Sunday, 21 September 2008

Wicker Basket Drawers Make Light Work of Kitchen Storage

When it comes to kitchen storage, most of us are familiar with the problem of the kitchen cupboard where the groceries languish at the back because they are just out of easy reach - and that's where the pull-out drawer offers a great - and attractive - solution.

There are two formats currently popular in the market - sleek and shiny chrome wire drawers for the modern kitchen and the more country style wicker basket drawers for the traditional and cottage style kitchen.

Easy to fit, both types of drawer fix to either side of the kitchen cupboard on runners making it easy to pull-out the drawer to access and stow away your products. Not only is it more efficient, but also makes life a lot easier if you have back problems, are infirm or simply have a tough time bending down to get to your groceries.

The basket drawers come in a variety of styles, for groceries and bread baskets and are manufactured in standard sizes to fit the vast majority of kitchen cabinets. Depths vary to accommodate different needs. What's more, you should be able to fit them quickly and easily yourself. Often there is no need even to remove the existing shelf as the baskets will fit into the cavity above and below it. So simply screw fix the runners to the side of the cabinet and slide in the basket.

The chrome variety come in an even greater number of options, as single drawers and in sets, even a fantastically practical lockable unit that prevents child access to potentially harmful cleaning products. For slick, easy-access storage, get into drawers!