Thursday, 11 November 2010

Handy Space Makers Help Give Extra Convenience To Kitchen

Extra space in the kitchen is always welcomed by the housewife with the usual small kitchen. Here are a few decorating hints that will add inches to your room and increase its efficiency. First of. all, a U-shaped work center is ideal for a room {hat has limited wall space. You'll still have plenty of cabinet .and working surface, but by shaping the work center into a "U" there will be added wall space that can be utilized for closets or extra 'shelves. Besides, the U-shaped work center, gives the kitchen a modern, "good-idea" look.

Another space - saver is a table that swings in and out from a cabinet. Just pull it out when you need it, or slide it back when that extra work area is desired. A cupboard that revolves can be another handy improvement for that kitchen with limited space. Just spin the shelves around and everything is at your, finger tips.

A handy work-saver is to use linoleum for the tops of the cabinets and sink unit. It's smooth and easy to clean. A damp cloth is all that's need to wipe off dust or spilled liquids. Linoleum also can be used effectively on closet shelves. It's long wearing, always bright, and so smooth that dust can be wiped off in a jiffy.

Ideas like these are easy to carry put. The kitchen, that seemed to lace space and efficiency can be transformed overnight to a unit where working is a pleasure.