Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wall Pot Racks - The Kitchen You Always Desired

What can most of us say and recall about our first apartments? Some of our great memories revolve around them. If you think back, you were learning and experimenting as each day went by. You had finally reached adulthood and were out on your own. You wanted to make this place a wonderful haven to come home to. A place that was warm and inviting but organized and uncluttered.

The room that seemed to be at the heart of your home was the kitchen. This room held sweet aromas and was also the gathering place for those who would drop by. For my situation it happened to be the smallest of spaces for the many tasks at hand that took place in this room. It seemed I had many more pots and pans and gadgets than this kitchen could hold. Hearing from others, even if you are lucky to have a good size kitchen, it seemed that you could never have enough space.

Along with the necessary organization that is needed, you also want this area to be as attractive as possible. This does not have to be a difficult task. With a few creative ideas this can be accomplished.

My first kitchen had four small cabinets, two drawers and a small amount of counter space. It seemed that every time I opened a cabinet something else broke or chipped. If I didn't do something soon I would have nothing left. My cabinets were overflowing.

I still desired that open look and feel of this room and did not want to give that up. What was needed was to free up some space and update my kitchen at the same time. What I needed was a functional eye catching feature that enhanced the atmosphere of the room.

After searching through home decorating magazines, the internet and stores, I finally came upon a great discovery. My discovery was the wall pot rack. Pot racks serve three main purposes at the same time. They are decorative, add much needed space and keep your pots and pans at arms reach. These little details help make the difference between a boring and non-personalized kitchen as compared to an organized and comfortable looking kitchen.

One of my pot racks hung between my two cabinets and the other pot rack I placed over the kitchen island. Choosing a highly contrasting finish to my other decor made a more stunning effect and these became the focal point of the room.

One of the pot racks came with lights aiming downward. This helped illuminate and added an ambiance to my working space. The other wall pot rack had shelves that I kept my cook books, utensils, herbs and oils and decorative nick knacks. Both pot racks had grids that allowed me to adjust the hooks for hanging my pans in the formation that was most convenient. These pot racks were capable of folding up, as well, if not in use.

The most rewarding attributes that the wall pot racks presented upon me was that I became less frustrated. Preparing meals became fun and not time consuming. A great benefit that goes along with serving their function, I noticed that I loved looking over at my pot racks and realizing how beautiful my cookware looked on display.

My wall pot racks prevented the wear and tear pot and pans get from stacking them inside of each other in lower kitchen cabinets. This will add years to the life of my cookware.

If your kitchen storage space has become over crowded, I strongly suggest considering a wall pot rack. It will make your life easier and the result will be that dream kitchen you have always desired.

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