoke route. The better the material and craftsmanship then the more money you will pay. Materials like mahogany and oak are at the top end of the price scale whereas pine and beech are towards the bottom. If you have handmade cupboards from any of these materials you are always going to get a better quality kitchen than a factory produced version. The other beauty of having a handmade kitchen is that it will be tailor made to suit your kitchen unlike a factory produced kitchen which you will have to make fit your kitchen.

A bespoke kitchen is always going to cost more than a mass produced kitchen but you have to weigh up the pros and cons of spending much more money on the complete bespoke kitchen which will probably last a lifetime against a very nice and fairly good quality off the peg kitchen which will cost substantially less to buy but may only last a fraction of the time of the better quality version. If you are looking to buy a kitchen that will last for many years to come then the bespoke version could be the one to go for but if you think you might want a change in 5-10 years then you may find that the factory built version will suffice. Replacement kitchen doors are also available as a bespoke item, these can even be made to match your kitchen faucets!

If you are looking to simply upgrade your kitchen you can do this will the minimum of fuss and expense. If your cupboards and units are still in good order and do not need replacing you are now able to go to most merchants or super stores and purchase new doors on their own. This is great if you want to give your kitchen that brand new feel to it but without all of the upheaval and expense that usually goes with re-modeling your kitchen.

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