Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Granite, Quartz, and Stone Countertops Bring New Life Into Tired Kitchens

Have you been cooking on the same boring Formica countertops for 20 years? Are you considering putting your house on the market? Is your kitchen drab and tired-looking? If you're ready to give your kitchen a new lease on life, consider installing stone countertops. The renovations are relatively minor-quick and hassle-free-and the results are fabulous. You'll be amazed at how different your kitchen looks by simply switching to granite or quartz countertops!

The truth is that laminate countertops are a thing of the past. In the last decade or so, stone countertops have shifted from a luxury item available to the elite few to the industry standard. Laminate simply looks dowdy and old-fashioned when compared with the sleek, satiny look of stone. Having stone countertops installed in your kitchen is a great way to bring your home up to date and into the 21st century.

You may be surprised to learn that stone countertops are available in a wide variety of price ranges. You'll pay a premium for specialty natural stone like exotic marbles, but more common natural countertop materials such as granite and soapstone are less expensive. Also, consider that materials like quartz counters can easily last the lifetime of your house; even though such stone countertops are more expensive than laminate would be, they're a better value since they never need to be replaced!

And, speaking of value, investing in quality solid-surface countertops is a fantastic way to add value to your home. Regardless of whether you're planning to sell your house in the short term, stone countertops are an enduring investment in your home. Especially if you're planning to enjoy your home for years to come, now is the best time to install granite countertops; you'll have plenty of time to benefit from your attractive, functional stone counters before you eventually sell the house. And when you do sell, the purchase price will invariably be higher than if your kitchen had worn Formica counters. In fact, because the appearance of your kitchen is usually the single room that makes or breaks a sale, stone countertops may be the difference between selling your home or not.

With all of the great reasons to install stone counters in your kitchen, there's no point in waiting! Visit your local stone counter showroom to see samples and talk to knowledgeable sales staff about the various benefits provided by different types of stone. Regardless of what type of stone counter you select, you will be adding beauty, durability, and class to your home.

Matt Gallo is a home improvement hobbyist and the Internet marketing manager for Prospect Genius, a leading online provider of local advertising solutions.

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