Saturday, 5 June 2010

A Copper Range Hood to Complement and Complete the Kitchen

A copper range hood is a useful addition to any kitchen. Range hoods are designed to trap airborne grease, heat, smoke, and other byproducts of cooking. In a ductless "re-circulating" application, the trapped air passes through a charcoal-activated filter to remove smoke particles. Once clean, it is released into the air by the range hood's fan.

In another type of application - the ducted "vented" application - the air is fanned through a duct system that ends outside the home. Most homeowners prefer the ducted application, because the ductless application merely re-circulates heat and moisture in the kitchen.

Why copper, though? Copper seems so antiquated in an era that prefers stainless steel kitchen furnishings. The truth is that copper, as an accent, goes quite well with a stainless steel kitchen. It gives off a similar look to oil-rubbed bronze. The trick is to avoid overusing the copper appliances. Mixing copper with other materials such as slate, granite, or brushed nickel gives the kitchen a look that's modern yet classic at the same time.

The great thing about copper is it can take on a different look. Copper can be dark, light, shiny, matte, or somewhere in between all of that. When purchasing a copper range hood, it is always important to consult with the interior decorator and/or architect of the house in order to find the right shade of copper to match what is already in the kitchen. If the house is currently being constructed, it's even more important to coordinate with them in order to ensure that the range hood fits perfectly with the plans.

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