Thursday, 26 June 2008

Best Countertop Materials

Quartz and Granite are essentially two types of material that are considered the best for countertops. Many homeowners consider these material types for their countertops based on quality and durability. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing between these two types of materials.

Why choose Quartz?

Quartz is one of the most long lasting, durable materials to use on countertops today. The compressive strength and hardness factors of quartz are unparalleled against most other countertop materials. Diamonds and a select few gems are only harder than quartz. The physical properties of Quartz allow it to withstand extreme temperatures without damage. Another appealing characteristic of Quartz is that the color can be chosen from a wide variety of shades that range from bright white to solid black and everything in between. Quartz can be manufactured to any size or shape to suite any application. Unlike other stone materials used for countertops, Quartz does not require it be sealed before use. Although Quartz may be one of the more costly materials on the market, it is gaining popularity and momentum within homes today.

Why choose Granite?

Granite is another very popular material to use for countertops. In fact, almost everyone knows of somebody that has one within his or her home. A great advantage of granite is that it is a very robust material that can withstand impact from almost any object without damage. Even if the granite suffers damage, it can be treated and resurfaced to look new again unlike other countertop materials. If sealed properly granite can resist stains and wear. Granite is also has high resistance to heat which serves a great purpose within a kitchen or other high temperature applications. Between granite and quartz, granite tens to be less costly but is still a solid investment.

Which to Choose?

Quartz and granite are both solid materials to improve the look, feel, and longevity for any countertop application. Both materials are durable, high heat resistant and great improvements to any home application. Quartz is more durable and stain resistant than granite but tends to be a lot more costly. There is a wider range of colors for quartz but granite can be obtained in many resilient colors as well. All around quartz may be the better material to use for countertops but cost could play a factor when choosing between the two. Whichever material is chosen, both are great assets that will add tremendous value.