Friday, 15 August 2008

Kitchen Tables And Chair Sets – Fill Your Kitchen With Country Charm

In creating a perfect rustic home, many start with the kitchen. After all, what is more rustic, and country, than a home cooked meal with the family.

These days, more and more families are enjoying meals at kitchen tables and chair sets instead of a formal dining room. Dining rooms are a lot of hassle, and are now used more for special occasions when a larger number of people need to be seated. This change is a great thing for the cook, because instead of being left out of all the conversations, while being stuck in the kitchen preparing the vittles, the family can be in the kitchen as the meal is being prepared and can all share this time together. This is also a great way to remind the rest of the family to do their part in helping to set up for, and clean up after, the meal. There's no escape when they are all in the kitchen.

To get the right old country look in the kitchen, you should start with the kitchen tables and chair sets. This is going to be the centerpiece of the room. Sure, there are all the appliances, but when people walk in, their eyes are always going to go to the table and the chairs where they can take a seat. This table and chair set needs to be comfortable, yet convey the look of life on the farm. A simple wooden set can create this look. A tabletop made of oak or cherry wood, surrounded by four chairs, for the family setting. Look for hand-embroidered cloth napkins or placemats and a real wicker basket for the bread that is to accompany the meal to complete the look at mealtime.

If your family is prone to a lot of conversation at the dinner table, you may want to make those chairs a little more comfortable, by adding a couple of cushions, one on the seat, and another on the back so everyone can be focused on the conversation and not their sore backside. When first buying the kitchen tables and chair sets you also may want to think about getting ones with arm rests, so people don't feel a need to rest their arms on the table during those talks. Just make sure there is room in the kitchen for the extra space that chairs with arms will need to fit.

Another part of creating the country kitchen look is through the appliances in the room. While we can't get rid of the refrigerator, there are some home decorators that disguise the modern appliances with false cabinet fronts or curtains to remove them from the view. When it comes to stoves, there is even a trend to change out a modern stove for a wood stove that can add the right flavor and look for the decorative style. While a wood stove may seem like an interesting idea, it is also a costly one to put into place. There is major work that will have to be done to accommodate not only the stove, but also the chimney that releases the smoke as the wood burns.

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