Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Looking For the Perfect Kitchen

More and more people are naming the kitchen as the most important room of the house. Homework is done there, board games are played there, people gather there, business is done there and oh yeah, meals are made there, too! Here are some of the best features for any kitchen.

Cupboard and counter space are at the top of the list. Most kitchens look big until you start putting your stuff away in it. So make sure there is enough room for you to put away all your dishes and kitchen essentials, as well as your food, especially if there is no pantry. As for cupboard space, imagine your counter essentials and pretty things on the counter and decide if there is enough room left for workspace.

Plenty of seating and eating area is very important. If you like big family dinners or entertaining in general, the ideal situation is an L shaped counter in the kitchen with a small kitchen table and a formal dining room. Lots of comfy areas where food can be served and people can be chit chat will make your house a gathering favorite.

Get some cupboard upgrades. In our arsenal of kitchen supplies we have a lot of uniquely shaped and specialty items. Some of the extra deep drawers will hold pots, pans, deep bowls and small appliances. You also need at least one lazy susan cupboard to keep your canned and boxed foods organized and easily accessible.

Put a microwave above the stove for convenient cooking and saving tons of space.

Try for a pantry. A pantry is not just for food. You can also use it to keep other items handy such as a broom, a hand vac, pet food, crayons, and spirits.

Lots of windows and lighting. As much time as we spend there and as many activities take place there, there is an equal amount of work to be done in there. After the cooking, the eating, the family game night, and the arts and crafts are done, it's time to do the cleaning. Moms especially spend a lot of time in the kitchen alone and it will only help maintain energy and good mood if surrounded by lots of sunlight in the process.

In kitchens across America there is not only food being made, but family memories as well. Keep that in mind when buying or designing your new kitchen.

Julia Vakulenko is a licensed broker associate with Realty. She has one of the hardest working Tampa Real Estate team in Florida.

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