Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Undermount Kitchen Sinks – Important Installation Tips for Undermount Kitchen Sinks

While the undermount kitchen sinks could be the modern trend, you have to be careful about its installation. Faulty installation can result in leakage that you won’t like and that would cause you irritation and problems. On the other hand appropriate installation will give you sink long life and you will also not have leakages.

The pertinent question for you is that how are you going to ensure proper installation? One way is to meticulously follow the instructions that come from the provider of the undermount kitchen sinks. If it is from a good and reliable provider, they will invariably ask you to have beads of clear silicone caulk. Such caulk would be placed around the flat lip of the sink. Moreover, the continuous beads of caulk will play the role of waterproof sealing material in between the sink on one hand and the countertop on the other.

After the undermount kitchen sink is firmly pressed with the stone or other countertop you have in your kitchen the waterproof sealing performs the best way. You may be thinking that the installation process is quite complex or it might take a lot of time. Contrary to your feelings, a good professional installer will take barely thirty minutes to install the sink in your kitchen. Only a few ordinary equipments would be required. They include a 2 X 4 longer, a couple of bar clamps and hammer. You will also require two-part epoxy specially made for the purpose, caulk and the gun to spread the caulk.

As soon as the underside of your countertop is made dust free, the installer will start using the silicone caulk applying it first on the sink lip. He will proceed on pushing the undermount kitchen sink slowly upwards at the underside of the countertop. The push up continues till the sink is centered under the polished cutout. Thereafter the installer will place the top of the countertop which spans across your sink. While installing the installer would pass one side of the bar clamp through the hole in your sink. The other end of the clamp will pass on top of the 2 x 4. If your sink was double bowled it would require two clamps because there are two drain holes.

This is one of the advantages you have with undermount kitchen sink. You require only one clamp. The clamp is tightened in a way that the sides are even on all sides of the countertop. The installer will now go on to mix the epoxy and thereafter apply the same to the small sized bolt posts attached near the lip of the sink. The installer will ensure proper installation being on their backs in the sink base. Normally, the epoxy will take no more than ten minutes to set in. After this is accomplished the installer will install the rest of the parts.

However, you may not go on connecting the drain pipes or disposer to the sink before at least 24 hours is completed after the installation. Also never keep the nuts loose nor make them over tight. Fine balance is the keyword for proper installation of your sink. Finally, remember the million dollar proverbs “haste is waste” and “slow and steady wins the race”. Never allow the installer to rush therefore.

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