Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rooster Kitchen Decor - Something to Crow About

Rooster kitchen décor can help give you a kitchen to crow about. One hundred years ago, a kitchen was a room to be hid at the back of the house or in the basement. No self respecting hostess would have ever allowed her guests to see her kitchen.

That has all changed now, as the kitchen first became the hub of family activity and eventually was opened to friends for casual entertaining and shared cooking dinner parties. Open floor plans encouraged this trend, and now your friends would think it odd if you did not invite them into the kitchen. But what are you to do if you don't like the décor of your kitchen?

In most cases, a few decorative changes and some strategically placed practical, yet beautiful items can make a remarkable difference. Begin by examining your pallet - the color of the walls, the cupboards, the window coverings. Are you dealing with brights against a white background or more beiges and neutrals? There are sure to be items of rooster kitchen décor that will match with either. Now look for places that seem barren, or void of interest - these are the places you are going to perk up with roosters.

If your background is white, consider adding rooster touches in bright primary colors. Wall clocks, statues, serving trays, cutting boards, even cookie jars come in vibrant colors that can perk up a dull white kitchen and give it some pizzazz. If your base pallet is a little more neutral you can look for items in soft country colors. Canvas art prints, a vintage wrought iron clock, serving trays, memo boards and decorative plates all come in muted, gentle colors to bring out the warmth of a neutral color scheme. The key is to build on the room you already have. Just a few touches of rooster kitchen decor will make a world of difference.

Your kitchen should be a family gathering place, a warm room for welcoming friends and most of all a room you will feel proud to show off. Whether you want a room full of vibrant colors or one that is warm and homey you will be able to find roosters to match the mood. Rooster kitchen décor not only brings light and whimsy to your kitchen, but it can help give you that room worth crowing about.

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