Sunday, 16 November 2008

There is No Such Thing As a Free Kitchen Design - Here's Why

Many kitchen cabinet suppliers offer "free kitchen design" when you purchase a kitchen cabinets. They actually expect consumers to believe that they are getting something for nothing. So let me ask you this: When was the last time you received anything of any real value absolutely free? The truth is you are paying for your free kitchen design whether you choose to believe it or not.

Those of us in the industry know full well how long it takes to measure, engineer and produce complete drawings for a typical kitchen project. So how can this be done for free? It can't. The cost of the numerous hours required to do this work is typically buried in the price of the cabinetry. Due to the tedious and time consuming nature of this work the cost must recouped somehow.

If this idea is objectionable to you as a consumer and you insist on free kitchen design services here is how to go about it.

First you will need to accurately measure the kitchen area. Next you need to determine exactly which kitchen cabinet manufacturer you would like to build your new cabinetry. Then you will need a copy of their latest catalog so you can begin the process of deciding exactly which units will comprise your kitchen design. Many cabinet manufacturers will not sell direct to end users so you will need a bit of luck here.

You will also need to begin the process of drawing floor plans and elevations using some form of CAD based drawing software. It is necessary to include any construction and specific cabinetry installation drawings with your order. These kitchen designs are the road map for your new kitchen and must be extremely accurate. Hand drawings are too messy and not accurate enough.

Once you have this information on paper you will have to develop a complete list of all the parts and pieces that need to be ordered from your chosen manufacturer. Appliance panel sizes, molding linear foot calculations along with proper door swing and finished end selections must all be correct.

This can be tedious work but it is vitally important all items are ordered correctly and nothing is missing from the order. Imagine the construction headaches if one crucial piece is missing and not available for another 3 - 4 weeks once construction has begun.

With this list in hand you are now ready to approach various local suppliers who offer the particular brand of cabinetry you have selected and ask them for their best price. Be certain to point out that you expect there to be no design fees or additional charges of any kind and that you are willing to accept all responsibility for everything fitting and working in your new kitchen. You should also offer to guarantee to the supplier that you will accurately fill out any order forms required by the manufacturer and accept responsibility for all mistakes.

Also point out that you will be picking the cabinetry up from the kitchen dealer once it arrives from the factory rather than paying for delivery. Don't forget to inform the cabinet dealer you will accept all responsibility for any items damaged during delivery.

If you are concerned about your ability to perform all of the tasks outlined here in search of your free kitchen design then you may want to consider the value in paying a professional. You will receive the benefit of their years of experience and also not have the added burden of accepting responsibility should problems arise.

Remember, nothing is free in this world. If you want your kitchen done right hire a professional and be happy with the piece of mind you have purchased.

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