Wednesday, 16 July 2008

An Easier Way to Kitchen Decor Roosters and Hens

So what do you think is the kitchen décor style that is ruling the roost in the contemporary interior design firmament? Tuscan, Mexican, Southwestern or French country, most abstruse thinking footling amateurs like me would assume, rather fallaciously, I must add. But the fact of the matter is that there's one style that has made unimaginable leaps to the front line and has redefined sheer bucolic bliss.

Just in case you are delirious with anticipation to know more, it's the chic and charismatic homespun country charm of kitchen décor roosters and hens that walks away with the top honors. That means your inveterate tendency of cocking a snook at this décor is in mortal jeopardy.

A Kitchen That Preens Like A Peacock

Abundant sunshine, fresh fruits and invigoratingly aromatic flowers form an inalienable part of the blissfully idyllic and delightful verdant vistas in the country. But it would be rather churlish to omit animals- cows, pigs, geese, roosters and hens that complete this awe-inspiring picture. The kitchen décor peopled with images of roosters and hens is the stuff that pastoral dreams are made of.

Truly Overwhelming!

That's what most people remark after sailing bravely into this relatively uncharted territory. But here's an easier way to creating that timeless appeal in your kitchen:

Ceramics clearly are the toast of this style. So rooster kitchen baskets, cookie jars, sun catchers, salt and pepper shakers, teapot table sets and oil cruet sets, among other charming collectibles ensure that there's plenty to crow about.

Canisters, plates, utensils, dinnerware, bread boxes and pitchers give you impeccable style and sophistication on a platter.

Skillfully crafted spice racks, pot holders, towel stands and napkin holders are sure to hold onlookers in rapt attention.

A handpainted rooster sink will ensure this décor's inexorable rise to the top.

Let you inanimate walls come alive with wall hook plagues, clocks and welcome signs

Figurines of roosters and hens in an eclectic set of materials- porcelain, metal and terracotta help the kitchen acquire a stronger cachet.

So jettison that ambivalence towards this truly refreshing style, and wake up every day to a completely new experience

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