Friday, 25 July 2008

Choose the Right Kitchen Spice Rack

Kitchen Spice racks come in many varieties and sizes. Not every spice rack for sale will benefit you as a cook. Before spending money on one, make sure you have considered all the options.

The most important question to ask yourself is where are you going to put your kitchen spice rack? If it is going to sit on your counter, then look for counter top spice rack models, or commonly referred to as a free standing. Many people with a lack of counter top space can choose between a wall mountable kitchen spice rack or a hanging model. A wall mountable rack can be hung on a wall, in the pantry, or even on the back of a cabinet door to preserve space. If you cook regularly you will want your ingredients within easy reach so having it in an easy accessible area is a must. Hanging spice racks usually attach underneath the wall cabinets and hang down below, still leaving you area underneath it to store other items.

Another thing to think about when selecting a model is what type of material you want your rack to be made from. Spice racks are made from many different materials such as wood, plastic, different types of metal, and even composite materials. Most frames are very durable, so select your fame style based on looks rather than construction. Spice rack frames require very little maintenance to keep the clean and long lasting. Lastly, you should think about how many ingredients you think you will want in your spice rack. Many racks come packaged with the spices. If you cook frequently and know exactly what ingredients you will need, it is best to get a model without the spices. You can go to any grocery store and buy fresh herbs to add to your spice rack. Going this route keeps you from having spices in your rack that you will never use. It also allows you to customize your rack specifically for your cooking style. If you decide to buy a rack with the spices included, arrange it to put the least used spices in the rear of the rack to make the heaviest used ones easy accessible.

Finding the right kitchen spice rack can take some time due to the different types available. Make sure to put in the time required to get a model that is functional and pleasing to the eye for your kitchen.

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