Friday, 27 June 2008

Britannia Sigma - Add Some Color to Your Kitchen

The Britannia Sigma range cookers are manufactured to a very high standard so you can rest at ease in knowing that you have a high quality and reliable appliance in your Britannia Sigma range cooker. Britannia is always striving to make life in the kitchen more pleasurable and you really feel that you are working with the best when you are using a Britannia Sigma cooker.

Made for a truly modern home, the Britannia Sigma selection will not disappoint the 21st century family. All of the Britannia Sigmas are available in a choice of cream, gloss black or stainless steel, and depending on which model you choose, there are other color options available to you as well to make your Britannia Sigma cooker really stand out amongst the crowd. Whether your kitchen has a high gloss finish with smart, straight lines or is a modern shaker kitchen, the Britannia Sigma cooker will be sure to fit in.

But the Britannia Sigma range cooker does not just look good, it is also practical and safe and amongst its many advanced features are its flame failure devices for safety, triple glazed doors, an electronic programmer, and useful storage drawer, which can be used for almost anything. So, it looks good, it is practical and it is safe, but it is also energy efficient so good for the environment and your bank balance with an energy efficiency rating A.

The Britannia Sigma standard range cookers come with grills in all the ovens, whether it is a single or twin oven model, but if you would prefer to have a separate compartment especially dedicated to the grill, you could go for the XG range of Britannia Sigma cookers, which are available in sizes 100cm and 110cm.

The Britannia Sigma is available in a great range of sizes and also available as a single oven or twin oven. The single oven Britannia Sigma range cooker comes in size 90cm. The twin ovens are available in sizes 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm so you should not have any problem finding the Britannia Sigma in the size that you specifically require.

The 100cm Britannia Sigma range cooker is available in the three colors that the other Britannia Sigmas are available in throughout the range. But if you are looking for something a bit more colorful, the 100cm Britannia Sigma is now available in Britannia Editions, which opens up a whole new selection of bright and original colors for you to choose from to fully customize your kitchen.

Now when you choose the 6 burner dual fuel Britannia Sigma 100cm range cooker, you can truly be original with the style of your kitchen as you now have a choice of three new appealing colors to add that perfect finishing touch.

The three new colors available in the Britannia Sigma 100cm range are Ice Blue, Candy Pink and Velvet Red at a guideline price of around £3,000.

With any of these vibrant colors in the Britannia Sigma Editions range, your new cooker is sure to be a great conversation point at any dinner party.

All Britannia Cookers come with a free 2 years parts and labor warranty for piece of mind, and they have a dedicated team of engineers to cover the whole UK.

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