Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Choosing the Right Kitchen Island

If there is one kitchen feature that has become vital and popular in the last 15 years or so, it has to be the kitchen island. These little oases in the middle of kitchens are used for a wide variety of purposes. You and your contractor will have to talk about the various types and what you expect from your new kitchen addition in order to make the best decision. While you are weighing your options, here are a few of the features of the kitchen island you should keep in mind. There is more to picking a kitchen island than just function.

The first thing you have to decide about your kitchen island is what you want it to do. You could choose just to have one that is additional cabinet and work preparation space. There are models available with plumbing so they can come equipped with a sink, possibly a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher. If you prefer, your kitchen island could be designed to support a range and oven. It's not uncommon to find or build islands with seating like you would with a bar or breakfast nook.

The next thing on your agenda is to figure out the style you want your kitchen island to have. Naturally, it should fit in with the rest of the décor in the kitchen. If you have a country style kitchen a distressed wood or finished wood island might be the proper choice. A more modern or gourmet kitchen would be the perfect place for a kitchen island with natural stone or metal countertop. Just like with any other kind of home décor, there are no hard and fast rules you have to follow. It's your house; you choose what works for you.

Especially if you are choosing one of the kitchen island options that has built in water appliances or cooking equipment, you should hire a qualified professional for installation. With something this important, you want it to be done right the first time.

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