Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bespoke Kitchen Design On A Budget

We've all looked admiringly at those kitchens that feature in the glossy magazines yet one look at the price tag that accompanies them and most are left in little doubt that the dream of ever having one will remain just that.

So for most, it appears that the only option is to head down to the big box stores to weigh up the more standard kitchen offerings but wait one minute - before you decide to hand over your visions to stores who will most likely, not be able to meet them why don't you consider a do it yourself bespoke kitchen design?

What will the benefits be if you do?

Well for one, you won't end up with a design that may already adorn hundreds if not thousands of other kitchens up and down the country and secondly you can put your own creative stamp on your home - one you can stand back and be proud of and one that is your own individual canvas.

At this juncture I'll wager most readers will be thinking "Is this guy nuts? He begins by telling us that our dream kitchen is out of budgetary reach only to advise us by the second paragraph to consider buying bespoke"

Well no I'm not nuts, although many who know me might disagree, and yes, I did say "bespoke"

You see "bespoke" may seem to be a word that belongs exclusively to those with pockets as deep as the oceans but it really isn't.

To my mind it defines, individual, tailored, unique and made to measure. All of these can be attained on a budget so with a little extra effort on your part you can source worktops, doors, splashbacks and cabinets that are made to your specifications and styles.

It doesn't matter where in the world you live, you'll be able to source kitchen components that smaller, lesser known manufacturers specialise in that doesn't come with the price tag associated with those glossy mag projects I referred to at the beginning of this post.

Glaziers, stainless steel fabricators, kitchen cabinet and door manufacturers, you"ll discover many of these local to you and provided you have a drive and determination to source your products in a more unconventional manner, then you too can end up with a bespoke yet affordable kitchen.

In a recent article I imparted a few tips on how to bespoke your kitchen design and although your project may not be the centrepiece of a high end mag, it will be your individual masterpiece if you take the time to source kitchen components separately