Monday, 1 September 2008

Trendy Kitchen Countertop Materials

Today, American families spend thousands of dollars on kitchen design, construction, and renovation. This is because cooking is now considered by many as an art and more and more people are turning to the kitchen itself for entertaining. If you are one of those people who would like to give great importance to the kitchen, then you should also read about the trends in kitchen design, especially on kitchen countertop materials.


Tiles have been used for kitchens for hundreds of years but it has recently been making a comeback with new textures and designs. When properly installed and used, kitchen tiles will last you a long, long time. They can withstand moderate heat and come in different colors and exciting designs so you could get to pick those that go with your house's motif.

You can even express your artistic talent through the use of kitchen tiles. Some people create tile mosaics for their backsplash paneling; some use fancy border tiles; some combine various patterns; others use rough-textured or distressed tiles to get an antique feel.


This is one of the kitchen countertop materials that gives a sleeker and more modern look. Granite is a type of igneous rock with a medium to coarse texture but is very attractive after polishing. In fact, granite has dislodged marble as the kitchen countertop material of choice because marble tends to be porous.

Because of its hardness, it can take the abuse that kitchen countertops usually get. It can even serve as a chopping board! Granite has an average density of 2.75 grams per cubic centimeter and also comes in a variety of colors such as black, dark gray, or even pink. It's scratch resistant, heat resistant, and extremely easy to maintain as there are no grouts or cracks to struggle with.

This material is often sourced from countries with large amounts of natural stone deposits. The most prolific suppliers of granite are Brazil, Africa, and Europe. If money is no object, granite may be the most ideal kitchen countertop material for you. It combines durability with good looks and is the material of choice of many top interior designers.


Nothing evokes Old World charm as much as wood kitchen countertops. Think butcher's blocks and massive central islands in farmhouses of yore. Wood also provides a warmth to your kitchen, unlike stone, steel, or the omnipresent laminates.

The most common woods used for kitchens baths are hardwoods like oak and maple. Wood is preferred by many because they are smooth and generally easy to clean. They can also be resanded and resealed if necessary. However, wood can also be damaged by stains and is not as heat-resistant to stone, so the kitchen owner must always use pot protectors.

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