Monday, 11 August 2008

Kitchen Island Designs: Ideas For Great Custom Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can often look as simple as a kitchen table. That being said, they offer more than a table can. The most basic kitchen island can make your time in the kitchen easier. You can usethe islands for keeping your kitchen organized with the extra cupboards and drawers. Some of the islands can also hold pots and pans so they are readily available when you are preparing food.

Frequently people design their kitchen around the island. Adding an island to your kitchen can amazingly make your design more attractive. There are things to think about before purchasing
one, though. Kitchen islands come in different sizes. You have to find the right size for your kitchen. If you do not know for sure what size you should get, take a few cardboard boxes and stack them in the area. Walk around them and imagine it were the island.

There are a few things to think about when determining what would be right in your kitchen.

* Would there be enough space to walk around the island?

* Is it comfortable for you to move around the island?

* Can you open cupboards and drawers in the area the island is located?

Once you have a good feel of where the island will be going, measure the boxes to get the right size you will want to purchase.

The fun part is finding the right kitchen island design. There are many designs to choose from.When searching for the perfect island, remember the kitchen items you commonly use. If you like to spice up your foods, perhaps an island with a built-in spice rack will be convenient for you.Instead of using all of the kitchens counter space you can find the right island that will store many different items.

Many islands offer spaces such as caddies to store knives and other cooking tools. Drawers and cupboards are common and vary in size and quantity. If you have guests over for brunch, thereare islands available that include a breakfast bar. Just add stools and serve your pancakes. When not using the bar, it easily folds down. If someone spills some syrup on themselves they will not be sticky for long because a lot of islands have paper towel bars so you have easy access with your need it. Some kitchen islands even offer wine storage for your convenience.

Many kitchen islands come with a hardwood top. They have a food-safe oil finish.

Other islands have a stainless steel surface which is ideal for food preparation because it is easy to clean and sanitize.

There are many kitchen island designs to choose from. There is something to please anyone.Before searching, make a list of what you are looking for in an island. Do you want room for your mixing bowls? Do you want an open shelf to have quick access to your pans? Once you know what you are looking for, it will make it easier to find. Adding a kitchen island will add design to your kitchen and make your life easier.

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