Thursday, 11 September 2008

Stunning Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget

We would like to present several suggestions for decorating steps you can take in the kitchen that will have a stunning impact on your kitchen appearance. These decorating ideas can be completed at a moderate cost, allowing you to realize a big décor change on a small budget. Additionally, these suggestions can be done individually as time or financing become available.

1. Our first suggested project relates to the kitchen cabinets, and includes an option. The primary step here is to paint the cabinets. If you can do this yourself, it can be a very inexpensive decorating step. It will be somewhat more if it is done professionally. If a total color change is selected, the insides and shelves will of course have to be painted too.

The big impact option along with painting the cabinets is to find a cabinet shop that will make doors for your top cabinets with glass windows. These will be made to match your bottom cabinet doors, and really make the cabinets stand out. You will likely only need 8 to 10 cabinet doors, so the cost should remain reasonable.

2. Item 2 addresses cabinet lighting. If you choose windowed doors as in #1 above, you can add lights inside the top of the cabinets. Either way, you can also install under- the-cabinet lighting. Either or both of these options has a major impact on your kitchen appearance, again for a moderate expenditure.

3. New cabinet hardware is another relatively inexpensive change. If you just change the pulls it is very easy. If you decide to also change the hinges, it will require more research and work.

4. Painting the walls a bold new color is straightforward and very economical, especially if you do it yourself.

5. Choosing new curtains that coordinate with your new colors is another quick, easy step.

6. Replacing your present kitchen lighting fixtures offers the opportunity to add a real style change to go along with the other steps.

7. Selecting a new sink and faucet can have an important décor impact as you may be moving from traditional to modern, for example. This change can also be done economically.

These decorating ideas can provide exactly the new style and appearance that you want for your kitchen without spending a great deal of money.

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