Friday, 19 September 2008

Create Safe and Stylish Kitchens With Home Water Filters and Eco-Friendly Products

No matter how big a home is, everyone always seems to hang around the kitchen. The kitchen is the central hub of a house. It’s where the food is made, stored and usually where the host/hostess is holed up. But even with such a visible and important area of the home, many people go with style over substance when designing a kitchen. They forget to install home water filters, choose eco-friendly counter surfaces, and provide effective garbage disposal.

How do water filters work into your style factor? In today’s eclectic design landscape, many water purification companies are making filters that are easy to conceal. Some systems fit conveniently under your kitchen work-station. Also, a good filtration device will attach easily to your current faucet. Most are easy to connect, but do keep in mind that some filtration systems need to be installed by a licensed plumber.

While the kitchen can sometimes be a gathering place for your guests, its sink is the centerpiece of activity. During the setup of your kitchen, the style of kitchen sink you choose influences the entire design of the room. Whether you go for a stainless steel industrial look or a ceramic Tuscan-inspired design, the sink will set the tone the whole room.

Aesthetics aside, it is also important to decide on a material for your new sink. To determine which type of sink is best for the safety of your family and the harmony of your home, you must know the pros and cons of each. For instance, while stainless steel is a popular choice for a modern-looking kitchen, it can be easily dented and quite noisy.

The approach to design will be easier if you think about all the features you want your kitchen to have. When you order your sink and counters, think about what kind of space you really need for your daily activities. Many home water filters can accommodate contemporary kitchen configurations and styles. In addition, decide if you will have a dishwasher or will be washing your dishes by hand. Many sinks come with two-basin configurations, making soaking and washing dishes easier.

So how do water filters work alongside dishwashers? With all the concern about the many contaminants in water, a whole house filter is becoming more widely used. This way, you can have pure water when washing clothes as well as dishes. When you think about it, home water filters that control your entire water source can help you take cleaner showers and even offer more reassurance when you are watering your vegetable garden.

Other environmentally-friendly kitchens include bamboo, recycled stone and wood. According to design experts, the latest in eco-friendly kitchens includes easy-to-grow bamboo and copper sinks. Bamboo can even be used for cutting boards, backsplashes and flooring pieces. While sink manufacturers are crafting copper kitchen products with no lead in the alloy.

So, hop on the green-living trend and embrace home water filters, recycle bins, and refurbished stone countertops in your kitchen. When you do, you can create a healthy as well as stylish kitchen that’s easy on Mother Nature, too.

William Lin is an avid proponent of optimum health through high quality water sources. Break free from the typical low quality water sources by visiting William's site at Pure Filtered Safe Water to learn about his research on health through cleaner, healthier water.

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