Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tips For Country Kitchen Decor

The kind of décor you do in your kitchen as well as the whole house, depends upon where your house is basically located. This is especially true for houses that are situated in a rural setting. Except in cases where the entire house has been essentially done up in urban styles, it becomes important that you set up the kitchen with the same country look, right from the shelves, to the color of the paint and the tapestry used.

The most important aspect here is the coordination of the pieces and accenting required. It is just not enough to get pieces and other items of the kitchen bearing a rural or country look. It is crucial that you ensure that the pieces match each other properly and fit well into the entire look. For instance, if the whole of your kitchen has a country look, but bears a greenish tone, it will look odd to add in replicas and decoration items in the brown or wood color, beyond a certain extent.

Tips and Ideas

There are a lot of useful ideas for completing the country look to your kitchen. Though granite countertops may not fit, You can begin by looking at the walls and the decoration pieces you have used. You can add in items like chickens and roosters and a few ceramic pieces that will give your kitchen a nice and coordinated look. In addition, putting up a couple of your own or family photographs, along with a few wildlife pictures can add a pleasant ambiance.

In addition, you can also use the appliquéd towels that go well with the throw rugs. These items make for wonderful decoration pieces, at the same time giving your kitchen that required country look.

The Other Requirements

Apart from the above, you can also accentuate the look of your table, chairs and other pieces of furniture. If you have a large wooden table in your kitchen, use minimal amount of decorative items on the table. On the other hand, if you have a normal and small dining table, you can use a huge country-style tablecloth that will also effectively cover any damaged area. Pay careful attention to the color you use in the entire process as these can greatly influence the look your kitchen carries.

To top it all, choose the curtains you use carefully. These should look well coordinated with the rest of the kitchen, in color as well as the fabric you use. Whatever look you might want to give to your kitchen, it is always helpful to place a bunch of fresh seasonal flowers in the dining area to add an overall pleasant look.

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