Thursday, 19 June 2008

Kitchen Design - 3 Big Ideas

If you've got a huge space to fill with your kitchen design and need some big ideas to help make sure it doesn't become a cold, empty room, then here are three.

For starters, get the lighting right. No kitchen design however big or small can be successful without the right level of light. You need natural light from windows, surrounding rooms and even skylights during the day and artificial light from bulbs, spotlights and LEDs when it gets dark. Light makes small spaces seem a lot bigger, but what it can do for already large spaces is add warmth and make the room a pleasant environment to inhabit 24 hours a day.

The second tip is to experiment with your layout. Many people are overwhelmed when they've got a significant amount of space to work with for their kitchen design. However, you should really see it as a chance to get creative and come up with a truly imaginative and bespoke design. Think about creating different areas on your kitchen, for example you could have a working area, a socialising area and an eating area. Make modern furniture choices like kitchen islands, bar stools and really have some fun.

Finally, make notes on everything. With large kitchen designs its so easy to buy lots of different pieces of furniture as well as various appliances and if nothing goes together then you end up with a disjointed kitchen. The best way to overcome this is to make notes on everything and if you've got a camera phone take pictures of everything so you've always got a visual image to compare things when shopping.

A large kitchen design doesn't have to be a difficult proposition as long as you know what you're doing. Use these tips and plan every stage of your design carefully and you really won't go too far wrong.

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