Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Relocate Kitchen Activity During Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen can be a stressful process. Having a team of strangers working on your kitchen, making loud, obnoxious noises and generally intruding on your kitchen space can get on anyone's nerves at times. And when all that is finished, you will still not be able to reclaim your kitchen immediately. According to home remodeling experts, you should give your new kitchen time to rest for a few days before you use it again. This allows the toxic paint subside, and for any plasters and cement to dry completely. As you prepare to start your kitchen remodel, here are some ways to make the experience a little easier.

Setup a Comfortable Short-term Kitchen

If you would like to keep cooking throughout the remodeling process, you will have to find a place where you can install a temporary kitchen. It will need to be large enough to hold your refrigerator and stove, along with any other small appliances you may need like a toaster, for instance. Of course, you will need to be sure that this space is well ventilated. A temporary kitchen that does not get good air flow is dangerous and may cause fires under the worst circumstances. Also, be sure that this little kitchen space has a sink and good running water supply. You might overlook it, but this is crucial to successfully preparing meals. Remember, the whole point of this temporary kitchen is to make your day a little less stressful. Hauling a giant bucket of water over to the temporary kitchen area to clean a giant mess is not pleasant.

You might be wondering what places might work as temporary kitchens around your home. Well, that would depend on the weather. If you need to, you can host a kitchen in your basement. However, if the weather is warm and dry, you could even set it up in the garden. The best place might be the garage, however, since it has plenty of shelter and electricity, with a water faucet close by.

Seal the Area to be Renovated

You must to seal off the renovated kitchen space before and during the remodeling process. This is especially true if you have kids in the house. Kids will become curious and wander into the center of the activity. To ensure that you kids are not going to wander into the dangerous, possibly toxic area and hurt themselves, seal off the kitchen. If you ask the contractor, he should be able to install some boards or any other barriers at all the entrances and exits of the renovated space. This prevents your kids from entering the room before and even after the remodeling project. Blocking the area serves another important purpose in that you ensure that the dust from the construction work does not get out and cover all of your belongings. Getting construction dust off of walls and furniture is not an appealing task.

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