Friday, 13 June 2008

Price Pfister Faucets

Price Pfister faucets have been a leader in the faucet marketplace for over ninety years. They are elegant and very functional and can be counted on for all around design and affordability. They are excellent for both the kitchen and bathroom. Each faucet comes with a warranty that covers the function and the finish for the life of the product.

Price Pfister faucets are manufactured in the United States and are a division of the Black and Decker Company in California. Consumers will notice that the company plays on their name in their advertising. The Company's current advertising slogan is 'The Pfreshest Ideas in Pfaucets'.

Whether you need a shower, bathtub, bathroom sink or kitchen sink replaced Price Pfister faucets are an excellent choice to make. The company has an extensive catalog for consumers to browse. People have come to appreciate the interesting and unique designs of these American made faucets.

There are less expensive options when it comes to replacing the faucets in your home, but Price Pfister faucets are well worth the money. This product will last you a lifetime. You can find numerous retailers on the internet that offer these products for sale. Your local home improvement center should have a very good selection of the products as well. The Company has their own website that provides information for the consumer on where the products can be purchased. In addition, they offer support for their products as well.

The company is an innovator as their Price Pfister faucets are manufactured with ceramic cartridge technology that guarantees that the faucet will not drip or leak for life. This innovation is one of the reasons they are a leader in the industry and have been for close to one hundred years. They are well known among knowledgeable consumers as a company that provides dependable and stylish kitchen and bathroom accessories.

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