Thursday, 5 June 2008

Interior Design Tips - Create a Focal Point

A small room can be an interior design challenge. With the right design, a tiny room will not feel cramped and cluttered. A solution in decorating a small room is to create a focal point so that the room appears larger and more functional.

The focal point is what is emphasized in a room. This feature or area is what is noticed at first glance, not the size of the room. Color and furniture can create this focal point. A minimalist design technique, using multi-functional pieces of furniture, is a favorite tool in creating a sense of space.

A small room will seem even smaller if it is cluttered with lots of furniture, regardless of whether the furniture is large and bulky or is small. It is preferable to use just one or two key pieces of furniture in order to make the small room feel more spacious and functional. With a small room, you will want a clear walkway or pathway. Be sure that furniture is not blocking this area. Rather than placing tall or large furniture in the center of the room, place it against one of the walls in order to create the illusion of more space.

Basic furniture with hidden storage will help save valuable space. Some ottomans, benches and beds are designed with compartments suitable for storing everything from magazines to linens. Instead of buying something new, a family heirloom trunk can make a great coffee table and conversation piece. Obviously, the trunk can also serve as a storage area. End tables and shelves often have built-in drawers for storage, but make sure that the room is not crowded with too many pieces of this type of furniture.

Futons offer a wonderful option for furnishing and decorating small spaces. Available in dozens of sizes and styles, some futon models come with storage built into them. If storage is not as critical an issue as space, Fu-Chests offer a workable decorating solution. A Fu-Chest is an attractive faux chest that opens into a bed. It will not take up as much room as a couch, bed or futon. Hang a nice piece of artwork above the Fu-Chest or place a lamp, plants or other decorative items on the top of it when it is not in use to create a focal point.

Inexpensive yet colorful accessories can be used to create a focal point. Colorful wall art or a vibrantly colored rug can accomplish this. Colorful slipcovers or throw pillows on sofas and chairs can also draw the eye. If using futon furniture, there are hundreds of affordable futon cover designs, ranging from art deco designs to solid colors. Futon covers can be inexpensive, so you can have several on stock to change the appearance of the room whenever you wish. Additionally, many covers are machine washable.

With the right furnishings, furniture layout and color schemes, a small room can be transformed into a functional and comfortable space, with room to breathe.

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