Thursday, 3 July 2008

7 New Ways to Get a Tuscan Style Kitchen

There's no better way to spice up things in your dull and dreary kitchen than by letting a theme take over the space completely. But the need of the hour is something that is interesting and creates the right ambiance at home. A Tuscan style kitchen is all this and much, much more. It's an all-time favorite style that is synonymous with elegance and class. But contrary to the parochial view, incorporating this style does not leave your bank account severely drained.

Seven Sensational Secrets

Adding a touch of old world rustic charm may sound far-fetched, but here are some simply superb ways to go about this seemingly onerous task:

Colors in the kitchen: Choose shades that reflect warmth and earthy charm. Rich colors like gold, olive, black, red, terracotta and ochre never hit a false note.

Lights: Avoid illuminating the space with lights that have a brand new glossy finish. Let antique wrought iron lights, pendant lights and chandeliers envelope the place in a surreal glow.

Furniture: Invest in a large wood table and a few chairs to make family dinner table conversations more animated. A distressed wooden cupboard not only addresses all your storage problems, but also rekindles that rustic appeal.

Walls: Roughly plastered and intricately layered walls look absolutely splendid in this quixotic setting.

Floors and counters: Use natural materials like sandstone, limestone, granite, marble and terracotta for floors and countertops. They look extraordinary, in a very ordinary sort of a way.

Backsplash: This small but significant space comes into its element with colored tiles or mosaics.

Accessories: Rustic style pottery, large metal urns, ceramic bowls, platters, decorative glass jars and large copper food canisters all coalesce to form a delectable work space.

Are you ready to alter the mood of your kitchen and your family for good?

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