Monday, 18 August 2008

How To Maximize Kitchen Space? | Tips To Optimize Kitchen Workspace

One key solution to maximizing kitchen space is to think beyond borders and don’t be limited by the designated dimensions of your kitchen. Not everything that’s traditionally found in the kitchen necessarily needs to be there. Much of your crockery, utensils, appliances and accessories can be stored in neighboring areas to free up precious kitchen space. For example, turn sideboards near the dining table into accessible storage spaces for cutlery, serving crockery and entertaining accessories such as napkin holders.

Another suggestion is to make use of surface space such as the counter top. One good idea is to install a pull-out table on wheels which allows it to multi-task as an extra preparation table or breakfast bar, and can be tucked away when not needed.

Other than countertops, consider mounting appliances such as microwave ovens on the wall. They can sit on open shelves, or be hidden behind cabinet doors for a clean, uniform look, chopping boards that fit over sinks or the flat surface of an electric hob (when not in use) can also double as a preparation space.

Walls, cabinet doors and sides of cupboards can be surprisingly useful as storage areas. Instead of trying to cram yet another utensil into your overflowing drawer, install rails or hooks on the wall or under cupboards. Hanging up your cooking implements not only makes grabbing them a cinch (no more rummaging at the back of the bottom drawer), they can also inject visual interest on otherwise plain walls.

For high ceilings, a custom-made rail for hanging wine glasses or mugs can make a stunning mid-air attraction, and save you considerable storage space. You must not forget the external sides of cabinets or the inside of pantry doors; these are perfect for hanging oven mitts, dish cloths and light gadgets.

Keep in mind that kitchen cabinet accessories can also help maximize space:

1. Rotating carousel units; perfect for corner cabinets. They swing items out of spaces that are hard to reach.

2. Slide-out trays and pull-out baskets; a tug lets you see everything in your pantry and makes things easy to find.

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