Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tips For Organizing Your Kitchen

Take one look in a woman's kitchen and you reveal a great deal about a woman. You can find out a lot about her style and personality through the colors, counter tops, materials, accessories and appliances she stores there. Is she funky and retro in style or traditional and classic? Is she organized and structured with her personality or is she fly by the seat of her pants?

Think about it most people's homes in general reveal a lot about their own personal style and tastes as well as their personality. Fun-loving, happy go lucky people usually have a lot of color in their homes and may or may not have a more haphazard work area in their kitchens with very little focus on organization and systems.

On the other hand a Type A, organized, traditional styled person tends to have calmer colors and a very structured organized group of systems in their kitchen helping them to keep it all in order, just like they like it.

The systems that a Type A person might use are usually set up to make life easier for them. Their pantry is divided into types of food, canned food, all lined up either by type or maybe even in alphabetical order. The breads and snacks might go together on another shelf and then spices and other condiments are probably together as well. Each and everything has its place and an order in which it was placed there.

The Type A personality also has a system in place for their meals. She is most likely a meal planner and has a specific grocery day, for which she always makes a list. Having a grocery list hanging on her fridge allows her to add to the list at any point during her week. She then uses her pantry system to easily locate items she has on hand and create a meal plan from those items, saving her both time and money when it comes to meal planning. For a Type A person this is merely a way of life, but it can be true for you as well. Just take into account how the Type A person thinks and what she feels is important, sure you might not want to implement every system that a Type A person uses, however you can use one or two of her systems and make your life and your kitchen a little more "organized".

So, head to the kitchen and create your own "system" for the your food, meals and life.

Wendy Wood is the owner of Mommies Magazine and New England Mamma, two blogs bringing together moms that love just that, being a mom. Stop by and join in on the fun with other moms.

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