Monday, 13 February 2012

Kitchen Floor Tiles - Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Kitchen

Considering the variety of kitchen floor tiles available in the market, it seems a difficult task for one to choose a particular variety among hundreds of other types of slabs. There are clay slabs, stone pieces, polished and glazed tiles. In clay alone, there are over hundred designs, colors and patterns. The stone pieces include marble, granite, slate, quartz, travertine and limestone. Clay made slabs are cheaper than the stone pieces but they are in no inferior to stone slabs. But stone pieces are much beautiful that their clay counterparts. In addition, every variety has its advantages and disadvantages that one should consider prior to arriving at any decision.

Internet has tons of articles and blogs written by eminent architects and interior designers. They have expressed their opinion regarding the quality of construction material available including kitchen floor tiles. Articles and blogs authored by experienced architects make a good read and they also provide vital information on the advantages and disadvantages of various slabs available in the market. One should read some articles or blogs on tiles so that he could differentiate between clay and stone slabs. This knowledge will help you determine your needs and also help you choose right flooring for your cooking area.

Ceramic kitchen floor tiles are considered cheap and the best because they are stronger than stone and as beautiful as marble. Ceramic pieces are available at cost effective prices on online stone and slabs stores. If you don't find ceramic pieces interesting then look for porcelain and polished slabs. Polished pieces are attractive and also they are easy to clean. These slabs are much in vogue these days. If you are apprehensive about the durability of polished pieces then you should read some information on polished slabs to know how durable they are. You will be amazed to know that polished slabs are long lasting, scratch proof and stain resistant.

Those who can spend lavishly on home renovation should consider stone kitchen floor tiles. Granite is the right choice for upscale homes and modern eat-in kitchens. This stone is very beautiful, hard wearing, water proof and stain resistant. It can withstand scratches and bear the weight of refrigerator, oven, wine cooler and other bulky objects. Slate is another stone slab that can improve the look of your cooking area and also keep the eat-in kitchen hygienic. But marble is the tops the list of stone flooring.